Wrong Marketing Ammunition not acceptable behaviour.

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I received a marketing ‘Ammo for Sale’ e-mail which I did not ask for on the 13th November 2020.

I am not interested in guns. We need to stop the ‘Habit of War’ not encourage it to become insanely worse.

The advertising indicated they are importing Ammo from Turkey. Why would a person or organisation encourage the financial growth of a ‘Totalitarian’ country like ‘Turkey’?

Tayyip Erdogan President of Turkey is a fanatical Islamic Dictator focused on conquering and oppressing other Nations when he gains the opportunity. Why would the West do trade with a ‘Totalitarian’ Country encouraging them to become financially stronger as an enemy of ‘Freedom’?

‘Totalitarian’ Turkey supplies ammo to USA.

Are we humans so obsessed with ‘Greed’ that we would sell out our country to support tyranny?

Why do all the other countries listed in the advert need to buy ammunition overseas? Are they also focused on greed for distribution money at the expense of survival common-sense? How much of this ammo is sold to ‘Totalitarian’ Nations?

Why cannot the military in each country make it’s own weapons and ammunition? In the event of a war, overseas supplies can be stopped.

Why do citizens in America need such high volumes of ammo?

True enough guns are just a tool like any other tool that is capable of killing people. But why does a Nation want to become armed against all of its own citizens? The military is essential for self-defence against invaders. But inside our country we should be living in peace with each other.

True enough guns are needed to protect people against dangerous animals. But why would a person need to hunt and kill animals just for fun sport?

Are we so self-centred in our own vanity that we need to kill animals just for fun?

Far too many people in the thousands over the decades are murdered by guns, simply because society does not teach that ‘Guns are for Cowards‘ when used by people against unarmed people.

Why don’t we make it a crime to be a coward in a crime?

Why don’t we add to the charge and penalty of a violent crime, the charge of ‘Cowardice in Crime’?

Why don’t we make prisoners charged and found guilty of cowardice in a crime wear a prisoner shirt with a ‘Yellow Streak’ down the back?

Why don’t we make it a disgrace to be a coward in a crime?

If we around the world don’t change the way we think, freedom will be wiped out, countless millions will be wiped out, freedom will become an ancient idea and ‘Communism’ will rule. All religions will perish. No one will be safe even in their own home. Famine and Poverty will be common. Suicide will be out-of-control.

Is this the crazy world we want?

Wars have proven that even when a person has weapons to protect themselves in battle they can still be killed. Guns will not save us.

To survive we must be altruistic, living in peace.

It is time to teach children that ‘Guns are for Cowards’ when used against unarmed people.

Think World, think really hard, using ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

It is time to reject the insane greed of ‘Gunrunning’.

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Did you notice? That “on a global basis, 30 different producers of products, semi-products and raw materials are the regional representatives of Turkey and the Middle East.” Thus Islamic Power is expanding.

If you think our citizens are not thinking the wrong way, just look at all the electronic games that encourage children and adults to enjoy violence, gun games hunting and killing the enemy. The fools that enjoy these games, have never faced the cruel battle of war that veterans experienced in a fight to the death.

My generation never had the experience of playing electronic games to kill in our youth and we were a happier generation.

The obsession with violent video games reminds me of the Ancient Roman creeps that enjoyed watching Gladiators fight to the death and Christians and prisoners of war being thrown to the lions. Yes, it was a sick world then, and still is when we thrive on the encouragement of violence.

It is time to get wise… and fight for the end of the insane ‘Habit of War’ overseas and on our own streets within our country.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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