Xi Jinping ‘Communist China’ Threatens Again Australians demanding us to Submit to the Rule of ‘Communist’ Tyranny.

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The Great Wall of China – an amazing ancient defensive architecture.

The good Chinese People that want to live free of ‘Communist China’s dictatorship are the victims of this evil regime founded upon insane Marxism violent ideology.

Hong Kong now a victim of ‘Communist Oppression’.

Anyone who supports ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’ and rejects ‘Freedom Values’ is Insane.

Animals – Non-Human treasure Freedom and are thus smarter than Human Animals that reject Freedom, choosing a life of tyranny.

Final ‘Facebook’ comment by A.I. below...

“Our Job is to overturn negative thinking and focus on ‘Making Australia Strong Again’ starting with rejecting all Trade with ‘Communist China’ until they ‘Free their People’ and allow ‘Democracy’ to once more rule China, backed by ‘Freedom Values’ for all ahimsa thinking good Chinese people. If we do not boycott trade with China the people will never be freed to live a life of altruistic decency.”

Xi Jinping President of ‘Communist China’ Threatens Again Australians demanding us to Submit to the Rule of ‘Communist’ Tyranny.

Daily Mail Australia identifies more threats by ‘Communist China’ in a report by Alana Mazzoni and Charlie Moore, Political Reporter published 19th November 2020… the subject title, makes it clear… ‘China is angry… we will be the enemy’. Beijing launches its most extraordinary attack yet on Australia and issues a bizarre list of 14 ‘grievances’ – but PM vows not to back down or apologise.’ (i)

“China is angry. If you make China the enemy, China will be the enemy, a Chinese government official said in a briefing with a reporter.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… ‘Communist China’ started this conflict when it resented Australia’s correct call for an investigation into the origin of COVID-19. Xi Jinping and the ‘Communist Party’ spat their dummy, throwing a tantrum in anger like a spoilt brat child, because we Aussies had the right to request an ‘International Investigation’ into the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic. Xi Jinping responded by cancelling and delaying receipts of our exports to China to financially hurt us. Such was Jinping’s unscrupulous cowardly act, void of any sense of decency and honour.

China, the Communists, not the freedom loving Chinese people, are enemies of the entire ‘Free World’. Why? Because Communists are dictators striving to oppress not only their own people, but also those in Tibet and Hong Kong.

“China has warned it will become Australia’s ‘enemy’ and released a dossier outlining 14 grievances with the government after Treasurer Josh Frydenberg attempted to cool escalating tensions between the nations.” (i)

A.I. comments… Frydenberg tried to do the right thing but it is a waste of time trying to be nice and diplomatic with a ‘Totalitarian Communist Party’ whose mission is not to be friends, allies. ‘Communist China’ wants complete control of Australia and does not give a damn about our feelings and needs. ‘Communist China’ demands that we submit to their dictatorship and we are duty bound by ‘Codes of Patriotic Honour’ to reject any Nation that wants to invade and take control of our country, by stealth, financial investment and trade, until they are able to physically invade us and take control, thereby imposing a ‘Communist Dictatorship’ on all Aussies.

Australians have not tried to make China our enemy. On the contrary it is the ‘Communist Chinese Party’ that has been striving to control us and dictate to us what we can do and not do. Such is the gangster style behaviour of Xi Jinping and his henchmen.

Deteriorating relations and trade disputes with China were all caused by the dictatorship antics of ‘Communist China’, a bully oppressive regime, hellbent on forcing everyone, including their own people to submit to their vicious demands.

“We stand ready to engage with the Chinese government in respectful, mutually beneficial dialogue,” Frydenberg said. (i) But China is not listening, they want submission, not respect.

“The dossier was handed to Nine Newspapers by the Chinese Embassy in Canberra…” (i)

“But Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian rejected the peace offering, telling a news conference on Wednesday: “Those who created problems shall be the one responsible to solve the problems.” (i) But Xi Jinping, never accepts accountability for his wrong actions.

A.I. comments continue… Obviously Zhao Lijian was instructed by Xi Jinping to reject a peace offering. Xi Jinping refuses to accept accountability for starting this conflict by threatening our export market. It is obvious every which way we look at the cold conflict, started by ‘Communist China’ that they are demanding that we submit to their oppressive dictatorship demands.

Such submission to ‘Communist China’ rule would be an act of ‘High Treason’ against all Australians that value their right to live free.

It was reported that “Beijing accused Australian media of making ‘unfriendly or antagonistic’ reports. However, Beijing deceitfully hid what unfriendly threatening comments were being made towards us, in copy to the Chinese citizens that are not allowed freedom of speech and choice to read opposing points of view by the Communist Propaganda News Media in China namely the ‘Global Times’ and the ‘China Daily’.

Desperate like all children throwing a tantrum, ‘Communist China’ keeps attacking our friendship with the United States which has been a strong alliance since World War I, decades before ‘Communists’ cruelly conquered the Chinese people and destroyed the right of the Chinese people to live free. A large percentage of the Chinese people had nothing but contempt for the ‘Communists’ but they were unarmed and powerless to stop the takeover of evil ‘Communist’ oppression in 1949 by monster Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong) (1893-1976). Mao alone was responsible for 40 million unnatural deaths, i.e. cruel murder, and another 40 million unnatural deaths by his policies, probably enforced recklessly by his ‘Communist Henchmen’. These tragic logistics are no doubt understated.

Hundreds to probably thousands were killed during the 1989 Pro-Democracy in the spring of 1989 in China, years after the death of evil Mao. Do you remember the 1989 history of Tiananmen Square Protests which resulted in a massacre of the people fighting for their right to live free. The famous historical image of the courageous man that stood in front of a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square shall never be forgotten, known as the ‘Tank Man’. ‘Lest We Forget’ his valiant bravery. He was executed probably within 14 days after the protest for Pro-Democracy, probably by firing squad, though some think it was months later. But that is unlikely as ruthless Communists quickly get rid of all dissidents.

At the time of the 1989 Pro-Democracy movement Yang Shangkun (1907-1998) was the President of the People’s Republic of China (1988-1993). Yang served as Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Central Military Commission (1983-1993). He was no doubt responsible for the execution of all the courageous Chinese Protestors that fought for their right to live free under democratic rule.

Such is the evil history of ‘Communist Tyranny’ in China.

And now true to his dictatorship mentality Xi Jinping President of the People’s Republic of China since 2013 demands Australia to submit to its dictatorship or be deemed as an enemy. He is also… Chairman of the Central Military Commission since 2012.

My response… “Never.”

“On Thursday morning Trade Minister Simon Birmingham refused to apologise to Beijing over its complaint that Australia had blocked 10 Chinese investment projects on ‘opaque national security grounds.” (i)

“We make no apologies for Australia having foreign investment laws that act in Australia’s national interest, for protecting communications networks,” he told the ABC. (i)

A.I. comments… that is great news that Simon Birmingham stood his ground true to his patriotic duty of protecting Australian Security, rejecting the dictatorship demands of Xi Jinping.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga signed a defence treaty with Australia. Scott Morrison said that China should not be threatened by Australia’s signing of a defence treaty with Japan. But we all know that ‘Communist China’ is offended with Australia’s involvement in War Games, with Japan, India, and USA. ‘Communist China’ wants to rule us, and they will not accept anything less than submission to ‘Communist Dictatorship’.

The List of 14 grievances of ‘Communist China’s desperate bid to force us to submit to their will, must be treated with the contempt it deserves. Xi Jinping wrapped up in his own vanity does not accept accountability for the infliction of misery imposed upon our Nation by COVID-19 and upon every country around the globe. He has never apologised for his Nations serious error, instead he chose to hurt Australia by attacking our Export Trade with China. Trading with China has been a big mistake, huge in fact, for the rule of life is never trade with ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’.

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8962087/China-launches-extraordinary-attack-Australia.html?

China’s 14 Grievances

Invented by Xi Jinping to bully Australia into submission.

Allan Ivarsson the world’s leading number one ‘Cosmic Philosopher’ specializing in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ inserts his comments after every claimed grievance by China.

  1. Incessant wanton interference in China’s Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan affairs.

That claim is a lie. It is the right of every person in the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ to speak and table their concerns about injustice that threatens the lives of people and that includes the Turkic Uyghur (Uighur) people in the Xinjiang Northwest China. Hong Kong people were right in their over a million people protest about the dictatorship that China imposed upon them. Taiwan has a right to be concerned because ‘Communist China’ wants to rule them and strip them of their dignity by taking away their independence and their right to live free of ‘Communist Dictatorship’.

# Note: August 18, 2019… 1.7 million people in one of many protests in Hong Kong, peacefully marched in heavy rain, against Government Dictatorship. [All these people’s struggle for freedom in Hong Kong, happened during the year of 2019, whilst I was fighting Lymphoma Cancer, which I beat in March 2020, going into remission, after a 15-month battle.]

# https://www.scmp.com/yp/discover/news/hong-kong/article/3065728/hong-kong-protests-timeline-events-introduction

2. Siding with the US’ anti-China campaign and spreading misinformation.

Australia is not siding with the USA anti-China campaign. Australia has been a friend and ally of USA since World War I decades before Communist Mao, cruelly oppressed and murdered the Chinese people.

‘Freedom of Speech’ gives millions of people the right to criticize and reject ‘Totalitarian Policy’ anywhere in the world. A privilege which sadly the Chinese population is denied.

As for Americans tightening up on ‘Communist China’s investment in American business and property, America has every right to be concerned and Australia needs to be equally concerned. ‘Communist China’ is not infiltrating our countries with investment to be a nice guy. China wants control of our Nations from within and the path to achieving that ambition agenda is by financial investment. Remember ‘Communist China’ is not a free country, it is an oppressive ‘Totalitarian Nation’. And doing business with China is like doing business with the devil.

3. Thinly veiled allegations against China on cyber-attacks without any evidence.

This one is a lulu. An outstanding suggestion for the naïve trusting that they will believe this denial claim by Xi Jinping. There is no doubt that ‘Communist China’ engages in cyber-attacks cold warfare, to hurt Nations from within. If Xi Jinping does not know about his internal intelligence using cyber-attacks to infiltrate our country then he is not very intelligent, but that is not likely, he specialises in deceit. His agenda tactics reveal that much about his insidious character.

4. An unfriendly or antagonistic report on China by media.

That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. The Communist Propaganda News Media in China namely the ‘Global Times’ and the ‘China Daily’ often threatens Australia and warns us, designed to be read by the Chinese population that is denied the eternal human right to read the truth, because they do not have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

5. Providing funding to ‘anti-China think tank for spreading untrue reports.

One thing ‘Communist China’ is good at is spreading false knowledge lies. Freedom Governments don’t need to do anything. The common-sense of all people in every Nation that values ‘Freedom’ can easily discern the ‘Totalitarian’ nature of ‘Communism’ and if Xi Jinping cannot comprehend that reality, he is not too bright.

When I write I don’t do ‘think tank’ with anyone else. I use ‘Channelling’ automatic writing using ‘Cosmic Law’ and ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ and ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. And I do it for free as ‘Social Capital’. I don’t need donations or funding, and when I write, I am very careful to make sure I am delivering statements that are the truth. The Communist Propaganda News Media in China specialises in invention of false knowledge deceit, backed by Xi Jinping.

6. Foreign interference legislation.

This is a wishy-washy statement by Xi Jinping. He has no idea what our foreign policy is. The Australian Government does not interfere in the business of other countries. It has always been focused on being friendly and diplomatic in its relations with other Nations and has in my opinion been too free, donating taxpayers money to other Nations, like Indonesia that should be with a larger population wealthier than Australia. This gesture has not been interference, it has been altruistic kindness.

As for Foreign interference, ‘Communist China’ has a totalitarian history of interfering by invasion of other foreign territories, like Tibet, Turkic Uyghur (Uighur) people in the Xinjiang Northwest China and recently Hong Kong and the Indian Himalayan Border.

7. Foreign investment decisions.

Every Nation has the right to protect its country by making foreign investment decisions. It is very foolish to allow ‘Totalitarian’ Nations to invest in a ‘Freedom-Based Nation’ that makes money and extracts it from the country, to be returned to strengthen a totalitarian country, who is committed to the oppression of its own people, denying them the right to live free in a democracy and denying them the eternal human right to freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of equality.

Xi Jinping is a dictator. ‘Communist China’ does not allow their own people to make their own investment decisions and allow them the privilege of freedom to practice ‘Capitalism’. Thus Xi Jinping and the ‘Communist Party’ are practicing hypocrites. And we don’t need to be a political member of Government to figure this reality out. Every citizen with reasonable education can identify the difference between freedom of choice to make foreign investment decisions and when totalitarian investors should be opposed.

A large percentage of the Australian people do instinctively by common-sense logic reject foreign investment by ‘Communist China’ because of their bully totalitarian oppressive character.

Australians have no problem with ‘Free World Nations’ investing in our country, like for example, United States, New Zealand, Britain, Japan, Germany to help strengthen our Australian capitalist economy, thereby creating jobs and more opportunities. But we do object to oppressive Nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea and ‘Communist China’ investing in our country.

Xi Jinping and its childish thinking ‘Communist Party’ does not have the ability to comprehend the incompetence of ‘Marxist Philosophy’ and the superior philosophy of ‘Freedom Based’ Nations.

Australian Freedom loving people are a lot smarter than bully communists.

8. Banning Huawei technologies and ZTE from the 5G network.

Our Governments are expected by the Australian people to make the right decisions to protect our free society of consumers from the dictatorship of technologies which are owned and controlled by oppressive governments like the anti-freedom ‘Communist Party’. We Aussies do not want technology that is owned and controlled by ‘Communist China’ that gives the ‘Communists’ the power to oppress our communication environment and to financially bleed our economy. This whinge rigged grievance by Xi Jinping, highlights how desperate the ‘Communist Party’ is in striving to gain financial investment control of Australia and the freedom loving people.

9. Politicization and stigmatization of the normal exchanges and cooperation between China and Australia.

The trading and communication exchanges between China and Australia is a political issue concern which also needs to be understood by the Australian people. ‘Communist China’ denies its people the freedom right to understand the world around them. But freedom countries do not deny their citizens such important freedom privileged rights to higher understanding.

Furthermore, it is the Australian people, the consumers that are the true critics of the volumes of imported inferior quality products that are not as good as the quality products Australia once manufactured, before Australian Politicians became negligent and allowed our manufacturing self-sufficiency to decline in the misguided idea of a level playing field in free trade, void of understanding the damage this has done to the wholesome wellbeing of our own self-sufficiency. Free Trade is not a level playing field when labor forces in overseas countries are paid poorer wages than those countries with better quality of life living wage conditions.

‘Nut’s to Xi Jinping, we the Australian People have every right to be disenchanted with the poor quality of ‘Communist Chinese’ imported goods which are not that cheap to justify buying these second-rate goods. And many of us are not impressed with the open gate free trade with a ‘Communist Nation’ that oppresses its own people and has a history of cruelty and murder of people that resisted against the evil Marxist Philosophy.

Retail Giants like Woolworths imported goods from China, not for the Australian people, but for their own greed objectives, to gain larger profit margins. Often Woolworths brings in imported products from China, which could have been supplied by Australian Industry, creating more jobs.

10. Making statements on the South China Sea to the United Nations.

The South China Sea does not belong to just China. It is the shared ownership of several other countries, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The Australian Government has every right to table its concern for the protection of freedom values in the South China Sea. ‘Communist China’ wants to control this entire region and oppress all resistance to its Marxist Tyranny.

As for the People of Australia, many of us are not impressed by the ‘Communist Chinese’ invasion of the harmless people of Tibet in 1950, over one million people in Tibet have been murdered by the ‘Communist Chinese Government’. The ‘Communist Chinese Party’ is childishly offended when criticism of its oppressive invasion of Tibet is tabled.

11. Outrageous condemnation of the governing party of China by MPs and racist attacks against Chinese or Asian people.

Again Xi Jinping and the ‘Communist Party of China’ does not accept any accountability for its dictatorship oppressive policies. It is not just politicians that are critical of the governing party of China. Many Australian citizens are also critical of the governing party of China. We the people do not need our politicians to inform us about the common-sense need to oppose all ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’ like Marxism.

As for racist critical attacks, racist attitudes exist in every country around the globe including in China. However, by and large most Aussies not all, are not racist towards the Chinese people, the Australian people do simply reject the dictatorship of ‘Communism’. Whinging about our MPs is pointless when the Australian people true to their eternal right to freedom of speech will justifiably criticize and reject the oppressive agenda of the governing party of China.

12. The early drawn search and reckless seizure of Chinese journalists’ homes and properties.

The Australian Government Intelligence investigation has every right to investigate and seize properties of ‘Chinese Communist Agents’ that have been proven to be planted by the Chinese Government to gain control of our country from within, thereby threatening the economic wellbeing and the security of our free nation, which belongs to the Australian people and not to ‘Communist China’.

Xi Jinping and his henchmen have even arrested and killed caring Chinese doctors that wanted to report to the world the danger of COVID-19 in November 2019, striving to oppress this urgently needed global report.

And I have seen a Chinese report of ‘Communist Chinese’ wrapping elderly people up in body bags sick with COVID-19 whilst they are alive and incinerating them alive, as they screamed. This is why ‘Communist China’ evil dictatorship must always be rejected and criticised.

13. Calls for an independent inquiry into COVID-19.

The Australian Government was correct to call for a global independent inquiry into COVID-19. Xi Jinping tried to cover up the existence of this disease, refusing to take immediate responsibility for control of this disease. Consequently the entire world was hit with a disastrous pandemic and Xi Jinping was responsible for release of this disease to the world.

Xi Jinping and all members of the ‘Communist Party’ are nothing more than childish whinger’s that complain because they are opposed for their attempts to enforce dictatorship tactics to control their own people and other countries.

14. Legislation to scrutinize agreements with a foreign government.

It would be irresponsible if Australia did not have important legislation to control and scrutinize agreements with a foreign government. It is in the National Protection Interests of the Australian people to make sure that all such agreements are not divisive and destructive of the freedom values and consumer rights of the people.

The Irresponsible ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ with China by idiot Socialist Premier Daniel Andrews of Victoria is a classic example of why the Australian Government must scrutinize agreements with a foreign government.

Xi Jinping is a hypocrite. He and his team of ‘Communists’ constantly scrutinize all agreements with foreign governments, including negotiated trade deals. In fact, Xi Jinping even oppresses his own people and denies them the right of freedom in trade as Capitalists. Why? Because inferior thinking Marxist Philosophy rejects Capitalism and enforces dictatorship.

I have nothing but contempt for these 14 Grievances tabled by Xi Jinping and the ‘Chinese Communist Party’ and I am not a politician. I am simply an Australian Citizen, a ‘Freedom Thinker’ and a ‘Cosmic Philosopher’ that uses the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. This advanced philosophy is something Xi Jinping and all Marxist Communists do not have the capability to learn.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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