Gangster Xi Jinping Blocks our Exports… this time it is coal.

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Confucius ‘Chinese Philosopher’ BC (551-479)

Confucius was smarter than Karl Marx. Marx chose a negative wrong thinking Ideology which Mao and a line of ‘Communist Party Leaders’ followed, including current leader Xi Jinping. Confucius taught a kind goodwill philosophy. Whereas Marx taught a cruel dictatorship philosophy, which backward thinking ‘Communism’ follows.

Gangster Xi Jinping Blocks our Exports… this time it is coal.

Levi Parsons for Daily Mail Australia published on the 26th November 2020 the following titled report, ‘Dramatic escalation in Australia’s China trade crisis as Beijing blocks 53 ships carrying $700 million worth of coal – our second biggest export – from entering the country.’ (i)

“About $700 million of Australia coal has been blocked from Chinese ports, in the latest escalation of trade tension between the two countries.” (i)

Coal is Australia’s second-biggest export, earning the nation more than $53 billion each year.” (i)

“A total of 53 ships carrying over 5.7 million tonnes of Australia’s coal are still waiting to dock off several ports in China’s industrial north.” (i)

“The bulk freighters have been there for over a month with more than 1000 sailors stranded on board – as Beijing continues to ramp up its economic threats after Australia called for an inquiry in the coronavirus pandemic and the role of Chinese authorities, earlier this year.” (i)


Allan Ivarsson comments… This ‘Trade Tension’ was deliberately started by Xi Jinping President of the ‘People’s Republic of China’ since 2013. He spat the dummy when Australia lead by our Prime Minister Scott Morrison correctly questioned the origin of COVID-19 calling for an International Investigation.

Xi Jinping used this valid issue of concern, as an excuse to impose dictatorship control of Australia. Xi Jinping is a ‘Gangster’ he has proven that by his standover tactics demanding all Australians submit to the oppressive dictatorship of anti-freedom ‘Communist China’.

Xi Jinping is a coward and that is easy to prove, he hides behind the protection of his Military Forces, you will never see him in the frontline battle of war. Like all Despots they sacrifice others in wars they started, triggered by their tyrannical tactics, living true to their commitment to rule their country and others as a gangster authoritarian regime.

The mistake Australia made, is that they should have issued orders for all freighters carrying Australian coal to leave Chinese waters and immediately return home. It is wiser to accept a trade loss than to allow ‘Communist China’ to deliberately bully dictate to us. 1,000 sailors stranded on board for a month because of Xi Jinping’s deliberate blockade tactics is not the act of a trading friend but is the deliberate act of a deceitful totalitarian creep fighting to gain ownership control of Australia.

We can sell the coal elsewhere, India no doubt needs coal.

Rule number one… Never Submit to Tyranny.

“Shipping data by Bloomberg also suggests that at least a dozen other freighters carrying Australian coal have recently arrived in Chinese waters and concerns are growing they could be stuck there for some time.” (i)

A.I. comments… Order the ships to return to Australia. Start negotiating for sales of coal elsewhere. Refuse to sell coal and iron ore to China. This includes both Metallurgic coal and thermal coal. Coal is Australia’s second most valuable resource. Iron Ore is currently Australia’s most valuable resource. We don’t need Communist Chinese Trade; we can sell elsewhere. China needs to be able to make ‘Steel’ and wants to build more military ships including aircraft carriers, aircraft, and tanks etc. Strip them of supplies of iron order and coal and it will slow them down. We do not need ‘Communist Trade’. They have already demonstrated by blocking receipts of our exports that Xi Jinping and the ‘Communist Party’ has no honour and is deceitfully intent on gaining control of our Nation Australia. “Not on my Freedom Watch”.

Do not be afraid of losing export orders or import orders from China. We do not need to trade with China. We can ‘Buy and Sell’ with other non-totalitarian Nations that are not fighting to gain control of our great Australia.

Australia First, Import Export Trade Second, Freedom First, Tyranny Rejected, Loyalty First, Greed Second. It is time to be a Patriot and refuse to trade with ‘Communist China’ until Democracy, Capitalism and ‘Freedom Values’ rule China and gives the good Chinese people their right to live free in speech, choice and equality, free from persecution by ‘Communism’.

Never Forget the 1989 Massacre of Tiananmen square protest when thousands of Chinese protested for the right of Democracy and Freedom. Hundreds of Chinese became victims. They protested because the ‘Communist Party’ was corrupt, the country was still poor since the Communist Party took control of the people in 1949 and the city dwellers were suffering even more.

As a sense of caring decency, we should not be giving ‘Communist China’ incoming wealth in trade which makes their corrupted organisation stronger whilst the people continue to suffer poverty and oppression. By trading with ‘Communist China’ we are making this totalitarian regime stronger to increase its threats and oppression against our Nation.

“Just weeks ago the Communist Party… ordered Chinese companies to stop buying a number of key Australian exports including barley, sugar, red wine, timber, lobster and copper.” (i)

A.I. comments… This decision by the ‘Communist Party’ proves that they are not allies and cannot ever be trusted, not even in trade. Close down all business dealings with ‘Communist China’.

Those Australian fools that put ‘Greed First’ before ‘Patriotism’ deserve to suffer hardship, because they did not have the intellectual courage to find other trade sources that can be trusted. We cannot ever trust ‘Communist China’ whilst it continues to oppress the Chinese people.

The following report about Scott Morrison comments, left me with some concerns.

“Mr Morrison said the government would work through the trade issues one at a time, but Australia would not bow to pressure or cede its sovereignty.” (i)

A.I. comments… This is good that the PM will not bow to pressure or cede Australia. But it’s the other stated ideas that concern me, as follows…

“We just work the process through with the Chinese government to get the best possible outcome that we can,” he (Morrison) told the Nine network.” (i)

“These are not easy issues… it’s incredibly complicated what we’re dealing with here.” (i)

“The Prime Minister said skilled trade negotiators were working to resolve the disputes.” (i)

That’s not simple, but simple things are not the only issues we deal with as a government,” Mr. Morrison said. (i)

“We deal with very complicated and difficult issues, which this is one of, but we are very keen to ensure we get the best outcome for Australia and in the interests of our relationship.” (i)

A.I. comments… It was these naïve comments by Morrison that disturbed me. As an experienced negotiator in buying and selling and in imports and export purchasing, warehousing, and production planning during my forty years in numerous seats in the executive world there is nothing complicated about negotiation. The bottom-line concern is quality control support in reliable deliveries and shipments, including local and overseas business.

The only reason the tensions in the trade deals with ‘Communist China’ have become complicated is because Xi Jinping and the ‘Communist Party is now constantly threatening us with increased demands to gain control of our Nation. There is nothing complicated about this. Xi Jinping has rejected original trade deals to force us to submit to the dictatorship of ‘Communism’. It is a simple obvious reality.

And the solution is simple cancel trade deals with ‘Communist China’ that they have rejected, do not buy, or sell those items ever again to China whilst the people are oppressed by the rule of the ‘Communist Party’.

There is nothing complicated about trade deals it is simple… agree or disagree. When China decides to change its original negotiated deals, then walk away, refuse more trading with them. It is that simple. Do not strive to save the deal. Close the trade down and go elsewhere for opportunities. Let Xi Jinping learn that Australia is a lot tougher than ‘Communist China’ in trading. Never submit to oppressive bully dictatorship.

We do not need skilled negotiators trying to save a previously done deal because ‘Communists’ tried to change the deal and force us to submit to their dictatorship. Walk away cancel the deal and go elsewhere for trade business. Remember always, we do not need China, they need us. We can find business elsewhere.

One of the problems we Australians face is the ‘Guilt Complex’ that if we pull the plug on trade with ‘Communist China’ that it will hurt the good Chinese that value a freedom which they do not have.

I keep reading including in the past, how poverty has been reduced in China due to ‘Free Trade’ deals with Australia.

Morrison said, “No country has pulled more people out of poverty than China. We in Australia are pleased to have played our role in the economic emancipation of millions of Chinese through the development of their nation’s economy.” (i)

“That is a good thing for the global economy. It is good for Australia. And of course, good for the Chinese people.” (i)

A.I. comments… This is a mythical idea. The only real winners escaping poverty are all those Chinese that have given their allegiance to ‘Communism’ and thus have given up their right to live free. Whatever temporary material gains many Chinese have it is not secure, because they are not free in speech, choice and equality and there is no democracy. There is nothing stopping ‘Communists’ from walking into their home and expelling them. There is no guaranteed security. Communists can do what they like to all opposition and even cruelly kill them.

Never Forget the 1989 Massacre of Tiananmen square protest when thousands of Chinese protested for the right of Democracy and Freedom. Hundreds of Chinese became victims. They protested because the ‘Communist Party’ was corrupt, the country was still poor since the Communist Party took control of the people in 1949 and the city dwellers were suffering even more.

And don’t forget all the Tibetan people that were cruelly murdered by ‘Communist Chinese’.

And don’t forget all the persistent threats Xi Jinping and the Communist Party has made to Australians demanding we stop being allies with USA, Japan, and India.

Capitalism in a democratic free society is the only truthful way to eliminate poverty and give people into old age security and reasonable quality of life.

In ‘Communist China’ when elderly people can no longer work effectively and efficiently, the Communists can cruelly eliminate them and no one in Australia or around the world would even know what truthfully happened to the elderly victims of ‘Communism’.

Elimination of poverty in China? Not likely when corruption still rules the ‘Communist Party’ and the people do not live free.

Hello Aussies wake up and recognise the truth, the only true prosperity in China exists amongst the ‘Communist Chinese’ that specialize in oppressing others.

Those who want to live free and reject Communism, will never live free of poverty, they will be neglected unto death.

As for all the hostilities between China and Australia over the last few months, all of this tension was started by Xi Jinping and his team of Communists.

Ignore all of their invented excuses for delaying exports, for rejecting exports and adding import tariffs to our export products to hurt us. Ignore Xi Jinping’s sudden rejection of our exports to them.

Do not waste time arguing with ‘Communist China’. It is simple cancel trade with everything ‘Communist China’ does not want. And if they refuse to receive our freighters promptly, instruct our freighters to immediately return home and sell our product elsewhere and never do a deal with the Chinese again until their Nation is free from Marxist Dictatorship. It is that simple.

It is time for our Politicians and CEO’s to toughen up and refuse to be bullied by ‘Communists’.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Fair enough if this quality criticism statement is true. Australia needs to quickly lift its game and identify whether the ‘Communist Chinese’ statement is true or not. If they are correct then Australia needs to lift its ‘Quality Control’ game. If China is wrong then remove the supply of coal to China from our Trade Deal. If we cannot meet China’s quality control standards, then cancel Coal Supply Trade with China and find someone else that accepts our Quality Control standards. This decision making process is not complicated. It is a walk in the park when using common-sense. It is that simple.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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