Why it is Time for Australia to Walk Away from Trading with ‘Communist China’

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Big Lobster Kingston South Australia 17-metre high

Known to locals as “Larry”.

Located 300 kilometres south of Adelaide.

Why it is Time for Australia to Walk Away from Trading with ‘Communist China’

Even Lobsters would like to walk away.

Reading a Daily Mail Australia report on the 2nd December 2020 by Kelsey Wilkie and Alison Bevege I was delighted to learn that a Queensland Senator was not impressed with ‘Communist China’ as a trading partner. The subject title of the report was ‘Twenty years ago we did not trade with China and Australia was a pretty good place.’ (i)

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9007529/China-relations-Aussie-senator-calls-return-Australias-trading-heyday-20-years-ago.html?

Allan Ivarsson comments… The Daily Mail correctly identified that this suggestion that we did not trade with China twenty years ago is not completely accurate. But when we shoot important understanding from the hip, it is understandable that we can make slight blooper statements. No one is infallible. This is why I focus on professional writing and research activity to capture the historical truth backed up by common-sense truth in opinion. I avoid public speaking because it is too easy for even the best speakers to make an error in statement. And there are always inferior thinking smart-arses striving to take someone down for slight error comments. Those false knowledge clowns that support ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’ be it Philosophical, Political or Religious are the common enemy of God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World. And thus such creeps need to be identified and exposed for what they are… enemies of freedom.

Having established a clear understanding of reality, now we need to look at why the Queensland Senator Matt Canavan’s valid statement is important as an additional warning to Australian Politicians and CEO’s and Professors of Universities.

Australia should diversify its trading partners and stop relying on China amid growing tensions with the communist superpower, Queensland Senator Matt Canavan says. Appearing on the Today Show on Wednesday morning, he said Australia did not need trading partners who were ‘bullies’.” (i)

“Twenty years ago we basically did no trade with China. I can remember what it was like in Australia 20 years ago, it was a pretty good place,” he said. (i)

“We are still going to be a pretty good place as long as we keep our values and principles clear and cherished.” (i)

“Senator Canavan’s comments weren’t entirely accurate.” (i)

A.I. comments… Don’t hang on this point, because he used the word ‘basically’ he did not say we did not trade with China, his suggestion was simply trade was very small and not like it is today in volumes.

He was on a television show with limited speaking times, hence condensing choice of words is essential and thus perception is wider in choices of thoughts.

His correct real focus of concern was that compared to today we did not have trading partners that bullied us, like Xi Jinping, Communist China does today.

And yes as an expert ‘hands on’ consultant in ‘Class ‘A’ World Class Manufacturing Logistics in several varieties of Manufacturing Products, including Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Engineering, Cable and Building Insulation, I remember that good world where we enjoyed more self-sufficiency in Manufacturing and higher numbers of employees, highly skilled in numerous industries. Truly it was a good world far wiser and smarter than the society that now exists in the second decade of the 21st Century, thanks to the stupidity of a new breed of thinking Politicians that grabbed easy way solutions, choosing to blindly do import export deals with ‘Communist China’ dumping Australia’s expansion in self-sufficient Manufacturing. This new breed of Politicians was completely ignorant in understanding the foundation ideology of ‘Marxist Communism’ and the oppressive dictatorship that it would enthusiastically impose upon Australian society.

And it proved be to worse because Xi Jinping’s ambition and agenda is focused on gaining control of the world as a powerful dictator, starting with getting control of Australia.

A large percentage of our Politicians in State and Federal have proven themselves to be highly incompetent and they need to be sacked by voters, tossed out and replaced by leaders that believe in rebuilding a great ‘Self-sufficient’ Nation that lives truly free in quality of life standards, void of poverty and oppression. There is no place for ‘Communist Chinese Dictatorship’ in our world.

And for that reason, Xi Jinping and Allan Ivarsson are enemies. Bullies must always face Zero Tolerance and Xi Jinping is a bully.

“In 2000, Japan was still Australia’s No. 1 trading partner with China in seventh position, behind the United States, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand and the UK.” (i)

A.I. comments… We need to strengthen that 2000 level trading strategy, including India, and reduce our trading with bully ‘Communist China’. Why? Because Xi Jinping wants control of us and expects submission. Already a range of Political fools have allowed ‘Communist Chinese’ to gain property and lease ownership of our land and waterways, which proves how incompetent many of our treasonous thinking politicians are in their decision-making ideas.

“Back then, Australia’s trade with China was worth $6.9 billion a year, compared with Japan’s $25.3 billion but within a decade, China would become Australia’s biggest two-way trading partner.” (i)

Note Jun 1, 2020 Source Internet: ‘The current account deficit is a measurement of a country’s trade where the value of the goods and services it imports exceeds the value of the products it exports.

The current account represents a country’s foreign transactions and, like the capital account, is a component of a country’s balance of payments (BOP).

“Until 2019, Australia was a net importer and had an unbroken 46-year run with a current account deficit.” (i)

A.I. comments… It must be remembered that volumes of imports were used in our Manufacturing industries to make a vast range of products. With the demise of self-sufficiency manufacturing we now have an excessive volume of imports coming in directly, distributed to consumers. Problem is that the quality standards are often inferior to what Australia once manufactured. To make our survival more handicapped a large percentage of these poorer quality imports are coming from ‘Communist China’, including poorly stitched clothing, not as good elastic, and materials, which I might add, my highly skilled wife has to repair. Fortunately, amongst her many skills she can sew and make clothes and quilts. It must cost a fortune for families that don’t have sewing skills. Garments would be a write-off within 12 to 18 months coming from China. A lesson in how to make families poorer buy from China.

“Australia now has a current account surplus – where exports exceed imports – thanks to China’s insatiable demand for iron ore, the commodity used to make steel.” (i)

A.I. comments… When Xi Jinping started attacking our exports income, he did it deliberately to hurt us, because he knew that our exports were exceeding imports and he did not want the people of Australia to enjoy too much financial growth. He wanted to slow us down. And furthermore, he only hit hard those exports that he could avoid needing by importing from some other country. He did not stop the supply of iron ore because he needs steel to build his military force needs in ships, planes, trucks, tanks, missiles, etc. for use to invade us down-the-track. He also needs steel to support his ‘Space Program’ to conquer space to control planet earth like a ‘Big Brother’ tactic through Artificial Satellites and Space Colony strategy. Do not underestimate ‘Communism’. They want control of our planet to make slaves out of the people.

“Beijing has imposed increasingly punitive tariffs on a growing list of Australian exports including coal, timber, copper, beef, meat, lobsters and barley.” (i)

A.I. comments… Including recently ‘Wine’ with an over 200% tariff charge and rejecting wine ordered by Chinese Exhibitors for a Shanghai wine exhibition, turning it back at our expense. Gangster Xi Jinping wants to oppress Australia and force us to submit to the rule of ‘Communist China’. That is a discernible fact and many of our States Premiers are not too bright being easily manipulated indirectly and directly by Xi Jinping.

“China’s simmering anger was inflamed in 2018 when Australia banned Chinese tech giant Huawei from Australia’s 5G mobile rollout on national security grounds.” (i)

A.I. comments… We know that Xi Jinping became first angered when Prime Minister Scott Morrison in April called for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus. As I recorded in earlier reports it started in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Xi Jinping resents the idea that China is being held accountable for the pandemic COVID-19 around the world. Angered like a spoilt brat, who wants control of Australia, Xi Jinping is striving hard to hurt Australia, demanding that we submit to his dictatorship. We Aussies must have the courage to say to Jinping… “No! Go to Hell!”

With this bully tactic constantly being used by coward Xi Jinping, and it is easy to prove he is a coward, Australian leaders need to stop thinking ‘Greed’ and stop being ‘Intellectually Lazy’ and start thinking about their duty first to ‘Australian Loyalty’ and Patriotism true to Australian Heritage. We must not ever submit to the dictatorship of Gangster Xi Jinping and the anti-freedom totalitarianism of the ‘Communist Chinese Party’.

This must be repeated again and again to every Australian citizen until by autosuggestion it sinks into their brain that we are not living truly free when we are dependent upon the tyranny of ‘Communist China’.

“Senator Canavan’s comments were made as the relationship between Australia and China deteriorated, with ever more crippling sanctions slapped on Australian products by its biggest trading partner.” (i)

“Senator Canavan has raised fears that the relationship between both trading partners would never be able to return to how it once was.” (i)

“What we must now do is to as soon as possible diversify our trade relationships to find business, to create business with friends not bullies,” he said. (i)

“The way the Chinese government has been acting is not one of a friend. We shouldn’t want to stay in business with that type of government and country for too long.” (i)

A.I. comments… Senator Matt Canavan made truthful valid comments, which equals wisdom and must do political and business thinking and behaviour. However, many of our Politicians and CEO’s are not that smart. We have State Premiers doing business with ‘Communist China’ and allowing sale and lease of property, including Australian Islands and these inferior thinking idiots cannot comprehend the stupidity of their actions and they cannot comprehend that their decision making is an act of ‘High Treason’ against the people.

Even Woolworths is doing deals with China for imports to give Woolworths bigger profit margins, yes true to Woolworths historical character greed rules its decisions. Woolworths does not think first ‘Patriotic Duty’ next profit margin. It puts profit margin first.

In October/November 2020, Woolworths replaced the excellent product ‘Mortein Ant Sand’ which has a history of excellence, being a highly effective, fast acting product that kills ants on contact. It is odourless and its performance is not affected by rain. It protects for up to two months. It is best to apply it directly to the ant nest entrance. It is made in Australia. It comes in a granules form, not a dust powder. I have three decades of experience fighting over 12 different ants species of ants from large to small. Some ants are wanderers, whilst others march in military format for over 100 metres and more. Some ants bite and attack in a very aggressive way.

Woolworths decided to replace it with an ‘Ant Killer Powder’ to control ants, using a Woolworths label called ‘First Force’. It is a rubbish powder made in China. And does not have the performance strength of ‘Mortein Ant Sand.’

When Woolworths dumped Australian Manufacture choosing Made in China, I went down to Bunnings to buy Australian made Ant Sand in Granules form. I found Richgro Ant Killa a highly effective granular product. I dumped China, I dumped Woolworth supplies of Ant Sand, and chose this Australian Made Product.

Trust Woolworths standing up for Australian Manufactured Product? Not likely… the CEO’s and board of Woolworths place greed for profit before loyalty to Australia. They go to China to make more profit and don’t care that ‘Communist China’ is an oppressive ‘Totalitarian’ Nation that wants Australia to submit to their dictatorship as currently ruled by Gangster Xi Jinping.

Coles is still selling… ‘Mortein Ant Sand’ made in Australia.

Repeat… “Senator Canavan has raised fears that the relationship between both trading partners would never be able to return to how it once was.” (i)

But we that are thinking with advanced intelligence who know in overview the tragic history of ‘Communist China’ since 1949, and the dictatorship doctrine of Karl Marx (1818-1883) author of the ‘Communist Manifesto’ that successful relationship with ‘Communist Countries’ is not achievable because the very character and focus of ‘Communism’ is oppression and dictatorship of people and other Nations. The ‘Cold War’ history between Communist Russia and America since World War II is evidence of what ‘Communism’ does. It was the smart intelligence of Mikhail Gorbachev who brought an end to the ‘Cold War’ and started giving Russians more freedom.

It is Xi Jinping that started this conflict with Australia, because he wants control of Australia and is demanding submission to his dictatorship. He and I are enemies of each other.

The ‘Global Times’ the Communist Chinese deceitful propaganda news voice of Xi Jinping is demanding that the Australian government should take full responsibility for the deteriorating relationship with China. But ‘Communists’ are lying. It was Xi Jinping behaving like Hitler and Stalin, who started this conflict with Australia, because he does not like truthful freedom of speech remarks. Xi Jinping is like all ‘Communists’ afraid of the truth, in fact, dedicated ‘Communists’ are yellow scared of hearing the truth, because it smashes their credibility. Which is why in a conflict they behave like wolves and dingo’s and attack in packs and are not very brave when facing a fair one on one fight – they cannot cope with the danger of losing the fight. Whereas ‘Freedom Fighters’ are not afraid to fight to the death for the eternal human right to live free.

Xi Jinping believes that our Australian valid comments are outbursts, misusing freedom of speech and defence of human rights. That is understandable, because the Chinese that are pro-democracy are denied freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Xi Jinping is afraid of every person around the globe that demands the right to live free in speech, choice, and equality, which is why he is so emotionally short of intelligence.

Xi Jinping has no sense of self-evaluation accountability for his own wrong thinking decisions and behaviour. He suffers from a limited thinking mind founded upon the fixed dogma of ‘Communism’. And is wrapped up in his own ego of self-importance. We cannot reason with people trapped inside their own fragile shell of vanity. Xi Jinping has no common-sense understanding about why ‘Freedom Values’ is essential to the wholesome wellbeing of a good society.

Senator Canavan, suggested Australia respond by putting a levy on iron ore exports. This would hurt ‘Communist China’, but no amount of money is worth risking our freedom. As I said previously, China needs our iron ore to make steel to make military weapons for war. The smartest thing we can do is stop selling iron order to China and focus on gaining income from other markets. Making China stronger so that they can invade us is not a smart move.

And Xi Jinping is planning to invade us.

Do not underestimate China.

Xi Jinping true to his low-life character, last month left tonnes of live lobsters stranded at Chinese airports and clearance houses awaiting inspection by Customs officials. All of China does not move, without the instructions of Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades.

Do you remember the 1959 American movie made ‘It Happened to Jane’ starring Doris Day, Jack Lemon and Ernie Kovacs, it was focused about the problems of railway shipments of ‘Lobsters’ that died because they were stranded by railway negligence. This wasn’t about ‘Communism’ it was about greed for power to stop others.

Lobsters can live up to 100 years, a longer life than humans and they can grow up to four feet long. But of course, they are the lucky rare ones. Most lobsters suffer the fate of being herded into large buckets for supply as a food chain. Humans are their number one enemy.

And now Xi Jinping plays the same dictatorship game, except it is worse, it is not fiction, it is real. He wants ‘Communism’ to rule, whereas in a ‘Freedom World’ if a company or organisation strives to enforce dictatorship blockade tactics, they can be stopped.

There is no free future whilst foolish Nations trade with ‘Communist China’.

The Why it is Time for Australia to Walk Away from Trading with ‘Communist China’ is constantly answered in all reports by Aussie Allan Ivarsson, past, present, and future. The message is clear, stay focused on protection of ‘Australian Freedom Values’, there is no place for the bully dictatorship of Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades.

“Bye for now.”

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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