Feeling fear over Beijing sanctions is not the right way to think

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Feeling fear over Beijing sanctions is not the right way to think

Levi Parsons for the Daily Mail Australia Published the following report on the 8th December 2020 titled, ‘China’s trade hit list: Even more Australian industries are put on ‘high alert’ as businesses ‘feel very real fear’ over crippling Beijing sanctions that could be imposed at any time.’ (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Whilst the title sounds like theatrical drama, nevertheless the fear is real for some Australian industries. But the question is on the table, how did these industries survive before the 2015 ‘Free Trade Deal’ with ‘Communist China’? Surely these businesses would have been smart enough to budget plan the allowance that such export deals are just additional income gain for a temporary period and that all such deals do end sometime down the track. All other business before the additional income from ‘Communist China’ was the foundation ‘Bread and Butter’ income, the export business to ‘Communist China’ was only additional gravy train income in other words, ‘easy profit’.

If businesses want more gravy train profits, they need to find other export markets with free nations.

Panic and fear are self-destructive emotions and to be successful, management of any business requires calm pragmatic thinking and behaviour backed by ‘Positive Mental Attitude’.

“China-focused Australian businesses are growing increasingly nervous their industry could be next in the firing line as Beijing continues its unrelenting campaign of economic coercion.” (i)

A.I. comments… If businesses made their income focused on export to ‘Communist China’ they were not too smart. And I don’t have compassion for ‘stupidity’. If people refuse to think wisely using common-sense strategy, they will be hurt by Karma i.e. Result/Consequence of wrong thinking and behaviour.

“Now local businesses are wondering if they will be next on the chopping block as the Chinese Communist Party continues to punish Canberra for speaking out on its human rights record.” (i)

A.I. comments… The Australian Government was correct to call for an ‘International Investigation’ on the origin of the Corona Virus in China. When Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ started this drama bully abuse attacking ‘Trade Deals’ they only used the COVID-19 enquiry as an excuse to hurt Australia.

The real truth is that Xi Jinping and his Gangster Communist Team want control of Australia and want Australians to tremble when ‘Communists’ threaten them. Xi Jinping wants Australia to submit to the dictatorship demands of ‘Communist China’ and that is the truth. Already Xi Jinping has encouraged the set-up of the PNG and Fijian Governments to submit to the dictatorship of ‘Communist China’. These Government leaders are stupid.

Make no bones about it… Xi Jinping on his shift wants control of the entire South Pacific region.

“Tensions could rise even further this week when Australia is expected to pass new laws giving the Federal Government the power to veto deals between state and local authorities and foreign nations.” (i)

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9029409/Australian-industries-high-alert-Beijing-warns-feel-real-fear-sanctions.html?

A.I. comments… We have already briefly reviewed this Government Decision and identified that the Australian States do not have the right skills when dealing with anti-freedom Communist China in Trade Deals and Foreign Investment Negotiations.

(ii) https://allanivarsson.com/2020/12/13/australian-states-and-territories-are-a-weak-link-in-dealing-with-foreign-interference/

IBISWorld senior industry analyst Liam Harrison told news.com.au that a number of local businesses focused a great deal of energy on the Chinese market following the 2015 China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. But with the totalitarian regime now dishonouring the deal, it’s “pulled out the rug from beneath many Australian businesses.” (i)

A.I. comments…  As I said previously, “If businesses made their income focused on export to ‘Communist China’ they were not too smart.” An export business founded on deals with ‘Communist China’ will eventually get hurt if they do not have a ‘Bread and Butter’ foundation business. Ah well, here we go around the ‘Merry-go-round’ once again. Never trust deals with ‘Communists’, their belief system thrives on deceit, backstabbing and betrayal.

As Liam Harrison correctly stated, China dishonoured the deal and is a totalitarian regime.

Note: IBISWorld Industry Reports contain trends, statistics, and analysis on market size, of competitors and industry growth rates.

True enough some businesses will suffer cash flow problems, but then how did they survive the years previous to the 2015 ‘Trade Agreement’ with China? Why didn’t they make sure they had alternative cash flow sources to avoid a crash in supply to ‘Communist China’?

Enjoying a lucrative market does not mean it will last forever, as I said earlier, ‘Bread and Butter’ market is the key to survival, ‘Gravy Train’ deals is just a bonus and cannot ever be relied upon as permanent source of income.

One good thing that Australians have learned the hard way, never trust ‘Communists’ they are focused only on control of others and have no sense of honour in agreements.

Market opportunities in India, Middle East and Southeast Asia will open up, if Aussies make the effort to find them. The only problem with Southeast Asia is that ‘Communist China’ wants submission and ownership of the entire region of ‘South Asia’.

Those businesses that are reliant for survival on China Deals were not too smart to build their business founded upon only an export market to China. Such business decisions do not make sense. And thus shutdowns are at high risk.

Feeling fear is not the right way to think. Stay positive and review overheads and focus promptly on reorganization strategies to survive.

One of the hardest businesses to adjust to changes in demand, by a serious logistics drop in orders is the beekeeping industry. Bees keep performing as a natural process and to discourage them is not a good choice. Therefore hard work to find alternative markets is an essential effort.

It has been reported that about 300,000 tonnes of premium Manuka honey is exported to China every year. The question again… how did this business survive before the 2015 ‘Trade Agreement’? We owe our Nation the tough necessary decision of refusing to trade with a ‘Totalitarian Nation’ like ‘Communist China’ that truly does not care about all of its own people. Not all Chinese support the ideology of ‘Communism’ many Chinese want to simply live free. We Aussies must not ever submit to the bully demands of Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades.

The Communist Party has 91 million members growing closer toward 92 million members out of 1.4 billion Chinese, which means that many Chinese want to live free. The argument that the Chinese people are climbing out of poverty is flawed. Only Communist Chinese are climbing out of poverty, those who want to live free of dictatorship are not climbing out of poverty, living free, they may achieve reasonable prosperity living above the line of poverty, as a Middle Class but they are required to stay out of politics and obey the dictatorship rules of ‘Communism’ lest they be persecuted and eliminated. Middle Class prosperity is not going to fight the ‘Communist Party’ because they have too much to lose and they remember the days of extreme poverty. Pro-Democracy activists will be silenced by execution. Middle Class Freedom in the West is entirely different to Middle Class Political Oppression in Communist China. Those who push for ‘Political Reforms in China’ will lose their controlled freedom and even their livelihood and life. As did happen to hundreds of Pro-Democracy Chinese in the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. Hence most wisely choose to recognise they are powerless to win a reform fight, and thus live under the dictatorship of the ‘Communist Party’ as best they can.

Where people are poorest in ‘Rural Areas’ unrest against ‘Communism’ is higher. These people live in poverty and do not see an opportunity to climb out of it.

The idea that China can become a Democracy is unlikely because to succeed all the ‘Provinces’ would have to become independent smaller countries. Democracies in a large population of 1.4 billion people and increasing in population will not succeed peacefully in a large society number of people.

The classic example is the United States of America with a population of 331 million people, living in 50 States. Internal Conflict is often high in American Society because of disgruntled differences in belief systems that lack ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Democracy does not always work smoothly. In China with a population of 1.4 billion people democracy would struggle to successfully exist, without a societal standard of education in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

‘Freedom Values’ can only survive in large population numbers in a society that values and practices the wisdom guidance of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ that uses ahimsa methods to solve personal and societal problems.

“Australia’s lucrative dairy industry is also ‘highly vulnerable’ to the Chinese trade dispute.” (i)

“Items like A2 milk products, powdered dairy and baby formula are highly sought-after goods on Chinese supermarket shelves.” (i)

A.I. comments… Whilst it is true trade hostilities may escalate if tariffs are imposed upon Australian milk products, it must be recognised that ‘Communist China’ is working hard to upgrade its own ‘Self-Sufficiency’ in Milk and Ice Cream Products.

Refer…China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited is a Chinese Manufacturing and distribution company of Dairy Products and Ice cream. The company founded in 1999 is headquartered in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China and manufactures dairy products under the Mengniu brand.”

Source: For more insight… https://allanivarsson.com/2020/12/09/communist-chinas-strategic-takeover-of-australia-is-now-under-investigation/

It has been suggested that there are few substitute markets for baby formula that Chinese parents are willing to trust. But if that is true at present… faith in Australian products will change as Chinese self-sufficiency become better in ‘Baby Formula’ manufacture. Why aren’t Australian manufacturers chasing other overseas export markets in ‘Baby Formula’ sales if we are so good at it?

If Australian fruit exporters are shipping 45 per cent of their crop to Chinese buyers and about 30 per cent of Apple, pear, and stone fruit, what are the Chinese receiving, better quality supplies to keep the export market to China happy and successful?

Why are the fruit supplies at Woolworths and Coles often of poor-quality standards? Are the Australians getting lower standards of food, or is it because Woolworths and Coles demand better profit margins and force growers to export the best fruit supplies to get a better financial deal?

We Aussies need to start questioning the decision making of Coles and Woolworths during their supply process to us. ‘Food Shrinkage’ supplies over the last two decades is not right for Australians. Shrinkage of food continues; quality standards were often better in pre-2,000 C.E. Suppliers are not being held accountable by Australian consumers. It’s time that suppliers of food in Australia were held accountable by Australians.

To be continued…

Allan Ivarsson 2020