Donald Trump Music “I Will Survive”

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The Fight Against Anti-Freedom Socialists Biden & Harris shall continue by Aussie Allan Ivarsson.


Because Allan stands for 100% ‘Freedom Values’ in speech, choice, and equality.

Allan Ivarsson rejects all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ including ‘Blasphemy Law’, all forms of anti-freedom of speech laws, ‘Political Correctness’, ‘Islamophobia Law’, ‘Sharia Law’, and anti-freedom ideologies, like ‘Communism, Fascism, Islam, Socialism’ and Street Demonstrations that block freedom of passage on public owned roads, streets and in parks. Demonstrations which abuse people, threaten and intimidate the people are abusing ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege and inciting violence. Praying in mass on the streets and in parks is also an abuse of freedom of speech privilege when it blocks public freedom of passage.

Mass Prayer is for Private Properties only.

Protests are for meeting rooms including seminars and petition presentations, not for public streets and parks. ‘Freedom of Speech’ rights include on the Internet, in writing, in speech, in books, magazines, pamphlets, films, television and social media and discussion in homes and meeting rooms, provided such speech does not threaten people’s safety and wellbeing.

The use of disgraceful abusive pornography and ‘Death Threats’ are forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ and must be outlawed.

Violent Riots, Arson and Vandalism, including Graffito are criminal actions and must be punished by legislated criminal law.

Those persons who strive to enforce any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ are enemies of a ‘Free Society’ and must be permanently expelled from that society.

These are the essential tough values of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which is committed to the elimination of the ‘Habit of War’ overseas and on the streets of home territory.

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