Channelling: 1986 Meditation about God and Religion & John Lennon’s Dream

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1986 Meditation about God and Religion


John Lennon’s Dream

Allan sometimes writes in a style, which starts inside a circle, inside a square and then steps outside the square into another dimension of cosmic awareness. If you are a good tracker you will be able to figure out the ‘Cosmic Messages’ interwoven into Allan’s work. All you have to do is collect the ‘Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces’ of the ‘Big Picture’ and link the dots. One article, one treatise, one essay, by A.I. is just one dot. Inside these dots are other dots, extract quotes that can be linked together as one jigsaw puzzle piece. Extract all the inside dot statements from the complete works and link them together for viewing an important jigsaw puzzle piece of the big picture of reality. Good luck on your thinking adventure.

“Things are not always what they appear to be, sometimes they turn out to be something entirely different.”

Sitting at his desk, in his lounge room in 1986…

The Scholar’s troubled mind felt disturbed by the religious material, which he had just read over the last few months. “Christianity is good in part, but it is riddled with contradictions and myths, and is incomplete in concept. And it has a violent cruel abusive history which contradicts its good teachings. Islam is founded upon teachings, which are even more jumbled and illogical. The worst aspect of Islam is its obsession with violence, mistreatment of women and little girls and its belief that Jihad, Holy War against all unbelievers is right. This tragic anti-freedom apartheid Islamic belief system saddens me most of all, and yes is even frightening, for the wellbeing of society is in danger. As it stands right now in this Twentieth century, it seems that World War Three will be an Islamic War with Civil War in every nation- World War aggression attacking from without, and from society within. Being attacked from within is worse than World War II, because it is camouflaged by secrecy as to who is friend and who is enemy. In the West, 1939-1945, the people understood clearly who their enemy was. The only serious worry they had outside of economic struggle was underground intelligence. Those fighting in the war faced the worst terrible reality.

Buddhism the ‘Most Great Peace’ religion is clear and concise in many of its expositions, but its customs and rituals float adrift with no pragmatic sense and offer limited value and direction. ‘The Sermon of the Mount,’ altruistic common sense from Jesus a Jew, is philosophically pragmatic, rational, and exciting being profound, eternally real, caring and close to the essence of final truth, which is open-ended and knows no boundary, no final limit. ‘The Eightfold Path’ of Buddha is an excellent instruction a great truth, being a golden light of wisdom. The Law of God (Good Order & Direction) given unto Moses a Jew, ‘The Ten Commandments’ is essential to human’s universal survival. Hinduism is misguided by mystical excess myth, and superstition, but glimmers of truth do shine through many of its verses, whilst error, false knowledge, and misguidance, reflects in many other Hindu beliefs. Mormonism is extreme nonsense, being a total waste of human endeavour. Baha’i Faith has some beautiful ideals, and by truth in feeling, reflects elements of ‘Cosmic Revelation,’ but Baha’i Faith also floats adrift from truth. Taoism teaches some great wisdom, but then becomes lost in myth, magic, sorcery, and deification. Religions cling to false knowledge interfaced with elements of wisdom and desperately seek a compromise of acceptance for the sake of collective mutually agreed peace. Science religions are often vainly obsessed in their struggle to justify their spiritual convictions and retain harmony with the truth unveiled by science, but still too often cling to the preservation of false knowledge. In this searching light, all religions drift from reality, trapped by the dimension of finite thinking, unable to see the essence of truth in its highest state. Unable to rise above the limits of themselves, fundamental religious souls fail to comprehend the nature of the spirit, and its relationship with infinite reality.”

Our societal thinking in every culture, primitive and more organised, not truly civilized, over the last 100,000 years has been clearly a reactive unstable mess caused by the creation of desperate ideas as a consequence of our fear for survival and our fear of the unknown which we did not understand. To give ourselves peace of mind, too often we create false knowledge comfort zones founded upon illusions in ideas and naïve beliefs. Far too much cruelty and suffering has occurred caused by our constant obsession with false knowledge beliefs. We humans must find a way out of this emotional illogical stupidity by changing the way we think.

“A fixed closed loop dogma is doomed to fail, and always strives throughout its history to enforce fundamentalist beliefs, and thus tyrannise its followers, robbing them of their individuality, and creative freedom to express points of view which conflicts with basic limited thinking dogma. Such restrictions result in breakaway sects who create their own closed loop, who in turn through the evolutionary process face disgruntled persons, who likewise breakaway and create yet another sect deviation. So, it is discontent grows hungering for truth, but never finding it, because of self-imposed limitations, fears and inhibitions. Good Philosophy rejects the narrow negative path of religion, choosing instead the caring, flexible, objective, uninhibited, peaceful, pragmatic, and creative path of open mind cosmic communication, where there are no limits.”

Truth is open-ended. There is no final truth.

Cosmic consciousness is forever expanding.

Rising from his desk and standing in prayer, the Scholar spoke to God, “Oh God, truly thou art of Good, Order and Direction, beyond our total comprehension…please receive my thoughts, and let thy light of awareness fill my heart, so that I might gain further understanding.”

Opening his eyes, the Scholar observed a small blue light, a star, hovering in the furthest corner of the room. The Scholar listened, as the voice of eternal existence revealed its consciousness, “Thy presence is within me, open your heart to thought, and I will answer your troubled mind. Ask and you shall receive.”

“Too many philosophers,” the Scholar began, “religious writers, atheists, political activists, poets and artists, get themselves into a hopeless maze of fanatical muddles. These states of confusion are often hidden beneath layers of academic jargon, ponderous reflections, false knowledge, pious self-righteousness and excessive opinionated discourse of unwholesome value. Often the exposition is presented in a clear logical direction, but as the wiser reader studies these convictions; they finally cannot help but conclude that a large percentage of philosophy, religion and politics are total rubbish. What then is truth? Is the cold reality of science the only value in life? How shall we know the difference between false projection and genuine revelation?”

“Life is a feeling,” a voice of silence answered, “life is not logic, for logic is only a tool of finite assistance, the essence of all wisdom comes from feeling, and only through the guiding light of love, the way of ahimsa, shall feeling be true. Continue your quest for truth, for wisdom, reality shall unfold before thee, but only whilst thou keep trust in the power of love and peace. Love is the first and the last. Beside its power there is no other. Love is the way of peace. The light of truth shall fill those spirits who recognise me for that which I am. I am ‘of Creation’, the first and the last. Truly I am before you, and part of you.”

“Whosoever believeth in my spirit shall come to understand the character of that which I am. Within every thousand years at least one inspired spiritual teacher of love shall come with their glorious message. Their words shall be clear, quiet and definite. Those persons, who receive their truth, and universal understanding of love and peace, shall see the light of my inspiration, and understand the essence of that which I am… Remember always… there is no such thing as a Prophet, there are only messengers, and you will know their wisdom by the ahimsa peace they teach, void of violent instructions. Do not follow the path of Mohammed, for it is a path of violence, and shall surely lead you to death in spirit, in mind, and in body.”

There was a moment of silence… the voice then spoke again, “You are the author of your existence through that which I am, you shall become the poet of thy presence, and the power that I am shall flow within thee and bring thee closer to the highest understanding. I am the beginning and the end of your existence.”

“I am the alpha and the omega, that is, the first and last of all that which leads to me. I am… I am the infinite insight, the light of eternal awareness. I am love. I am peace. I am a solid stone of truth, the offence against darkness. Fear not my spirit, for I am of those who feel the flow of love and they need not fear me, for fear belongs to those persons who live in the way of evil. Those who stumble against me shall fall. Those who use my spirit shall rise to the highest of the highest, where the past becomes non-existent, and the future never comes, for the present shall be as it is…always.”

“Save yourself from violence, and take refuge behind the shield of truth, where the power of enlightenment, a strong-hold of trust, shall become the deliverer of those persons, who seek the fortress of insight. Your redeemer, the true one of your existence, shall not come from without as a leader, but must come from within thy self.”

“Tend to the flock of wisdom, become a disciple of truth and reach inside its charge of power not by constraint and fear, but willingly by love. Be not shameful for your past, but rather rise above yourself in your present. Be eager but not domineering, and manifest your truth and newfound awareness, by accepting the unfading crown of glory, which flows through your heart in the hour of your spiritual enlightenment. Know that the essence of truth is love and peace, and all that you learn of truth is real only when it flows with the spirit of Ahimsa Love. Be joyous in wisdom and strong in conviction. Walk silently with courage, unsurrendering to darkness. In the light of self-realisation, thou shall find thou self, and the Peace of Eternal Truth will fill thy spirit in preparation for the coming world of co-operative harmony. Dare to believe, the ‘Age of Peace’ is coming.”

“God,” the Scholar said, “if thou art so wise and all knowing, how shall South Africa solve its apartheid problem?”

“The world would be wiser,” the voice said, “to resolve its problems by non-violent means which will encourage co-operation amongst all ethnic groups. All races and colours must be given equal opportunity in social, economic and political life. Do not destroy the productive capacity of South Africa or any other nation by economic sanctions. Do not withhold investments. For these misguided actions will simply accelerate tragedy amongst black and white population and lead millions of people into violence, poverty and starvation. Let the world understand, the Way of Truth can only be found and fulfilled, through Love and Non-violence.”

“The way of violence leads to chaos, anarchy and self-destruction- as is the way of all revolutions. Many of those persons who reject the way of violence will be assassinated; but only through courageous unity throughout the universe, shall the evil oppression of violence be destroyed. Never surrender thy trust in the power of love, never surrender thy understanding of the truth.”

“Encourage change and evolution by peaceful means, the way of taught cultural evolution, not by submission, but by passive resistance, not by revolution…this is the way of truth. The courage of trust in the ‘Freedom Values’ of Love and Peace is the essence of that which is the Light of Truth.”

“Thou shall ascend above the force of violence like a storm rises above itself, until the power of its fury vanishes beyond the clouds of dark shadow. Know that the light from the heavens shall reflect upon the ground before returning to the source, and all those persons who feel its power of love, shall find inner peace in their existence.”

“Let it be known that all those persons who profess to be religious are heathen, and all those persons who profess to be uncertain are wiser, and all those persons who profess to need love can be saved, if they give of loves power. All those persons who profess to prefer violence are lost and shall be destroyed in their final hour. For darkness follows darkness, and light follows light. And only in the hour of uncertain awareness, shall thou gain the opportunity to rise above thyself into the highest of the highest, where the lowest no longer makes sense, and the highest is supremely infinite in itself, perfect in wisdom, which is love and peace.”

“Well God answer this. It has been written,” the Scholar said, “in different ways of persons who died. Well anyway, many Christians have zealously supported the idea behind the speech of a particular person who described someone that had just passed away… “He died peacefully in his sleep and in the next second of his consciousness he will awake in the first resurrection, completely healed, not in the corruptible body of this mortal flesh, but as an immortal spirit-composed body in God’s eternal kingdom.” How shall any person vainly assume that they have the power of judgement to advise which living person was good, and who was evil by God’s judgement?”

“I say unto you,” the voice said, “you knoweth not a person’s heart even when their acts seem of good or of evil, for things are not always what they appear to be, sometimes they turn out to be something entirely different. Know this reality, that only in the light of that which I am, shall truth reveal itself unto the enlightened spirits of once wayward direction. Those persons who live in the shadow of darkness, shall not see the light, nor shall the teachers of folly find the truth.”

“Your wisdom and insight are expanding in accordance with the universal order of all ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, for that which will happen is the natural essence of pre-ordination as decreed by the prophesy of your attitude. You can change your destiny, your karma, by a change in attitude. The prophesy of insight is within yourself, through your courage and conviction; the reality of your direction exposes the channels of choice. In the hour of your death, the body ceases to exist in a life-thriving state. The soul dies instantly, within three seconds.”

“In the moment of loss of physical life, the spirit of consciousness releases itself from your soul and follows the force of life selected by its own choice. The spirit of existence is not personal in identification, nor is it of a body, which your finite mind can comprehend. It is of a form unique in apparition, not naked to life held sight. Communicative in creative energy, its power of supreme essence travels at the speed of light towards the parent of its existence. For the Godhead is the star of guidance, the light of infinite existence, the eternal spirit of communication which reaches out to all persons throughout their finite time. When believers call upon its power, insight shall come unto them, cosmic messages of scientific and poetic inspiration, projections of spiritual love and spiritual peace, inspirations of freedom and non-violence. Through the light of truth, the essence of itself envelops all spirits of love, expanding their strength within their self. Such is the nature of the spirit, a form void of shape, a composition which is not a spirit-composed body.”

“I tell you now do not be silly enough to sacrifice your life in the name of a political or religious cause. Those persons who initiate violent activity with the intent to force their ideas upon other persons by the process of oppression, shall perish in spirit, and mind; death of body, shall then become a reality. Those persons who seek martyrdom will vanish into eternal darkness. Such is the nature of evil. Dark evil cause of conflict is the enemy of all truth. Only through trust in the eternal light of love shall you recognise the devious ways of evil thinking and behaviour.”

“Those who reject ‘Freedom Values’ shall perish into darkness.”

“It has been said that I am God Creator, a father of eternal truth and that I am merciful, compassionate and loving. Do not be misled by these misguided convictions, for I am of form further than your imagination. I am not of emotion… kindness, mercy and compassion, are simply states of finite emotion which guide your existence towards the light of ascension. These three factors, kindness, mercy, and compassion are of finite love. Only through expansion of your finite realisation through the action of kindness, mercy and compassion, shall the love within you transcend itself in the spirit of your existence, until its power is fully realised. In the moment of bodily death, the spirit of light transcends towards the transitional state of quiddity, as it moves towards the Godhead that which is nameless, an eternal reservoir of Cosmic Consciousness.”

“The light of love that exists within me is of a form without restriction. It is perfect in composition, infinite in radiation and needs not the encouragement of kindness, mercy and compassion. For in its highest state, love is true unto itself, love is of itself and needs no other form of strength. I am of love in a way beyond finite understanding, and through my messengers I reveal myself, as I have unto thee, Scholar of Life. When you grasp this message, you shall feel the calling of higher understanding within you, and unity shall reach inside your spirit, and the highest level of harmony shall fill your heart, as the truth of existence expands the nature of your understanding. In this wonderful hour, you shall see the light.”

“In the instant that I leave this room, know too that upon your death, your spirit shall vanish forever in less than an instant, if you follow the path of darkness. Do not chant my name in the face of death, for I will not come if you did not believe in my essence in life. If you choose the path of darkness, the spirit of your reflection shall fail to return to the source of its beginning. I am of the eternal source, you are the reflection.”

“Love is truth and prophesies are potential forecast probability, not actuality. It may or may not happen. Prophesy can be reversed, by corrective change in attitude. Prophesy is a form of direction, which is dependent upon the karma of attitude, which has the power to change its own destiny, if it so chooses. All that comes begins within self, and travels without to its furthest limits, until it returns to its origin… for the origin is the direction.”

“That of darkness destroys itself that of light expands itself. Prophesy is fulfilled when evil attitude actualises quiddity.”

As quickly as it came, the blue starlight vanished. Walking forward the Scholar retired to his bedroom to sleep.

In meditation flat on his back, the thoughts of the Scholar revealed his growing insight:

“Caring, cosmic insight, and inner peace, are spiritual feelings which come as intuition from the medium of Spiritual Love, that is Carespirit, that which is in essence of God. Spiritual feeling is the transcendent link between finite and infinite existence. Transmigration is not of the body or of the soul but is achieved through the spirit of projection. The highest of the highest is within thee and is realised past self by those hearts that reverse their fixed dogma understanding and recognise the open mind spiritual relativity of all existence.”

Transcriber’s Footnote 2018:

Prayer Power is a form of Meditation, a method of channelling. The voice of silence came from I know not where, which left me with the eternal question, “Where do all ideas come from?” I am just a Scholar and wrote the fiction scene of the hovering blue starlight into this true meditation prayer story with artistic licence. The voice of silence spoke to the Scholar through his soul/mind, a message the Scholar recorded quickly, automatically; and for its insight, the Scholar will always treasure the message, and will endeavour to live by the light of its guidance.

It is because of my trust in automatic channelling of ideas that I have never suffered from writer’s block or depression. Obviously automatic writing can sometimes lack logic or wander off into confused thinking or even dark ideas. For that reason, the recorder of automatic writing must have the pragmatic logic to erase all ideas that are clearly dark or wrong. Channelling works but it must always be scrutineered by logic. Automatic writing is often like dreams and poetry, sometimes accurate and clear in understanding and at other times too often jumbled and wandering in thoughts with no final ending.

Automatic writing ‘Ideas’ often called, ‘Conversations with God’ can mislead writers and readers into naively believing every word. Worse fixed dogma religions have been founded and invented from collections of recorded conversations with God that became encased as ‘Holy Books’ the ‘Word of God’, which were not scrutineered by logical analysis and just was believed as being the gospel, the truth, the revered word, until someone with courage said that is not necessarily so and that is clearly illogical and is not true. So be careful, use Channelling wisely.

Muhammad used Channelling, and inadvertently fell into the trap of accepting dark evil messages and thus in desperate thinking called them the words of God that which he called Allah. And countless billions over fourteen hundred years have naively believed these words were delivered by Allah, when in fact Allah did not table these words. Muhammad lied and that is easy to prove, read the book ‘Flat Earth’ published in 2017 which proves Muhammad lied.

From this new 1986 experience the Scholar on his ‘Quest for Higher Understanding’, often stumbled until 2007 when he discovered the key to all wisdom was ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ a level of intelligence that has existed in homo sapiens for thousands of years in a rare few, who were not bogged down by religious beliefs. Until 2007 this intelligence had no name.

The one mystery that will continue to evade us in understanding is the question… “Where do all ideas come from?”

John Lennon’s Dream

The great John Lennon (1940-1980) had some very good down to earth philosophical beliefs in quotes, including music, like ‘Imagine’ and ‘Give Peace a Chance’. But such important essential dreams are not achievable, even when tens of thousands of people in every new generation are enthusiastic about living a life of love and peace and freedom, because in a world void of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ such dreams cannot be fulfilled.

The ‘Habit of War’ and ‘Street Conflict’ will continue until society learns P.I. culture.

2018… To live a life of Love and Peace we humans must change the way we think. There is no place for street demonstrations. Such protests on our streets incites conflict and sadly too often abuse and violence. Such behaviour is rejecting ‘Freedom & Peace’ values. Street Demonstrations are a form of ‘Totalitarianism’. Many street protest signs, created by illogical highly emotional people, do too often make simplistic untrue false knowledge statements. Street protests do not work, politicians ignore them, and nothing changes. There are better ways to fix problems. We will never enjoy peace and freedom if streets are blocked in protests. Protests in which two or more groups oppose each other is not the way of peace. It is the way of bully conflict, abuse and force.

Even kneeling in prayer on the streets, submissive to an imaginary God Creator, is a form of ‘Totalitarianism’, which denies people freedom of passage. The fact that Governments allow streets to be blocked, which denies the population freedom of movement, proves instantly that politicians are cowards and have an anti-freedom mentality.

Revolutions rarely work, except when the fight of the revolution is only focused on the preservation and protection of ‘Liberty Values’. All other societal problems and concerns must be solved by peaceful means, not by revolution. Corrective action must evolve calmly in discussion and sharing of information. Shouting, mocking and abusing people does not solve anything. It is just the opposite it incites problems and conflict. Collective societal solutions must evolve, not be bully forced. That is what ‘True Democracy’ free of any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ does. Freedom by discussion, by majority decision makes changes true to the majority wishes of the people. Justice is only served when majority rules, void of totalitarianism. And Justice only works well when people are deemed innocent of a crime until proven beyond all doubt, as being guilty by tabled accurate evidence. We cannot ever trust ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems, be it Political, Religious or Philosophical’ because such dark belief systems always unjustly deem a person to be guilty and thus give them the near impossible task of proving their innocence. ‘Blasphemy Laws’, ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Witchcraft Laws’ and ‘Fascist/Communist Laws’ are all founded upon unjust persecutions.

To give peace a chance as John Lennon dreamed, we must first ‘Ban all anti-freedom of speech laws including ‘Blasphemy Law’. We must also ban all ‘Sharia Law’ and ban all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. We must demand the preservation of democracy, capitalism, free trade, free speech, equality for all free of persecution. Every person must have the right to freedom of choice provided their decisions do not hurt anyone else, other people’s property or any other life form except for reasons of self-defence.

It is important that we respect ‘Cosmic Law’ and the truth about ‘Karma’ and reject all fixed dogma not by force but by the use of evolutionary encouragement, to change the way homo sapiens think during the next one thousand years. There is no overnight fix, because fixed dogma in religion and politics is entrenched in false knowledge and it will take new generations of evolving courage to resolve all the negativity which thrives around the globe in every culture.

To accelerate our understanding of each other better, we need to use one communication ‘Gaia Language’, a mother earth language, as I have explained in previous writings.

Using John Lennon’s words “Give Peace a Change” … Imagine…

Imagine if all the people listened… they would still be living free.

‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is now here.

John Lennon’s Place of Peace & Music

Others Continue to sing the cosmic message “Give Peace a Chance” …

This video tables the disturbing words of Hitler 1932 read forty years later by Yoko Ono in 1972 New York City

And now in the early 21st Century Anti-Freedom Islam is fighting to rule the World.

2021 Postscript

And Anti-Freedom Socialism the transition stage to ‘Communist China’ is also fighting to destroy ‘Freedom Values’ – Most Demonstrations, including riots in U.S.A are launched by Socialism. Many Marxists are also protesting on the streets in Australia and like in America are destroying important historical monuments. Such evil people have no honour and are enemies of every person that loves to be free.

In Europe Muslims are rioting and destroying people’s property and often use arson. These young male Muslims of military age, pretending to be desperate refugees, are focused on invading Europe to conquer and wipe out all non-Muslims, man, woman and child.

Even more dangerous than all these crazy anti-freedom creeps are ‘Communist China’. Why? Because the Communist Chinese are cleverer than all other anti-freedom Socialists and Muslims. They are the most dangerous anti-freedom force since the ‘Cold War’ with Russia and Cuba and since previously anti-freedom enemies in World War II.

We must always fight for Peace, but peace without Freedom shall never exist. Therefore, it is survival common-sense to never accept or tolerate any form of ‘Totalitarianism’. If a generation becomes intellectually lazy and complacent, they shall lose their right to live free.

To give peace a chance, shall only work when people live free.

Solutions are needed to solve problems. Without Freedom solutions shall not exist. There are no solutions when tyranny rules.

Conflict and Misery dictates. Stay alert, say it the way it is. Always stand strong for ‘Freedom Values’ in Speech, Choice and Equality.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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