The South China Morning Post published a headline on the 1st, January 2019, by Choi Chi-yuk, titled ‘China’s military priorities for 2019 boost training and prepare for war.’(i)

The subtitle… “PLA’s official newspaper outlines ‘work focus’ in New Year’s Day editorial, saying ‘at no time should we allow any slack in these areas.” (i)

Thus, the ‘People’s Liberation Army’ has been ordered by Xi Jinping to prepare for war and keep training.

Meanwhile, Australian Politicians walked around in a naïve daze, failing to recognize that Australians should be trained for defence like the Chinese man and woman are being trained. Australia should be building a stronger defence force with complete commitment, in much the same way as ‘Communist China’. But the tragedy is that Australian Politicians threw that idea into the too hard basket and instead chose the path of apathy and cowardice.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

The Report by Choi Chi-yuk, wrote…

Strengthening training and preparation for war are among the top priorities for China’s military in 2019, its official newspaper said on Tuesday.” (i)

A.I. comments… so even before Xi Jinping launched the stunts to slow down and cancel Australia’s 2015 Free Trade Deal during 2020 into China, he had already decided what he was going to do to Australia and has been focused since 2012 to build a military strength capable of Conquering Taiwan, Japan, Australia and the entire South Pacific as well as South Asia and India. In other words, Xi Jinping’s 2015 Trade Deal with Australia was a setup to beguile Aussies.

“Drilling soldiers and war preparations are the fundamental jobs and work focus of our military, and at no time should we allow any slack in these areas,” the PLA Daily said in its New Year’s Day editorial.” (i)

“We should be well prepared for all directions of military struggle and comprehensively improve troops combat response in emergencies … to ensure we can meet the challenge and win when there is a situation.” (i)

“President Xi Jinping has been pushing the PLA to boost its combat readiness since he took the top job in late 2012.” (i)

A.I. comments…

Meanwhile, since 2012, Australian Intelligence and Australian Politicians went to sleep, playing games with societies political correctness and out-of-control Climate Change Activism, and Gender Politics and other low priority concerns.

Jinping has been smiling at Aussies the entire time of his leadership, observing our naïve stupidity for being unprepared.


Is Australia Ready for War?

The Answer is obvious. Xi Jinping and Beijing know the answer and they know that the only protection we have on the chessboard is United States Protection, but what if ‘Communist China’ becomes a superpower how will we survive, without USA? That answer is obvious, we will not.

Far too many politicians are still complacent. The Greens are more concerned with ‘Climate Change’ Activism than with building a strong military defence. Labor has gone to sleep and will never lift their game fast enough to build a strong military defence. Meanwhile, our Liberal Party has also failed to accelerate our strength in Military Preparation for a what if attacked situation.

Our problem is that our Politicians, Federal and State have decade after decade been incompetent and failed to constantly upgrade Australian Self-Sufficiency in Food Production and Manufacturing Production and in Technology, including Energy and Communication.

We should be building our own Ships, Ferries, Trains. Buses, Planes, Tanks, Missiles, Submarines, Cars, Trucks. The fact we are not doing this proves that all Degree Qualified Politicians in Australia are incompetent weak-minded fools.

We are in danger because our Politicians have been completely negligent and have failed to upgrade our military resources. And have failed to make sure our ‘Defence Minister’ was always a skilled combat veteran of Air, Sea or Land.

Inexperienced Politicians as Defence leaders is an idiotic strategy.

Our Politicians failed to think ahead and we failed to strengthen ASIO to upgrade our Intelligence Skills.

We need a Master Plan Reviewing what must be done to establish Self-Sufficiency at every Resource Level needed to protect our right to survive living free.


Extract comments from video…

Andrew Bolt says…

“Maybe I am being alarmist, or maybe I am alarmed – just like some very senior defence people in the United States.”

“I’ve said for some time now, we’ve got to take seriously what China is saying and doing”.

“I’ve said for some time now, listen to Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.”

Allan Ivarsson comments… I have posted previously videos of China’s Army and Navy. And I have seen Xi Jinping encouraging his Army and Navy to be prepared for War. Most Australians, with exceptions, including Politicians and the Media have not being paying attention to Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades plan for war and military upgrade.

They have not been watching Beijing strategy to lease and buy Australian property. Politicians have not stopped the sale of Australian property to Communist Chinese. Many Aussies have betrayed Australia because they are more interested in their own Greed and collective wealth than in doing the right thing to protect and preserve Australian ‘Freedom Values’ and First Loyalty to Australia as a ‘True Blue’ Patriot.

Using my own intelligence sources, I have been watching the aggressive tactics of ‘Communist China’ since the beginning of 2020.

We Aussies are vulnerable and we did foolishly establish ‘Communist China’ as a ‘Trading Partner’. This naïve decision has increased our vulnerability in war. Fortunately, under Donald Trump’s leadership the U.S. Military is becoming alarmed by Xi Jinping’s ambition. However, we Aussies and Americans cannot not feel so confident that Biden will do the right thing and stand strong against the increasing threats of ‘Communist China’s ambition to become the Ruling Superpower of Earth.

Extract comments from video…

Jim Molan says…

If a war between China and the United States occurred over Taiwan, Australia would be “fundamentally collateral damage,” according to Liberal Senator Jim Molan.

“I don’t believe the Chinese would attack us without American involvement in this somehow,” Mr Molan told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“But, if a war between China and Taiwan caused a war between China and the US, then as collateral damage we could be directly attacked”.

“That’s what we in Australia should prepare ourselves for.

“Now, that war could occur like that, it could occur fast and therefore we won’t be able to get there.

“But if it develops slowly and we deploy forces with the Americans into the region in order to deter China from doing something silly, but they still do it, we could suffer significant losses.”

“A war between China and Taiwan, involving the US, is not just going to politely end by the end of the week”.

“If there is a regional war, it will impact every aspect of this nation, and every Australian and we’ve got to start realising that,” Mr Molan said.

A.I. comments…

Linda Reynolds Minister for Defence since 2019. “Prior to entering parliament, she was a member of the Australian Army Reserve for nearly 30 years and was the first woman in the reserve to attain the rank of brigadier.” Big Deal!

It does not matter whether she is a nice person or not. Reynolds does not have the skills to lead Australia into war. She has no combat experience, she has not been engaged in any theatre of war, I doubt she has even fought in the boxing ring and learnt how to take a physical hiding.

What Martial Arts and Combat Training skills does she have? I have not read any evidence that she is experienced in Combat. And she is leading our defence. XI Jinping is laughing at us and who can blame him? Our Politicians are weak-minded wimps. And that is easy to prove.

Chinese Military Images posted on the Internet to see more explore the images and their connecting stories. Stay alert, choose truth not fiction.

Master Communist China Military Threat

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