The Battle: Mum and Dad, Father and Mother, Under Attack by Anti-Freedom Socialism in USA & UK… Approved by An Australian ‘Politically Correct’ University.

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Feature Image: Humans are the only intelligent species on Planet Earth that was able to understand the basic foundation character of their Solar System, the Sun and all the Planets and a lot of other things in the Universe.


During the late 20th Century and early 21st Century humans became confused, they did not understand what sex they were. ‘Gender-Neutral’ became their new identification.

They became subservient to the idea that LGBTQI was normal, and that the male and female species was not normal.

The biology world in the sea and on the land and in the air all with rare exceptions over the last billion years plus, all instinctively knew their sex, male or female, no LGBTQI creatures other than humans survived.

There was a rare species in ancient prehistory that could fertilize itself. But no where in biological history has a LGBTQI creature ever been able to fertilize itself. If there was no sex partner the line of the species came to an end for that family. Luckily for a lot of creatures including the homo sapiens species, many families survived, generation after generation.

The real reason for this confusion began in the USA and later in the UK that once had an intelligent command of the ‘English Language’ and became confused in the late 20th Century by the indoctrination of ‘Political Correctness’ invented by anti-freedom Marxist Socialism in the 1920’s in Europe.

This confusion expanded further into Australia.

It was here that I Aussie Allan Ivarsson decided to fight back against American, English, and Australian false knowledge Socialist ideas. This is the beginning of that academic battle. Backed by a touch of humour.

Gullible British fools weakened by their own vanity started changing their education system tearing down the intelligent structure of English Language which evolved over two thousand years throughout the Ancient Territories of Britain, influenced by Latin, Roman, Greek, Sanskrit, Germanic, French, Irish, Scottish, Celt, Welsh, and other language interaction. Which I call ‘Gaia Language’. i.e., ‘Mother Earth Language, since 1991. The universal language.

Even inferior thinking Psychology which I threw into the garbage bin over thirty years ago, jumped on the crazy bandwagon banning the use of the world “No” to infant children. Meanwhile anti-freedom ideologies like Islam and Marxism continued to enforce the use of the word “No”. Many British and Australian Pre-school teachers instead say to children pointing their finger, “A-ah”. Thus, children grow up not understanding “No”.

And LGBTQI comes along causing more confusion saying “No” we cannot use words that identify the sex of a person including whether they are male or female parent. Then idiot professors in Universities inspired by USA UK crap, and LGBTQI misguided ideas, strive to eliminate equality of choice by dictating how we are allowed to think about our heterosexual reality as children and adults.

Heterosexual lifestyles existed for over three million years successfully for the human species. Now society is being brain-wrecked to submit to the demands of LGBTQI suggesting that they are normal, and we heterosexuals are not normal. I believe in freedom equality of rights but denying us the right to use words that define our sex of boy or girl, man or woman, mother, or father, mum, or dad, is a form of anti-freedom totalitarianism. Any person that denies people the right to speak freely is guilty of ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity, freedom, and their Nation. Thus, do I charge those inferior creeps that want to corrupt our language and deny us the right to speak freely about our heterosexual physical reality.

What Gender are we?

Universities are now often confused, passing that confusion forward to Students, who in turn pass it forward to their families and children. Is this the Crazy World we now want? Not I!

Not I! Not I! Not I!

The Battle: Mum and Dad, Father and Mother, Under Attack by Anti-Freedom Socialism in USA & UK… Approved by An Australian ‘Politically Correct’ University.

Whoops wrong signs. Fathers and Mothers are not allowed in these toilets. They are Gender-Neutral. And ‘Scotsmen’ we are not allowed to use that word. The use of the words men and women is banned by Gender-Neutral mentality. Where are LGBTQI Signs? They must be divided, we cannot allow Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex all in the one toilet. Where is our values? Gender-Neutral means everyone must use the same toilet.

Separate Toilets for Men and Women has always been the correct societal behaviour.

Whether they like it or not, LGBTQI people need to recognize that they are physically boy or girl, and that their only difference to Heterosexual males and females is their choice of sexual orientation.

Education is becoming confusing, foolishly worrying about offending someone, striving to be politically correct, refusing to table truthful language which says it honestly the way it is.

It would be too expensive to create all these toilets in public places and in employment and education locations and in military services. So, what is the answer? Allow everyone to uncomfortably use the same toilet, because we became a confused society that is afraid now to talk freely about our sex and use words which define who we are at birth, physically boy or girl?

I repeat…

Separate Toilets for Men and Women has always been the correct societal behaviour.

The Australian National University in Canberra has in support of gender-neutral drive banned not only the use of Mum and Dad, Father and Mother but has also banned the correct us of the word ‘Breastfeeding replacing it with Chestfeeding. Such is the stupidity of the Professors of this University. No doubt Socialists also are opposing the use of ‘Boy and Girl’ in Schools.

Matthew Dresch reported on the 16th, February 2021, whilst I was in hospital for a hip operation, when I had no access to the Internet; Dresch tabled the following titled report, ‘University staff told to stop saying ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in gender-neutral drive.’ The Report posted by the Mirror was updated on the 2nd, March 2021. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments…

I first read the reported concern on the Daily Telegraph itemized below. But the unwise Telegraph refused to name the University until I had paid a subscription fee, hence I dumped the intellectually slow thinking Telegraph and found another source the Mirror for the University Name.

Dresch reports…

“Staff at a university in Australia have been asked to avoid saying ‘mother’ and instead use the words ‘gestational parent’. (i)

“The new phrase is one of many being introduced at Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra as part of a drive to adopt gender-neutral language.” (i)

Father is also being phased out, with the university asking workers to refer to dads as ‘non-birthing parents.” (i)

“Some of the other changes include replacing ‘breastfeeding’ with ‘chestfeeding’ and ‘mother’s milk’ with ‘human or parent milk’.” (i)

“The university’s Gender Institute Handbook claims the terms ‘mother’ and ‘father’ exclude non-binary people.” (i)


A.I. comments… This academic conflict gets ever messier. It needs to be dealt with. Universities need to clean up their act and get rid of ‘Political Correctness’ and focus on teaching the importance of ‘Freedom Values’ versus anti-freedom Marxism and if necessary, identify that whilst Islam is allowed to practice its religion in our Nation it must be remembered that ‘Sharia Law’ is a ‘Totalitarian Law’ and is not compatible as a Pluralism Legal System. Our current ‘Liberty Valued’ law must always standalone loyal to our Constitution and its pertaining ‘Freedom Values’ which are reflected in Australian ‘Law and Order’ Systems.

We must never allow our education systems to approve of ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’ and all Students must understand ‘Australian Philosophy’ which is eternally committed to protection and preservation of ‘Freedom Values’.

The only part of ‘Cancel Culture’ I approve of is the sacking of any person that teaches that ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’ are acceptable as alternatives to our ‘Freedom Values’. If people want totalitarian ideology rules, they should leave our country. There is no place for anti-freedom rules in our Nation.

To impose anti-freedom rules and to teach that such enemies of freedom ideologies, are acceptable, is an act of ‘High Treason’ against God, Decency, Children, Humanity, Freedom, and our Country.

The Daily Telegraph refuses to name the University. This Newspaper will only report the truth if we pay for such information as a subscriber. With the age of the Internet and so many websites and News Media sources from around the world, if we had to pay for subscription, we could not afford all the important knowledge we need to know to sort out truth and untruth, justice and injustice, dangerous threats, and good peaceful ideas.

Hence, all the wiser more intelligent websites and newspapers do not charge subscriptions to read articles. They make their money from advertising. Even Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. make their money from advertising. It is a common-sense method rather than charge people subscriptions to read their opinions and news information.

And when websites pass forward news, they are giving free advertising to the original news supplier that posted the information. This is a smarter method for all. Those with intelligence recognize and do give recognition to sources of information, including copyright.

The Advertiser in Adelaide made the same mistake as the Sydney Daily Telegraph wanting subscription before allowing us to read. But at least we learned that Kara Jung correctly said, “The idea of using the phrase ‘human milk’ is crap.”

Not Boy or Girl. Not Man or Woman. Not Father or Mother. They are Gender-Neutral.

The only way to describe these strange figures in a gender-neutral society is to do what young children will do, when they do not know the right name and point, “Look ‘Birthing Parent’ … It!”

“Non-Birthing Parent’ [Father], child says, “why do you and ‘Birthing Parent’ look different?” ‘Birthing Parent’ [Mother] answers, “Do not worry about it, we are gender-neutral. That is all you have to understand.”

And thus, children of the 22nd Century were procreated by accident because everyone was gender-neutral, as taught by The Australian National University in Canberra; Inspired by the United Kingdom of Socialist Stupidity engineered by American backward thinking.

And all the LGBTQI lived happily thereafter because everyone was gender-neutral which they knew from birth.

Pre-School Sex Instruction

“We are not ‘Boy or Girl. We are all born ‘Gender-Neutral’ and our Parents are ‘Birthing or Non-Birthing Parents’. As you grow up, you will decide what physical attractions you like best. All is okay because we are all Gender-Neutral. Rules of right and wrong in sexual activity, do not exist, you are free to explore, even if it is not right for you.”

And thus, in history LGBTQI was happy and the birthing and non-birthing parents felt confused as to what to teach their children. Universities achieved their ‘Politically Correct’ objective to confuse society.

In the 23rd Century children began to ask, “Who am I? Who created us? And thus, a new religion evolved. And the LGBTQI lost its position of authority and became persecuted, rejected as an equal.

The ‘Boy/Girl cycle began again.

The good news is that this myth will not happen, because ‘Real Women’ will not allow it to happen. And ‘Real Men’ will support the women. And the demands of LGBTQI will flounder on its face and cease to be gender-neutral, like a fish dumped on the sand.


The Universities Response was…

“This document is not an official ANU policy, process or official prescription to staff and students.” (iii)

A.I. comments… There is a flaw in this claim. What is denied as ANU policy, is also clearly intended by cultural change in thinking over two generations. It is dishonest to deny it as policy.


Fox News said it well, published on the 16th, February 2021, report titled, ‘University handbook encourages staff to adopt gender-neutral language, call fathers the non-birthing parent’ by David Aaro. (iv)

“Staff are told to acknowledge the mistake and correct themselves if they fail to use inclusive language.” (iv)


A.I. comments… This report repeats a bit of what we already know, but it was well-written. But one remark in the report concerns me; so far FOX is the only one I saw that referenced ‘Lauren Dinour’ which was referenced in the ANU Gender Inclusive Handbook. I shall comment on this source of reasoning below.

“Staff at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, Australia, have been encouraged to ditch the terms “mother” and “father” with the hope of being more gender-inclusive.” (iv)

ANU’s Gender-Inclusive Handbook has requested fathers to be referred to as the “non-birthing parent” and the term “mother” replaced with “gestational parent,” when discussing childbirth.” (iv)

“While many students will identify as ‘mothers’ or ‘fathers’, using these terms alone to describe parenthood excludes those who do not identify with gender-binaries,” the handbook stated.” (iv)

“The handbook also recommends using the terms “breast/chess feeding” and “human/parent’s milk” instead of “breastfeeding,” and “mother’s milk” to describe lactation.” (iv)

“It cites a 2019 study by researcher Lauren Dinour, who said that “heterosexual and woman-focused lactation language … can misgender, isolate, and harm # transmasculine parents and # non-heteronormative families.” (iv)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Do not follow people’s thinking because they are professional researchers. I am a professional researcher and writer, and I would be horrified if people blindly follow what I write without question and challenge. We all must explore our own understanding and use calm common-sense logic founded upon wisdom. One of the failings of people that believe in many ideologies is that they blindly believe without question, this includes fixed dogma religion, philosophy, politics and insane ideas like Marxism, Socialism and Communism. There is nothing fair or just about Marxist anti-freedom ideology.

And now we have another form of ‘Totalitarianism’ being pushed into the minds of people by Lauren Dinour who is more concerned with the minority feelings of LGBTQI people than about the majority of Heterosexual societies feelings. What this means is that oversensitive LGBTQI people who have an immature sense of thinking are being given priority consideration ignoring how heterosexual majority of people feel. Anti-Freedom Socialist fools in Universities are falsely teaching that Dinour is correct. This idea is a lie. Dinour’ thinking like Marx thinking is wrong and most be opposed and rejected.

Lauren M Dinour Profile

On the Internet she is a private person she has not indicated her sex orientation i.e., as to whether she is heterosexual or lesbian. It is not clear whether she is single or married. Her sexual preference is hidden. Hence, it is difficult to discern the motive for her push to engineer society to erase the use of ‘Mother and Father’ terminology and all the other ideas she put on the table. Her thinking suggests to me that she has a Lesbian mentality, as to whether this is true or not remains to be discovered. Her secrecy suggests Lauren Dinour is afraid to put her sexual orientation on the table. Her focused sympathy for LGBTQI people over the feelings of heterosexual people by her push for language change, suggests to me that her sexual orientation is Lesbian or maybe she is asexual. Her thinking makes her a strange heterosexual woman. With this understanding, I question all her academic skills, ideas, and qualifications. If she can wander away from common-sense heterosexual logic choosing to favor the minority sensitivities of LGBTQI people over heterosexual words identifying gender, then how can we trust the intelligence of many of her teachings? Clearly, her thinking needs to be carefully checked, not blindly believed. As I have several times in the past in my collection of written records said, “I am not impressed with all the degree qualifications of academic thinkers and writers.” There is a difference between being clever and smart.

She is currently an ‘Associate Professor’. If her sex language change mentality reflects being a professor then the terminology of ‘professor’ in status has declined in common-sense logic.

As to what is Lauren’s ‘Belief System’… is not clear. Is she Atheist, Religious, Marxist or just philosophical? What is her mission in life? The answer to that question is also not available. A person’s quest and ambition tells us a lot about a person.

I am not afraid to reveal my beliefs, philosophy, and life history. If a person wants to change the thinking of the world, which Lauren Dinour clearly does then they must have the courage to come out in the open and reveal truthfully who they are in beliefs and character and history.

This is her Profile that is what has been published on the Internet… (v)


Looks great on resume, but what is her belief system? What is her Philosophy? What is her sexual orientation? What is her history? Who is she? Why have gullible people in USA, UK and Australia listened to her ideas without challenge and focused on selling her ideas to UK Hospitals and Australian Universities? So far, she has not openly revealed anything about herself to reveal who she really is that dares to change the world language of heterosexuals and gender deemed normal common-sense language, in the English-speaking world.

What is not on the table is all of the other 7,117 languages around the globe that use different words for Mum, Dad, Mother, Father and Breastfeeding etc. All these different words are synonyms of our English words, which Dinour has chosen to tamper with to help LGBTQI feel good about themselves in the English-speaking world, but all the other LGBTQI people using other languages are denied the same privilege, fortunately for them.

Lauren M Dinour credibility is now in question and is on the table.

Lauren Dinour is an Associate Professor of Nutrition in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at Montclair State University USA. Her current status in 2021 is ‘Associate Professor’.

A Registered Dietitian (RD), certified lactation counselor (CLC), and public health professional, Dr. Dinour holds a DrPH and MPH with a concentration in Public Health Nutrition. Her research focuses on health-promoting policies, programs, and practices that improve childhood nutrition and food security, particularly in the areas of breastfeeding/chestfeeding, school food, and university settings.

A.I. comments… This profile looks good, but then we must ask Lauren Dinour at an Interview. “Where did you gain your basic training skills? Are you a skilled mother who has breastfed her children and packed their school lunch in the Pre-School and Primary Years?”

If you do not have experience as a mother, what makes you a reliable authority on parenthood? Of course, your recorded teaching becomes challenged when you have no skills as a mother.

There are thousands of Nutrition experts in USA and around the globe marketing their expertise, often in disagreement with each other. What makes your skills better than theirs? Are you afraid to publicly stand up and be counted? Or will you use, “always hide behind recommendations to change language, without any credibility that can justify a valid reason for change other than to feel sorry for the emotional oversensitive feelings of LGBTQI people that cannot cope with living in a heterosexual society?”

Her Profile continues…

Dr. Dinour co-authored the text, Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice, 2nd edition (CRC Press, 2016). Her work also appears in peer-reviewed journals such as Breastfeeding Medicine, Health Education and Behavior, Journal of American College Health, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Journal of Human Lactation, Public Health Nutrition, and Women’s Health Issus. Prior to joining the faculty at Montclair State University, Dr. Dinour worked as a clinical dietetics’ practitioner, community dietitian, and public health researcher.

A.I. comments… Wow! Like millions of us around the world, generation after generation, she is a good writer. I have published several books, volumes of website posts and written for a company an over one hundred pages procedure manual with graphs and images of computer technology. I have posted thousands of memorandums and reports during 33 years as an executive in the Corporation World. So what? We as professionals are all a dime a dozen. What makes her skills special? How many of us have read her publications? I have not.

Is she a woman? She looks like one. But then why is she comfortable not to be called Mother or Mum? Is that because she has never been a mother?

Her specialization is in Breastfeeding/ chestfeeding even if she has no physical experience as a mother. She is also a specialist in Community engaged teaching and learning like millions of others around the world generation after generation.

She is a specialist in food insecurity, this one is a strange mentality concern, unless she is concerned about global poverty, famine and other tragedies which exists in dysfunctional societies and in war devasted regions and Marxist Socialist and Communist societies and oppressive societies like ‘Sharia Law’ Nations.

She is also a specialist in School food programs. How does the list of all the school food programs stack up in comparison against each other in every suburb, State and Country? I wonder if she has ever crossed-checked her School food programs beliefs with the around the globe thinking?

In the Website News Center of Montclair State University, the following common-sense safety net statement was posted on their website page when referencing Lauren M Dinour.

Montclair State does not endorse the views or opinions expressed in a faculty member’s webpage or website. Consistent with the principles of academic freedom, the content provided is that of the author and does not express the opinions or views of Montclair State University. [USA]. (vi)


A 2019 report comment by Lauren Dinour…

This above logistics waffle by Lauren Dinour 2019 became the trigger of crazy UK and Australian mentality and no doubt reached into more Americans who were also gullible in believing in her misguided lack of logic reasons for language change, to help LGBTQI feel good about themselves, even if that means overruling the rights of heterosexuals, including Mums and Dads.

Source: Research and Reporting July 2019 ‘Breastfeeding Medicine’ by Lauren Dinour, Montclair State University. (vii)


Important Notes: #

# A Transmasculine person is… one who identifies more with femininity than masculinity but does not wish to be seen as totally female or woman. A Transfeminine is a person born male that wishes to be seen as female. Transmasculine and transfeminine people are transgender individuals that are not comfortable with their male or female birth gender. It is deemed by them that they exist outside the gender binary of assigned physical birth male or female.

We that are comfortable with our birth gender, male or female, are referred to as cisgender.

# Heteronormative is the belief that heterosexuality is the normal physical natural gender of sexual orientation of boy and girl attracted to the opposite sex. It is often described by Gays as being ‘straight’. Such words were not used by the young ‘Baby Boomers’ and their parents and grandparents.

The majority of people male and female were simply identified as being heterosexual and the rare few were either Gay or Lesbian after the 1970’s in Australia and in the 1960’s and earlier decades and centuries, were called homosexual, queer.

The word Gay once meant ‘Happy’ until it was corrupted in meaning by Homosexuals who chose the image of Rainbow Colours to market themselves as ‘Happy’. Right or wrong that was the simpler language of society during the early ‘Baby Boomer’ days. Heterosexuals were a lot happier in their lifestyle than the new more complex complete language choices and meanings that now harasses the children and grandchildren of the ‘Baby Boomer’ era.

By 2020 C.E. Gays lost their Gay and Lesbian happy feelings because they wanted to assert themselves as part of a new culture called LGBTQI. And a new breed of academic degree qualified backward mentality people coming out of Universities, decided they were going to complicate things more by changing gender binary to gender-neutral language so that LGBTQI people could feel more comfortable with themselves, even if the name change language was focused on oppressing heterosexuals. And people like Lauren M Dinour were comfortable with name change deletion of a stream of heterosexual words, to keep the ‘Rainbow People’ happy in their smaller population culture.

# Non-heteronormative families are obviously not heterosexual families and face more emotional instability in their family life, because they are out-of-step with what was once upon a time called normal life as boy and girl marriage.

There are floating around over the last twenty years a lot of wild logistics about how many of the population in different countries are Heterosexual, Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual. Forget the only minor percentage of sexual orientation floating in society.

Whilst logistics will always rise and fall, I believe that the correct average logistics is that of every society where LGBTQI is allowed to peacefully survive that 97% of men are heterosexual and that 98% of women are heterosexual and that bi-sexual people logistics can be harder to identify as they may rise and fall with sexual enthusiasm during a lifetime. There is a high probability that more men are bi-sexual than women. And their logistics for that reason can be harder to identify because of their heterosexual enthusiasm which may wander in sexual orientation choices. However, as society makes LGBTQI more acceptable… the rise in logistics of more Gays and Lesbians may come out in the open. But even then, the natural instincts of boy and girl will always lead genetically true to birth gender and at least 95% of men and women will stay heterosexual because that is their sexual preference of what they enjoy.

Hence, it is completely wrong to change gender binary heterosexual language just to make LGBTQI people feel more comfortable in their ability to oppress heterosexuals by forcing them to be identified as gender neutral.

I keep coming back to the question is Lauren M Dinour motivated by her obsession to change gender language because she is Lesbian?

The answer at the moment is blowing in the wind, but it is a valid question that all heterosexuals being bullied by language change have a right to ask.

The question of whether it is good for non-heteronormative parents to adopt children or use IVF is another subject too onerous for this paper, saved as an issue of concern for another time.

But one thing is true…

Cosmic Law on Sex Education states in item 41. “Thou shalt not use IVF [In vitro fertilization] during a relationship status of being single.

Read ‘Cosmic Law’ for more guidance.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Extract Policies of Communication in ‘Gender-Inclusive Handbook’ to make minority LGBTQI feel comfortable with majority Heterosexual Society, by making words gender-neutral. But the problem is the opposite… immature LGBTQI needs to learn to be comfortable with Heterosexual Sex and Gender terminology language.

It must be always remembered that it was altruistic heterosexual society that agreed by majority to make LGBTQI comfortable in society by giving them respect and the right to equality, to be different in sexual preferences. This goodwill gesture by society does not give the LGBTQI society the right to impose a form of ‘Totalitarian Dictatorship’ upon society through education to change the language of heterosexual words, like boy, girl, man, woman, father, mother, dad, mum, breastfeeding etc. Nor do hospitals in any Nation including the idiot UK have the right to force change rejecting the use of heterosexual language.

Reference Sources of Misguided thinking by ANU Handbook…

All the biased wording in this University document is about worrying about the immature sensitivities of LGBTQI in other words, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex.

The feelings of asexual and heterosexual are not considered. Although often heterosexuals are also asexual, like brother and sister, and male and female cousins, and platonic friends with the opposite sex. Asexual may be someone that is simply not interested in sexual activity with any person, for whatever reasons.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

To be continued…

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