Are the New Generations learning Wisdom or are we as Societies sliding backwards?

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Are the New Generations learning Wisdom or are we as Societies sliding backwards?

Answer: We are going forward one step and sliding backwards one step. Our thinking has too often lost its sense of manners, decency, courtesy and focus on goodwill to all. Our excessive focus on beliefs in fixed dogma thinking, in Politics and Religion and Dark Philosophy is encouraging us Homo Sapiens to slide backwards into the past one million years of wrong thinking fixed dogma cultures, which all in tragic ways of thinking left people denied the right to ‘Freedom Values’ in speech, choice, and equality.

It is only since 1776 the United States ‘Declaration of Independence’ when we many around the globe started to win by advancing the cause of freedom. We made great progress, but on this journey, we carried in our cultures many anti-freedom prejudices that harmed the well-being of our societies. Have we learned anything by the early 21st Century? Yes, we have, but for every prejudice we get rid of, we discover we are replacing it with another prejudice.

Worse we have far too many politicians who are desperate for recognition and money, tabling reckless solutions to problems, failing to comprehend that overreaction is as harmful as inaction.

Without ‘Freedom Values’ we cannot fix wrong thinking problems. There is no place for oppressive anti-freedom ideologies. All forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ must be rejected with the contempt it deserves. At the top of the list in the 21st Century the following wrong thinking fixed dogma anti-freedom of speech ideologies must be outlawed by all wisdom focused people.

In a good decent wholesome ‘Liberty Based’ Society there is no place for…

# Anti-Freedom of speech Marxist Socialist Political Correctness.

# Anti-Freedom of speech Blasphemy Law.

# Anti-Freedom of Speech Laws of any type.

# Anti-Freedom Marxist Communism.

# Anti-Freedom Marxist Socialism which like Communism is an unfair unjust system.

# Anti-Freedom ‘Sharia Law’.

# Anti-Freedom Demonstrations that abuse and misuse ‘Freedom of Speech’ Privilege, by denying others freedom of passage movement.

# Anti-Freedom Criminal Behaviour that for reasons of greed and uncaring lust for power over others, disobeys good societal laws designed for the protection of all citizens from wrong corrupt, dishonest, abusive and often violent behaviour.

To strengthen the wholesome wellbeing of societies, the world needs to learn, taught by education to children the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Without P.I. future generations will lose their right to live free and under the oppression of dictatorships will live like colonies of ants with no hope of ever living free of tyranny.

There are volumes of wisdom philosophies that all interface with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ below are some, you who are enthusiastic to learn on your ‘Quest for Truth’ and higher understanding shall discover more for sharing with others. Strive to pass forward all wisdom to others including children.


There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’.

It is the duty of every person to strive to eliminate the ‘Habit of War’ with other Nations and on the streets inside societies.

It is the duty of every person to strive to protect and preserve ‘Freedom Values’ in speech, choice and equality for every generation.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Good Caring People stand united committed to the protection and defence of ‘Freedom Values’ for every Generation. Allan Ivarsson 2021.

True but unfortunately, we cannot exist as a society without laws of decency and safety to guide us. Every new young generation must be taught the codes of common-sense goodwill towards all people and the importance of survival safety rules.

Allan Ivarsson 2021.

Do not be cruel to animals human and non-human. You have the right to self-defence that is all. A.I. 2015.

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