Misguided Professor Harcourt claims China needs Australia.

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Misguided Professor Harcourt claims China needs Australia.

Misguided Professor Harcourt claims China needs Australia. And suggests that we Aussies should continue to be trading partners with Beijing. You would not want this degree qualified person in combat with you when China attacks Australia. He would surrender to the Communists. Such is his idiotic misinterpretation of reality.

Crocodiles are laughing at us and so is Xi Jinping.

Australia has become too gentle in its stand for freedom.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/money/news/they-need-us-why-china-needs-australia-s-export-lifeline/ar-AAKKhSu?

9 News Staff posted the following news headline on the 6th, June 2021, titled, “They need us”: Why China needs Australia export lifeline. (i)

“An economics expert has said China and Australia “need” each other, as Beijing continues to shun Aussie trade.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… First of all, this person is not an expert. He might be clever in economics, but he is not smart. He does not understand human nature, or belief system reasoning. If he did, he would not have made the naïve incompetent claims he made. Yes, his name is Professor Tim Harcourt. This is what was reported, revealing his lack of logic.

“China’s meat imports are up by 21 percent on this time last year, but Australia is missing out with two abattoirs still on Beijing’s banned list.” (i)

“Argentina and the US are currently filling Chinese demand for meat.” (i)

“University of Technology Sydney economics professor Tim Harcourt told Today the restrictions were costing Australia, with meat exports down about 30 percent.” (i)

“However, Professor Harcourt said China still “needed” Australia.” (i)

“They’ve got a billion people. They need food security. They need food,” he said.

“They need energy to basically fuel their enormous industrial engine and they need good quality education.”

“300 million middle-class parents, very aspirational for their kids, they need Australia’s education. So, the answer is, yes, they need us, and we need them.

A.I. comments… I do not have much respect for a lot of degree qualified people, they are supposed to be intelligent, but their thinking and behaviour often proves their ‘degrees’ are not worth a damn. I have observed degree qualified wrong thinking behaviour in Australia, USA, Britain, and Canada. No doubt it is occurring everywhere including in other language countries.

Beijing needs Australia but only because the Communists want to own and control Australia and oppress all Aussies. Xi Jinping and his Communist Beijing Comrades have already demonstrated by their threats and bully behaviour that they do not need us, except when they are desperate for Iron Ore to make Steel. Beijing does not care about the Chinese pro-democracy people. Harcourt is as thick as a brick in mentality, he cannot comprehend that this cold war conflict against Australia was started by ‘Communist Beijing’ to gain dictatorship control of Australia.

Harcourt says they have a billion people that needs food security. But this fool cannot comprehend that 92 million Communists, Beijing included, do not care about the rest of the Chinese that are not Communist. The population of China is 1.4 billion people, only 92 million are Communists. Harcourt is not too bright. Of course, every person in existence around the globe needs food security. Many are deprived of safety and security by evil despot regimes like ‘Communist Beijing’ and gangster dictators like Xi Jinping. But that seems to be okay with Harcourt, he is only concerned with the 300 million Chinese middle-class parents and their children that means imported education money for Australian Universities to live on greed, supporting Chinese anti-freedom ideology Communism. Harcourt is not concerned about the other unarmed 700 million poor people struggling to exist that want to live under the rule of Democracy and ‘Liberty Values’.

Harcourt cannot comprehend that many of the Chinese students are pro-Communists and secretly support the invasion and conquest of Australia. If the Chinese are so smart, why do they need to come to Australia for education? Why cannot their Universities train them? And the answer is… Communist Chinese Universities can and do train them. They come to Australia for education and training to learn our culture what we think and believe, and to learn about our strengths and weaknesses so they can during their career path help Communist Beijing conquer Australia.

As for Harcourt saying they need energy for their industrial engine, they are already achieving this and do not need us.

Harcourt should be focused on standing strong against Communist Beijing, like many of us Aussies are doing. Like I said in the beginning… “You would not want this degree qualified person in combat with you when China attacks Australia. He would surrender to the Communists. Such is his idiotic misinterpretation of reality.”

Harcourt expert in economics? Not worth much.

“With China continuing to buy up Australian iron ore in large quantities, Professor Harcourt said Beijing’s apparent commitment to reducing emissions was an opportunity for Australian industry.” (i)

A.I. comments… I have already dealt with the reason why Australia must stop selling iron ore to Communist Beijing, and it is clear a large percentage of degree qualified Politicians and Professors in Universities, like limited thinking Harcourt, cannot comprehend why it is a serious mistake for Australians to sell iron ore to Communist Beijing.

“I suspect there will be a lot of environmental-based technology and resources between Australia and China in the future as we become a green energy superpower,” he [Tim Harcourt] said.” (i)

A.I. comments… Can you believe this Harcourt guy? Australia will never become a green energy superpower. There is no such thing. The logic of Greens and Climate Change Activists is so backward and intellectually inferior in thinking that fools like Harcourt cannot comprehend their stupidity and the reason why. I have posted previously reports about ‘Climate Change’ which degree qualified people like Harcourt cannot comprehend.

Harcourt failed to identify that most of the renewable energy ‘Wind Farms’ in Australia are owned by Chinese Companies that report to Communist Beijing. I have already posted the reason why all Wind Farms on land and sea must be abolished. People like ignorant Harcourt, cannot comprehend the truth of why ‘Wind Farms’ must be banned around the globe.

Furthermore, some ‘Solar Farms’ in Australia are owned by Chinese Companies reporting to Beijing. Australian Politicians are not very clever for allowing this to happen. I have dealt with this subject before. Don’t worry Australian Universities, Media Journalists, and Politicians do not have the ability to keep up with me, their thinking is too slow, undisciplined, and short on vision and truthful understanding.

Any degree qualified person that does not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ has no chance of keeping up with me.

Australia is one of the most expensive places to live because of excessive high energy costs. This not only hurts the cost of living for the people, but also makes retail and manufacturing and primary industry costs excessive, impacting upon profit bottom-line ability to survive. Tim Harcourt the so-called expert in economics does not have any problem with negative state of economics in energy supplies. In his mind Australia will become a ‘green superpower’ and that is fine with him even if it destroys our ability to be self-sufficient. Harcourt logic is backward.

Harcourt continues to say, “Currently, about 70 percent of China’s iron ore is imported from Australia’s Pilbara region.” (i)

A.I. comments… I have previously dealt with that iron ore Western Australia supply source to ‘Communist China’. Harcourt failed to oppose the supply of iron ore to Beijing network of companies, and he clearly does not have the ability to comprehend why we must cease supplying iron ore to Communist Beijing. Expert in economics? Harcourt does not even have the survival commonsense to demand Australia focus on becoming a self-sufficient Nation.

“And Professor Harcourt said in the short term that dependence was likely to continue, particularly as China’s Belt and Road program had stalled in Africa.” (i)

A.I. comments… The stalling of the Belt and Road program in Africa will not alter Beijing’s attitude towards Australia. Previously, I dealt with Belt and Road in Victoria and PNG. Harcourt has not objected to the ‘Belt and Road’ system objectives setup by Beijing years ago. The Communist Chinese objective using ‘Belt and Road deals is to conquer the economics and physical ownership control of all territories within all nations when it succeeds in gaining signature support by inferior thinking politicians. Tim Harcourt does not oppose the ‘Belt and Road’ Communist Chinese system. How do I know this is true? He said nothing in his comments. “Silence is Approval.”

Harcourt continues… “That’s why, I think, you’ve seen beef and barley and wine banned from China but they’re not going to touch the iron ore. They need it,” he said.” (i)

A.I. comments… I have already explained why Xi Jinping Beijing banned several of our exports in previous posts. Harcourt does not know the reason, if he did, he would have tabled the reason, which I recorded. Economics expert? I am not into theoretical economics, I practice common-sense logic and understanding of human nature, advanced ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, and financial budget management; even I recognize the truthful reason Xi Jinping banned Australian exports, and it was not because of our governments, criticism comments about the origin of Covid-19. That is a false knowledge camouflage reason claim.

Tim Harcourt is right Communist Beijing needs our iron ore. But Harcourt was not smart enough to identify the real reason Beijing wants our iron ore, which is to build a stronger Military Force to support their agenda plans to conquer Taiwan, Australia, the Philippines, and the entire South Pacific. Beijing wants to control and own Australia, starting in economics, communication, and energy control and later by invasion takeover. Economics expert? Rubbish, Harcourt’s thinking is incompetent.

“Professor Harcourt also pointed out that Australia was not the only country around the world to be battling Beijing’s displeasure.” (i)

“They’re upset with everyone. They’ve had fights with the Czech Republic, Ecuador, with the European Union, with the USA, Korea, Japan,” he said. (i)

“They are having fights with everyone but naturally we’re concentrating on the one with us, because what we know.” (i)

A.I. comments… Harcourt the Beijing conflict is with South Korea. And the spearhead of the conflict is with Taiwan, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, and cautiously with USA.

The Chinese Communist message is clear, “Submit to our ‘Cold War’ demands or we will conquer you by ‘Hot War’ using our Military Force that we built by manufacture of steel using Australian iron ore supplies.” Tim Harcourt just does not get it.

Harcourt continues… “… he stressed that the benefits of cordial relationships between Beijing and Canberra went both ways.” (i)

A.I. comments… Beijing does not want cordial relationships with Australia, they want submission to Marxist/Communist dictatorship. It is sad that a degree qualified person does not understand that reality.

Harcourt concludes… “Ultimately, trade relationship with us, is very important to them, so it’s not going to pay off very well for them economically at all.” (i)

A.I. comments… Harcourt does not understand the philosophy of Marxism which is committed by the ‘Communist Manifesto’ (German Karl Marx) to force every person to submit to the dictatorship of ‘Communist Doctrine’ and Beijing true to its loyalty to revered original founder-leader murderer Mao, only values cordial relationships when they, the naïve players, submit to the Communist rules of dictatorship.

Harcourt gets it wrong again. He suggests that their trade relationship with Australia is important to them. If that were true, Xi Jinping Beijing would not have ever threatened Australia or banned supply of our exports.

Tim Harcourt does not comprehend that when the time and opportunity exists that Xi Jinping Beijing will attack Australia to gain control by force of our Nation.

That has been Xi Jinping’s plan since he gained power in 2012. The intelligence in Australia has been asleep until the end of 2020. And is slowly starting, almost too late, to wake up. We Aussies need to toughen up and rapidly lift our game to stop the bully threat of Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades in Beijing.

Harcourt is not an expert, if he were, he would have not made so many economic and philosophical mistakes.

Never Trust a Communist. Not now, not ever.

There is no place in the Universe for any form of Anti-Freedom Ideology.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

October 21, 2013 video.

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