Never Telegraph your fighting skills.

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I discovered this ‘Shadow Boxing’ Twitter Tweet and thought, “Why would a person telegraph their fighting skills?”

Never Telegraph your fighting skills.

There is a difference between ‘Fighting Sports’ and ‘Fighting Training’. Only foolish vanity promotes their fighting skills outside of genuine activity in training with others for reasons of sport. This tweet above was not about training instruction it was about vanity. It is a telegraphing activity.

When I did boxing when I was young in 1969, I was focused on learning how to take punishment and still successfully fight back and deliver self-defence punishment. I knew if we cannot take punishment in self-defence then we cannot deliver in a self-defence fight. I was not interested in learning counterpunching. My focus was to fight ‘hammer-head’ style. This skill served me well on the streets of Sydney and surrounding suburbs when I was attacked by hoodlums. I always counter-attacked the leader of a gang threatening me head-on.

I never went looking for trouble and I never ran, when I was threatened, and several times attacked.

If Twitter, Facebook and other website tools had existed during my youth, I would not have ever telegraphed my fighting skills. I believed and still do now in old age, refuse to telegraph my fighting skills. The element of good self-defence demands the need for element of surprise. Encourage aggressive bully people to underestimate you.

Always strive to walk away from conflict in peace but expect the unexpected and be always prepared to defend yourself, using only the reasonable use of self-defence. Remember in peace time conditions ‘Guns, knives and weapons against unarmed people is the way of the coward.’

However, if the attacker does not fight fair true to ‘The Marquess of Queensberry Rules’ and is fighting to cripple you, rape you, or kill you, then you have the right to defend yourself and use whatever degree of force is necessary. In such a fight the rules of war may be essential. But remember, think emotionally calm, fight only in self-defence and do not forget that we all are accountable for our fighting actions to the societal laws of our country.

Never telegraph your fighting skills, never talk about it, by all means train and learning ‘Martial Arts’ including defence against weapons is recommended. When I was young the opportunity to learn ‘Martial Arts’ did not exist, our defence was with fists, and it was recognized by our society that only cowards used their feet in a one-on-one fight and that the use of weapons on the streets was the way of the coward.

Now in elderly years, we are too old to fight, and only coward hoodlums and gangsters would unjustly attack elderly people. Our ‘Baby Boomer’ generation in their youth respected the elderly and always protected their right to walk and live free in peace.

We need to eliminate the ‘Habit of War’ from our streets and homes and make our society a safe place to live, by respecting the right of every person to live free in peace, void of harassment and abuse.

Always strive to be nice and kind. Remember, good manners simply say, “I respect you.”

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. I wore glasses from the age of 6 years until my 65th year, after which I never wore glasses again until sometimes in my 72nd year. I had laser eye surgery in my later 64th year.

When I was threatened, I immediately removed my glasses anticipating a need to probably have to fight. Sometimes, I did not get time to remove them and they flew off my face when I was hit.

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