Communist Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian stated that Xi Jinping Beijing targeted Australian goods as economic punishment. He lied…

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Feature Image: Old China wooden door before the Age of insidious Communist Chinese.

Mona Lisa…

Fortunately for her she never saw China under the rule of anti-freedom Communism. And in truth she avoided the mask. Her photoshop image is not true. She was lucky, she lived before that creep Karl Marx was born.

Communist Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian stated that Xi Jinping Beijing targeted Australian goods as economic punishment.

He lied: Gangster Xi Jinping targeted Australia to use ‘Economic Coercion’ to force Australia to submit to the bully dictatorship of ‘Communist Beijing’.

1962 – The Surfaris – Wipe out

Foreign affairs reporter Stephen Dziedzic revealed in a News Post on 7th July 2021, titled ‘Chinese official declares Beijing has targeted Australian goods as economic punishment.’ (i)

“A Chinese official has openly declared that Beijing has singled out Australia for economic punishment, saying the federal government cannot profit from China while “smearing” it.” (i)


Allan Ivarsson comments… Can you believe this deceitful lame excuse? Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian lied. He made the statement as instructed by coward despot Xi Jinping in an effort to force Australia to submit to the Communist Dictatorship of Beijing. Lijian is another coward that obeys Jinping’s every instruction.

The ‘smearing’ claim was founded simply on our Australian Government correctly asking for a global Health investigation into the origin of Corona Virus in China. Xi Jinping is truly emotionally immature he cannot handle losing face and thinks like an imaginary God and that he is supreme and that he has the right to oppress every person on this planet. He is not a God; in fact, he is not much of a Man at all. He hides behind the security of his Military Forces. He only steps out into the front line when he feels safe. We will never see Xi Jinping in a war, risk his life in battle on the frontline. He will sacrifice others but not himself.

Ever since that question about the origin of ‘Corona Virus’ – a valid question and a truthful concern, Xi Jinping and his Communist Political Hoodlum representatives have been harassing and threatening Australians by striving to bully frighten us into submission of coward Xi Jinping demands.

We do not need to keep listing in the news all the export products Xi Jinping banned by tariffs. Who cares, if our Government had any guts, they would ban all exports and imports to China, including the supply of iron ore.

I have no respect for yellow-bellies not in Australia, America, China or any other place in the world and I have no respect for coward Xi Jinping and his yellow-belly Communist Comrades that like wolves, prey on the weak in their Nation and around the globe.

Zhao claimed Beijing deliberately targeted Australian goods to intimidate us. He lied. Anyone with any common-sense intelligence knows that it was not Beijing per se, it was Gangster Xi Jinping that deliberately targeted Australian goods to frighten us by economic coercion to submit to Xi Jinping dictatorship. It is time to sack Xi Jinping from the Communist Party and remove him from all his political leadership roles, but even the Communists are now afraid of him.

Zhao deceitfully said, “Mutual respect is the foundation and safeguard of practical cooperation between countries.” (i)

Respect? How can we respect a man and a government that deliberately denies people the right to live free in speech, choice and equality and constantly lies to the outside world about its agenda and mission objectives?

“We will not allow any country to reap benefits from doing business with China while groundlessly accusing and smearing China and undermining China’s core interests based on ideology.” Said Zhao Lijian. (i)

A.I. comments… Can you believe the hypocritical thinking of Xi Jinping instructions to Lijian? Communist Beijing wants to become the number one Superpower of the World and Space they are so wrapped in their ‘Clever Vanity’ they will smear and persecute any person in any State/Nation that has the courage to challenge their wrong thinking and behaviour.

Zhao says based on ideology. Fact. We can and must condemn all anti-freedom ideologies including anti-freedom Marxist Communism.

Xi Jinping is a coward and I can prove it. A reckoning between him and I will come. We are enemies. Xi Jinping stands for ‘Totalitarianism’, whilst I stand for ‘Freedom’ of all the people in the World and throughout the Universe.

Who are you going to follow a tyrant like Xi Jinping or a ‘Free Spirit’ like me?

“… Zhao also declared that Australia was being punished because it was trying to attack China on behalf of the United States and suggested that American farmers were the big winners from Chinese tariffs on Australian goods.” (i)

A.I. comments… same old abuse argument by Xi Jinping who resents Australia being friends and allies with the United States, a friendship alliance which existed decades before Communism gained control of China.

Zhao voice for Xi Jinping made these stupid statements, because the vanity of Xi Jinping cannot handle rejection of his leadership and childishly resents the friendship of the United States with Australia. Xi Jinping wants ownership control of Australia and he is correctly afraid of the United States of America.

Think about it. Zhao claimed that American farmers were the big winners from Chinese tariffs on Australian goods; if that were true, I would say ‘Three Cheers’ for American farmers, but it is an invented lie to bully us into submission to Communist Beijing dictatorship. The tariffs were imposed by Xi Jinping and based on this claim by Zhao it was Beijing who gave American farmers an advantage. And because Xi Jinping hates Americans there is no way he would give Americans an advantage. The claim by Zhao, probably one of his many stupid phony arguments, went right off-centre, void of logic.

“When a certain country acts as a cat’s paw for others, it is the people that pay for misguided government policies,” Zhao said. (i)

A.I. comments… Misguided? The most insidious misguided countries in the world are Marxist Communist Nations. Anti-Freedom ideologies are enemies of God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’. Misguided? ‘Communist Beijing’ is the most misguided leader in the world. And men like Zhao and Xi Jinping are misguided by their insidious policies and oppressive agendas. And that is fact!

“One Australian government source rubbished that claim, calling it a “crude” attempt to drive a wedge between Australia and the United States.” (i)

A.I. comments… I would not have called it a “crude attempt” I would have called it a “Desperate Attempt” and Xi Jinping is desperate he wants to rule others, including Australia.

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has simply said, “Australia is dealing with a “more assertive China”.

A.I. comments… Frydenberg’s remark is too gentle. This aggressive assertiveness by Xi Jinping is more than about being a nasty bully, it is about Xi Jinping’s agenda to control Australia and make Australia a province of ‘Communist China’. The problem with our Politicians, government and opposition, is they talk too soft and are failing to challenge Communist Beijing’s real agenda, which is focused on gaining ownership control of Australia. It is time to put Beijing’s agenda openly on the table. Weak thinking Politicians are afraid to identify head-on the reason for Communist Beijing’s aggression towards us. Xi Jinping has decided he wants ownership control of Australia. And any person who refuses to recognize that fact is not too bright.

FrydenbergAlso pointed out Australia was still raking in massive amounts of revenue from iron ore exports to China. Our exports are not making their way to China… but what is making its way to China, because they need it most is our iron ore, and the price of iron ore is at record highs. And that is providing significant revenue.Reference (i)

Frydenberg said, “We will not put economic interests first. We will put the broader national interests first.” (i)

A.I. comments… Frydenberg prove it. Stop supplying iron ore to ‘Communist China’. Focus on building our self-sufficiency in our steel industry even stronger. We do not have an endless supply of iron order, one day the deposits will be depleted. Focus also on strengthening our recycling of steel materials.

Read May 23rd 2021… “Australia must Outlaw Supplies of Iron Ore to ‘Communist China’. This is why…”.

Read May 23rd 2021… “Steel is the Strength of our Australian Nation.”

“The rift between China and Australia has deepened in 2021 after a turbulent 2020 that saw a high-level diplomatic freeze and rapidly mounting disputes over trade, foreign interference, Chinese investment, the COVID-19 outbreak and human rights abuses in China.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping started this conflict with Australia in 2020. Australia did what any common-sense country would do reject Jinping’s false claim allegations and his economic coercion tactics.

Xi Jinping refused to do the decent honourable thing and apologize to the world for failing to contain Covid-19.

The diplomatic freeze was started by Xi Jinping who instructed his representatives to lie to us and bully us into submission of Xi Jinping Beijing demands. There is nothing diplomatic about the bully tactics of Communist China’s representatives towards Australia. Their statements are deceitful false knowledge allegations and have during their communication incompetent delivery of remarks, admitted that Xi Jinping is focused on punishing us, like we are Beijing’s children, who must obey the instructions of Jinping. Xi is not our father, he is a despot that wants to rule Australia.

As for the allegations by Xi Jinping that Australia allows foreign interference, he lied. Xi Jinping hates USA and resents our friendship and alliance with America and with many of our other allies. Xi Jinping demands we dump USA and become an ally of Dictator Communist Beijing. In other words, Xi Jinping wants Australia’s ownership papers to make Australia a Province of Communist China.

As for Chinese investment in Australia. All ‘True Blue’ Aussies are justifiably angry about all the Chinese Investments in Australia which report directly to ‘Communist Beijing’. We the Australian Patriotic people are disgusted with our weak-minded politicians that allowed sections of our country to be leased to Communist Chinese Companies that report to Beijing and allowed sections of our country to be sold to Communist Beijing using the interface of ‘Communist Chinese Companies’ to gain control of Australia territory.

As for Communist Chinese human rights abuses, criticism of these abuses is not just Australian remarks, many people around the world in other Nations do also condemn the behaviour of the Chinese Communists towards their own people and Tibet.

We as decent human beings would be negligent and irresponsible if we did not condemn all human rights abuses.

Xi Jinping go to hell. Do not pass go. Go directly to jail where you belong.

Beijing has falsely blamed the Australian Federal Government for deteriorating ties. This is the twisted deceitful claims by Xi Jinping, a coward, who is afraid of losing face and will deliberately lie to pass the blame forward to others to coverup his persistence bully obsession to rule Australia. Xi Jinping is a true desperate despot that needs the position of supreme ruler of Earth and Space. Thus, Xi Jinping’s passion to make ‘Communist China’ the number one Superpower Ruler of Earth and Space.

We ‘True Blue Aussies’ are not interested in profit from trading with ‘Communist China’. Only traitors in our country still want to do Import/ Export trades with Communist Beijing.

We fair dinkum Aussies are strongly opposed to the threatening dictatorship of Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades. Our attitude true to Aussie spirit, is “She’s Right’– No Deal! Get Lost Communist Moron. Your bully tactics do not work with us. And just for the record, we know Xi Jinping is a gangster coward and that is easy to prove.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps…1963 My Teenage Years… My first Album Record…

In July 1963, The Atlantics released the single that would become their biggest hit, most well-known song and one which remains a classic of its genre to this day. The monstrous, pounding, driving ” Bombora “ was written by Peter and Jim and was named after an Aboriginal term for large waves breaking over submerged rock shelves.

The Atlantics – 1963 Bombora

Reef Break, The Atlantics

Xi Jinping Faces Tough Australian Aussies and he will be tested to ‘Face Me’.

Coming soon… the fight against Xi Jinping continues…

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