Hey Xi Jinping Take Notice.

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Source of Image Statement… Freedom the Truth 12th, July 2021

The next day, 13th July, ‘Beijing Intelligence’ read three of my posts including the above ‘Freedom Presentation’ followed by my instruction to Xi Jinping.

Communist Beijing Intelligence read… ‘Freedom the Truth’ and ‘Communist Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian stated that Xi Jinping Beijing targeted Australian goods as economic punishment. He lied…’ and ‘Xi Jinping Beijing Demands Australia Support the Destruction of Taiwanese Freedom.’

Why am I Allan Ivarsson as an independent, challenging Xi Jinping? It is simple… if WWIII starts caused by Xi Jinping Beijing and Communist Comrades, over 100 million people will perish. But this casualty disaster is only true if it is a short soft war, in which Communist Beijing is defeated. But the real danger is a ‘Nuclear War’ which can create a “Nuclear Winter” and wipe out near seven billion people, plus other mammals, and thus drive Homo Sapiens and other life forms to extinction.

That dangerous war must be stopped. Xi Jinping is an insane man that is obsessed with starting World War III to satisfy his thirst for war, conquest and invasion starting with Taiwan and Australia. Jinping wants ‘ownership papers’ of these two countries. And he is not going to back down. Therefore, it is my duty to fight Xi Jinping head-on, him and me against each other.

Before we fight each other in the Boxing Ring in Sydney under ‘Marquis of Queensbury’ rules, I will give him one chance to save face. He must obey my instructions and free the Chinese people from the oppressive tyranny of ‘Marxist Communism’.

He will naturally refuse to obey my instruction. In which case, I challenge him to a written debate exchange on the Internet using my Chatline regularly, whenever he wants to write to me over the next twelve months. I do not believe in Debates, but with him I make an exception.

If Xi Jinping does not free the Chinese people by end of 2022, then in 2023, he and I must fight in Sydney in the Boxing Ring, to send a message sharp and clear that neither of us is afraid to fight hitting each other in the face, constantly pockmarked with bruises and cuts and blood flowing down our faces. To save the lives of millions of people I am willing to die in the ring for what I believe. Question is, will Xi Jinping be willing to die in the ring for what he believes? We shall in the end learn the answer to that question. I believe he is a coward; my mission is to prove he is a coward or stop him. If he has the courage to fight me in the Boxing Ring in Sydney, I will fight. But we cannot fight in ‘Communist China’ because Xi Jinping has a habit of jailing everyone for life imprisonment or cruelly killing them. He is by character a ruthless man, void of honour. Anyone that wants to deny people the right to live free is not worth much. I believe his greed for money and power over others will create his self-destruction. We do not want despot warmongers ruling our societies. They Must Be Stopped!

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