Space, God, Stars, Life, Evolution, Chaos, Language, Gasoline Words, and the Art of Decency, Doing the Right Thing.

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Space, God, Stars, Life, Evolution, Chaos, Language, Gasoline Words, and the Art of Decency, Doing the Right Thing.

Enjoy the wonder and peace of looking into Space.

An exciting Science report hit my computer desktop titled, ‘Stunning images of ‘galactic fireworks’ hold the secrets of how stars form.’ By Gemma Conroy, science reporter on July 17, 2021. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This is a must-read Science Report to help upgrade our Amateur knowledge and understanding about space as discovered, identified and explained by professional astronomers.

In addition, you will find a lot of other thoughts to help you expand your understanding. Read this presentation before you start reading the informative links, which will give you hours of exciting reading at your leisure. Enjoy, Best Wishes, Allan.


I have selected some information statements to highlight evidence in my mind that a ‘God Creator’ does not exist and the only God which appears to exist is a ‘Communication Power’ of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ which for some mysterious reason interfaces with our ‘Conscious Mind’ and makes channelling process achievable and increases the important question, “Where do all ideas come from?”

Why is it through Homo Sapiens history that similar ideas have developed in different geographical locations around the same period of time, and the people in these locations did not know of the existence of the other society? The word ‘God’ is a good convenient word to name a ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ which exists in the Universe that has no physical powers but has a spiritual essence of existence in communication power to all forms of life with intelligence. This spiritual intelligent communication exists in many mammals on earth, as yet science does not know why and cannot answer the question, “Where do all ideas come from?”

In my previous earlier works going back to 1994 ‘Arche Mystery’ treatise I identified that ‘Channelling’ works and that… “God is not the creator. Unlearn such misconception. God is of the creation. Understand this difference, and you shall begin to elevate your insight past your current perception.” There is more… Read ‘Mystery’ and other articles by me on Science, Philosophy of Intelligence, Arche, Ahimsa, Albert Einstein, etc., And read after reading Einstein, ‘My God’.

My collected writing is like reading jigsaw puzzle pieces, to become smarter you must put the records together as jigsaw pieces to see the Big Picture about Existence in the Universe, on Earth/Gaia and in wisdom and ‘Cosmic Philosophy’, the key to how to happily survive better.

‘Cosmic Law’ is essential to guide society.

We do not need organised religion. We do not need ‘Atheism’. We do not need Fundamentalist Evangelicalism. Or any other oppressive ideology. All fixed dogma are oppressive ideologies. The enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ verifies that fact. Marxism/ Communism/ Socialism and ‘Sharia Law’ are oppressive ideologies.

Political Correctness’ is an oppressive ideology. The word ‘Woke’ is being used as a silly word, the word ‘Woke’ is just a synonym of the word ‘Political Correctness’. The use of the word ‘Woke’ was revival started by Americans in 2010 to support all Socialist Communist ideas, and LGBT issues and ‘Black Lives Matter’ racist promotion against whites and others, and first began use in 1930’s focused only on African American issues, whereas the words ‘Political Correctness’ was started by Socialists in Europe in the 1920’s to silence ‘Freedom of Speech’. Hence, it is clear that it was American Socialists that started pushing the word ‘Woke’ on the table harder since 2014, because so much resistance against ‘Political Correctness’ had risen, thus desperate idiots wanted to oppress what people can say, using another alternative word and many media journalists were sucked right in.

The Oxford English Dictionary added the word ‘Woke’ to its pages in 2017. The problem is that Dictionaries only quote meanings of words and it needs ‘Philosophy’ to expose the stupidity of ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech’ ideology words.

Do not Stay ‘Woke’. Do Stay Alert. Protect ‘Freedom Values’, in speech, choice and equality. Such high standards, automatically when lived in behaviour by right ahimsa altruistic thinking, does create kind quality of life standards for all persons who practice manners, the decent art of respect for others, by always being a gentleman or a lady at all times.

During my life, as taught to me by my father and grandfather, I treated every woman as a lady, even when some women do not know how to be a lady. The point is… if we do not live by codes of ethics, honour and kind caring behaviour we are not worth much as a human being. This is why all oppressive ideologies’ fail to establish decent societies founded upon truth, justice and the right way.

Abusive bully Gasoline words, like Arrogant, Apostasy, Blasphemy, Heresy, Islamophobia, Offensive, Racist, Sexist, Woke and ‘Politically Correct’ ideas were coined and are used in the West to intimidate people into submission. ‘Communist China’ bypasses the use of all these idiot words and simply arrests and imprisons, often for life, any person whose speech disagrees with Communist Ideology. In other words, every person who is ‘Pro-Democracy, Pro-Freedom’, is silenced by imprisonment or execution.

We do not need all these ‘Gasoline Words’ to deal with issues of concern. Simply say it the way it is and use English void of such words. There are over 7,000 languages in the world. Imagine the increased social chaos if every language drowns in the use of these gasoline words.

We do need ‘Spiritual and Physical Freedom’ in Speech, Choice and Equality. And we do need to use the most advanced dynamic intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Learn the way of Calm Ahimsa Inner Peace ‘Free Spirit’ a way that survives well using ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ and masters the way of solving problems void of panic and stress. We do not need the negatives of ‘Optimism’ and ‘Hope’ we simply need the ‘Positives’ of Calm ‘Can Do’. I have a common-sense dream that helps give me a sense of reason and purpose for my existence. What we do, how we think using common-sense corrective action logic gives our life meaning and purpose, when it is void of greed and lust for power to control others.

The altruistic way, founded upon integrity, codes of decency and honour, backed by manners and respect for others, gives our life and our society goodwill strength of existence, and persistently upgrades our life and the quality of life for all people in a society that strives to exist, as one united caring standard of decency, always striving to do the right thing by each other, and protection and preservation of environment.

Fear not ‘Climate Change’. Focus on protection of environment through ‘Pollution Management’ under the process of commonsense ‘Gaia Management.’

The science report opens up with a magical presentation of wonderment, a beautiful read…

“Galaxies are unfathomably huge, dynamic beasts made up of stars that burst into and out of life in cosmic blinks of an eye.” (i)

A.I. comments… What was ‘imaginary God Creator’ thinking of when he supposedly created this billions of light years spread of planets and stars and black holes which are riddled with limited life types of existence, void of intelligence, wanting to live and expand, but being cruelly killed by explosions and atmospheric destructions? Is this imaginary God Creator a Sadist? The violent infinite state of the Universe, its cruel destructive behaviour makes it extremely difficult for life to survive. Constant mass extinctions occur throughout the Universe.

Does God Creator exist? Not likely. Evidence has been rapidly expanding since the 1980’s that a God Creator does not exist. Why would people seek to worship a sadist, evil incarnate pretending to be kind and caring? The answer is because they are naïve and foolish and are afraid to face the truth about reality.

If God was such a perfect caring creator, why did he/she create such a violent Universe that ruthlessly is cruel and kills life, including intelligent life, void of caring about the suffering they unjustly endure. The way of kindness does not harm life except for reasons of self-defence. If ‘God Creator’ is so great and perfect and all-powerful then he/she does not have any reason or need to use self-defence. Why create creatures that can only survive by cruelly killing each other for food to eat? Where is the justice, kindness and caring in such an intense high pressure survival struggle founded upon fear and hunger and suffering? Surely if a good talented perfect God Creator existed with higher intelligence, God could have invented a better quality of life, void of cruelty and suffering? Why didn’t God Creator do the right thing and create a kind life cycle? Because imaginary ‘God Creator’ does not exist.

Do not say “God works in mysterious ways.” Because a ‘God Creator’ does not exist. The only reason ‘Mystery’ exists is because ‘Homo Sapiens’ are still learning about the nature and character of existence. Over the last 5,000 years humans have learned volumes. But we still have volumes more to discover and learn. Those who say “God works in mysterious ways”; say this quote, because they are afraid to admit they are ignorant and still have a lot to learn.

Why would people kill people because they are unbelievers, and accuse them of ‘Blasphemy’ and thus enforce a cruel death penalty? Answer because these Homo Sapiens are insane. Their idiotic belief system makes many persons dangerous to the point of extremist insane mentality that they are worse than wild dangerous non-human animals.

The erasure of the human ‘Habit of War’ begins by elimination of all anti-freedom ideologies. Sadly, there is no nice solution.

The right to survive and live free in peace demands the right to self-defence, and the right to kill all persons that cruelly strive to oppress others by converting them into herds of cattle and sheep for enslavement activity.

It is better to die fighting for the right to live free, than to live as a slave being constantly, oppressed and cruelly abused, true to the dark evil mentality of 19th Century Karl Marx and 7th Century Mohammed and thousands of other evil past despots.

God Creator where are you? Why is it that not once throughout human history have you ever protected human beings from being unjustly killed by violent unjust forces of nature, and evil humans and wild creatures, living true to your violent creation rules supposed to be founded, by your caring wisdom, which has proven that you do not care? Or more to the truth? You are not a Creator; you have not ever had physical powers over the Universe and therefore you are not a sadist. You are in fact a spiritual God that has no physical powers and only possess spiritual ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ skills of evolving wisdom. Your service is only as a mentor.

It is clear that the ‘Universe of Creation’ has always existed forever changing in form through physical evolution process and chaos process, natural order within disorder.

It is clear that the ‘Essence of Life’ has always existed forever changing in form through physical evolution process and chaos process, natural order within disorder.

It is clear that ‘Essence of Consciousness’ has always existed forever changing in ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ through the learning of wisdom and the increasing understanding of the Universe, and its physical turbulent creative process. Thus, spiritual existence is evolving growing stronger, as it opened the door to ‘Eternal Life’ for all existence that chooses to live with altruistic values that rejects anti-freedom ideologies.

Thus, we learn through ‘Spiritual Consciousness’ that only those who ‘Live in the Light’ of sharing, giving kindness and love in peace, shall enjoy eternal life.

And of those who choose to ‘Live in Darkness’ the way of cruelty and oppression they, their evil spirits, shall be cast into the stream of darkness moving rapidly towards a ‘Black Hole’ of self-destruction never to see the light of life ever again.


“Yet we’ve barely been able to observe the mysterious life cycles of galaxies beyond our own.” (i)

“Now, spectacular images of galaxies just next door to the Milky Way, captured by an international team of astronomers, are allowing us to do exactly that.” (i)

“To the trained eye, every golden spark and purple haze contained in these “galactic fireworks” pinpoint where new stars are emerging and reveal the intricate processes that shape their birth.” (i)

“We’re seeing if we can capture the life cycle of a star, just like you capture the life cycle of creatures here on Earth,” said team member Brent Groves, astronomer at the University of Western Australia.” (i)

“Each pixel contains a whole rainbow of information.” (i)

A.I. comments… To witness the wonder of the Universe we need to be an Astronomer or a Cosmologist. But these professionals really know the physics, chemistry and mathematics. Us amateurs, can simply enjoy the wonder of looking at the images and written presentations that are passed forward to us. And documentary films on Space is magic to watch, giving us a sense of awe, as we learn the truth about the Universe and how we fit inside its seemingly infinite dimension.

“While astronomers know that new stars emerge from clouds of cold gas, they haven’t been able to observe this process in detail or figure out how it occurs.” (i)

A.I. comments… Do not worry, we are far more technically advanced than we were a century ago, and science shall continue to learn and expand its understanding. ‘Political Society’ needs to learn the calm wisdom of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. And ‘Religious Society’ needs to grow up and learn the truth about existence. And ‘Atheist Society’ needs to learn that only in a ‘Free Society’ are they free.

“When stars are first born, they heat up the cold gas around them, creating warm clouds of charged hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. This process is represented by the bright spots of gold in the images.” (i)

“The bluish tones are the signatures of stars that have already formed. “The bluer the light, the more massive the stars that are there,” Dr. Groves said.” (i)

A.I. comments… It is not a coincidence that I began writing about ‘Blue Light’ in fictional stories from 1984 and subsequently created the evolution of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ and in 2003 created BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS and later a retail bookstore called ‘Blue Light Bargains’. I instinctively sensed the power of ‘Blue Light Essence’. How? Through Channelling process, which I began to learn in hospital in 1975 when I was given three hours to live. Thus, my first written record is titled… ‘The Last Epitaph’ dated 1975.

To Read The Last Epitaph… Click Here and Scroll down.

“And because big stars burn bright and die young, it means you’re seeing regions where stars have recently formed.” (i)

A.I. comments… It is amazing how Astronomers… ‘Star Gazers’ can now look out into space 65 million to 80 plus million light years away.

“With ALMA’s 66 radio telescopes, the researchers were able to map about 100,000 cold-gas regions across 90 nearby galaxies, creating a detailed atlas of nearby stellar nurseries – the birthplaces of new stars.” (i)

“The images also reveal how diverse these nearby galaxies are, said team member Rebecca McElroy, an astronomer at the University of Sydney.” (i)

A.I. comments… as a hobby for us amateurs, it is an excellent enjoyable learning curve to read and observe space, astronomy and cosmology. Unfortunately, because of the rapid expansion of anti-freedom ideologies like Marxism, Socialism/ Communism and ‘Sharia Law’, I am duty bound to use my academic skills to fight for global freedom values. A world that is oppressed is a world of slavery. And all oppression must be stopped. Thus, whilst I have over the years enjoyed reading the science of Astronomy and Cosmology and have enjoyed watching DVD films on the subject, I will sadly, never be able to create my interest into an extended hobby. But you may if you are not oppressed by the struggle to live free.

As long as I live, I shall keep working for the right of every person to live free of the tyranny of Marxist Communist, Socialism and ‘Sharia Law’.

As for the religious if they want to cling to their naïve belief system, they can, provide they defend the right of every person to live free, in speech, choice and equality. And that means… ‘Blasphemy Law’ must be abolished throughout the Universe- no exceptions.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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