Twenty Common-sense Things We know at Present.

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Twenty Common-sense Things We know at Present.

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Alan Jones on Sky News said, “Public Policy on the response to COVID-19 has been framed on the back of “massive modelling mistakes.” (i)

“The remarks come following a paper on the issue titled, ‘Forget the Cheese of Zero COVID. Escape the Mousetrap of Lockdowns’. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… I think the words “massive modelling mistakes” is an excessive exaggeration error. One of the problems with politicians around the world is that when one politician sells a solution idea, too many follow suit and copy the idea as a solution, because they silently think the problem is too onerous for them to solve, hence they choose an easier solution past.

The sudden exposure of the ‘Corona Virus’ in February 2020 flashed like a violent electrical storm scaring the hell out of everyone around the world. Xi Jinping, afraid of losing face, refused to apologize for the incompetent mistake he made, failing to warn the globe of the COVID-19 danger, when he first learned about it in November 2019. Even now Xi Jinping is still too cowardly to admit that the ‘Communist Beijing’ government delivered the erroneous virus to the world.

We will never know whether the creation of the virus was an inadvertent mistake or a deliberate biological cold war tactic by ‘Communist Beijing’. But working on the great Western Freedom Valued Principle, ‘Innocent until proven guilty’, I must assume that the spread of the virus was originally an inadvertent mistake which became a negligent management issue simply because Xi Jinping was afraid to lose face and chose not to admit to the incompetent handling of the ‘Corona Virus’ when it first jumped out into the open in November 2019.

In early 2020, Xi Jinping spat the dummy when Scott Morrison had the courage to call for a WHO international investigation into the origin of COVID-19. Xi Jinping true to his aggressive nasty power-hungry character started dumping the 2015 ‘Free Trade’ deal with Australia to financially hurt Australians by shutting down a large percentage of our export deals to China. Xi Jinping has no honour. He is not worth much as man. He is a true despot, a disgrace to the human race.

When the danger of the Corona Virus was identified, governments made the correct decision to impose a safety valve lockdown to protect society. Until a vaccine was safely created to protect us, Lockdown was essential to save lives.

For those fools that spat the dummy in opposition to lockdown during 2020 until March 2021, when we did not have a safe vaccine, they should have looked at the history of plagues over the last 5,000 years around the world. Many times, lockdowns and isolation quarantines were enforced to save lives. And in those days, they did not have the medical solutions knowledge and technology skills that society now possesses. Tragically, over thousands of years, many millions of people perished, including entire families and often 80% of the population in a society, died cruel deaths.

Now that we have the vaccine the Lockdowns must be stopped and it is now no longer the right thing to do, to enforce Lockdowns within a Nation.

I have always been against Lockdowns but last year, we travelled through a very dangerous corona virus threat, with no vaccine to help us, hence it was common-sense to support isolation lockdown until we had a solution. To the credit of Medical Scientists around the world in many Nations, they worked hard to solve the virus danger of a needed vaccination, and we must in appreciation say thank you to all these valiant hard workers, who researched and found a safe solution.

It is understood that some people cannot have the vaccination for reasons of allergic reactions, but such decisions not to have the mandatory vaccination must be between doctor and patient. No Politician, No Judge has the right to force the mandatory vaccination upon people that face the fear of an allergic reaction. The tracking of the medical logistics of the number vaccinated will simply give society a sense of confidence that 90% to ideally 95% have been vaccinated to help citizens become safely protected from the dangers of Corona Virus which has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be more dangerous than any flu virus which does kill. Usually, it is elderly people that are the most vulnerable to flu virus, the young mostly survive. But the Corona Virus can and does kill the younger age group of puberty age and older.

Mandatory Vaccination of every citizen based upon common-sense Medical Guides is an essential society safety rule which must be encouraged by Doctors. Those who refuse to accept vaccination may be criticized for their selfish inconsideration of others, but they must not be punished for being genuinely afraid of having the vaccine. It is the duty of every citizen, not in danger of allergic reaction, to accept vaccination when offered the opportunity by the government.

The word ‘Mandatory’ is needed to ensure the Government accepts the financial responsibility of financing the vaccine for every person that can safely use the jab.

The wearing of masks as instructed by the Medical Profession is an obvious common-sense rule until the more dangerous Delta Strain virus is eliminated and until every person has been vaccinated.

Those who have COVID, who refuse to stay in Quarantine until safely released by approval of the Hospital Medical Profession are by their selfish inconsideration of others automatically guilty of negligent criminal cowardice and must be fined accordingly with a tough price penalty, which they must pay or face imprisonment.

“Mr. Jones spoke with co-author of the paper Crawford School of Public Policy’s Emeritus Professor Ramesh Thakur.” (i)

“If you go back to the WHO report of October 2019… the harsh restrictions, we call them lockdowns, don’t actually work,” Professor Thakur told Sky News host Alan Jones.” (i)

A.I. comments… Professor Thakur needs to upgrade his education of human history over the last 5,000 years, when lockdowns and quarantine were essential and did sometimes save lives. Tragically during human history many died because they did not have the medical scientific knowledge we now enjoy as a security safety net. Throw Thakur claims into the garbage bin where it belongs. Lockdowns do work when a vaccine does not exist.

“At best as a short-term temporary measure that can buy you some time whereby you can ramp up your health infrastructure to COVID.” (i)

A.I. comments… Thakur said one thing right, [Lockdown] is a short-term measure to buy time to solve the danger of a disease.

As for the inferior thinking politicians now demanding lockdowns when a vaccine exists, they must be sacked and tossed out of government seats. The correct solution is to increase the rate of mandatory vaccination to save lives and protect society.

As for all of the selfish demonstrators on the streets refusing to wear masks and refusing to be vaccinated and using tantrum violence they must be arrested and prosecuted as traitors of society and face imprisonment time. We must not ever tolerate demonstrators that use forms of ‘Totalitarian Tactics’ to oppress others.

“But it has since become a default measure for all the governments.” (i)

A.I. comments… That conclusion by Thakur is correct. The need for Lockdowns is now over for all Nations that have supplies of vaccination for over 50% of the people. And that is the drumstick beat of freedom.

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Notice during this spirit of this song, the Western World was Free, no lockdown, no threat of COVID. This is the world in which I lived free because of our Ancestors who fought for our right to live free. ‘Lest We Forget’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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