Biden Sacrificed the People of Afghanistan.

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Feature Image: Biden Harris often not around.

Joe Biden the Worse President America has ever known.

Biden Sacrificed the People of Afghanistan.

Biden on the Prowl when he is missing in action.


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Joe Biden the Worse President America has ever known.

Biden Sacrificed the People of Afghanistan.

A.I. comments… Afghanistan has returned to a violent cruel society worse than the ‘Stone Age’; the Taliban founded upon insane Islamic extremism is a low-life disgraceful existence approved by incompetent Socialist Joe Biden voted in by over 50% of inferior thinking second-rate Americans that dumped Donald Trump a good President who was unjustly and dishonourably persecuted by anti-freedom Socialists, Communists and Sharia Law fanatics like enemy CAIR.

It was a cowardly act by Biden, a betrayal of the Afghan people, to desert them when they needed support to continue the work to eliminate the evil Taliban. Biden is the worse President America has ever known. The people who voted this creep in should be ashamed of themselves and deserve the misery caused by Biden incompetence.

The process of the Taliban going door to door, killing the men, and forcing the wives to become brides of the Taliban, is a process that Muhammad used when he executed 800 male Jews, except one who converted to Islam, by beheading them. He then forced all the children and women into slavery, forcing many of the women to become wives and others into sex slavery.

This process of Muslims in Islamic countries invading infidel unbelievers homes killing the men and raping the wives is a common practice since the 7th Century not only in the Middle East but also in India, Pakistan etc.

Biden is directly responsible for the murder of Afghan men and the sexual enslavement of their wives and children, including girls becoming abused ‘Child Brides’ by the Taliban.

“US political analyst Joe Siracusa says the American war in Afghanistan may be over but “the war is going on” as it will only be a short time before the Taliban are “all over the place” (i)

“The Biden administration had sent 3000 US troops to Afghanistan to help the partial evacuation of the US Embassy which came after the Taliban took over the Western city of Herat and Ghazni, a provincial capital south of Kabul.” (i)

“We’re hearing terrible stories from the provinces, the Taliban are going from door to door, they’re killing the men, they’re taking the wives, forcing them as brides to Taliban soldiers.” (i)

“It’s all kinds of human rights things going on and just drives me crazy and we have crocodile tears all around the world about human rights and we see these abuses going on.” (i)

“They’re gonna go on more and more in Afghanistan and we’re powerless to do anything about it.” (i)

“Worse than that, we haven’t said anything cause Joe Biden is MIA, he’s missing in action…instead of being in the White House telling us what’s going on.”(i)