French and Australians are saying “No” to ‘Health Cards’

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Feature Image: Paris


French and Australians are saying “No” to ‘Health Cards’


France Demonstration Parked on the Streets of Paris like they are at the beach.

Why the Protest?

Because they are banned from going to Cafes and Restaurants without Vaccination.

The French having a picnic outside of the restaurants they’re not allowed in.

“Thousands of demonstrators in Paris have taken part in a rally against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations and the implementation of health passes.” (i)

The COVID Battle of ‘Freedom of Choice’ in the Western World

A.I. comments… It is not just Australians opposing mandatory COVID Vaccinations and the implementation of ‘Health Passes”. Opposition against vaccination is now strong in France.

Here’s the thing. If people have had the jab twice, are they safe from getting COVID? No one has answered that question. If they are safe, why are governments forcing fools that reject the jab to be vaccinated? If they are not safe then why are we being forced to take a jab that is not protecting us? That question has not been answered.

I believe that the two jabs do protect us against COVID China and COVID India Delta Strain. Do we now need a third jab to protect us against COVID South Africa Strain? Do we now need a fourth jab to protect us against COVID Columbia Strain?

Do the Politicians really understand their subject or are they emotionally overreactive like the opposition protestors?

Isn’t a ‘Health Pass’ an anti-freedom dictatorship? Children have a lot of vaccinations against different dangerous diseases, we lived without health passes for decades. Why are governments suddenly panicking demanding health passes? Every year people die of the Flu. Every year people by their voluntary choice have a Flu injection. Why isn’t a ‘Health Card’ mandatory for Flu Injections?

If people don’t want a vaccination, why are we making them have the vaccination? If those who refuse to have the vaccination get ill and die, it’s their Karma for being so stupid.

What about Muslims they are often refusing to isolate and naively think Allah will protect them? They support the existence of anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’, if they don’t want the injection, let them get ill with COVID and die. That will reduce our societal conflict problems. It is the wrong thing to do to force people to have the vaccination. This forceful anti-freedom of choice tactic is a ‘Marxist Socialist Communist’ method.

If we are vaccinated and the jab still does not protect us then the Medical Profession has lied to us. Which is it to be? Can we trust the jab? If we can, why are people refusing to have the jab? Yes, I know they are stupid. So why force people that reject the jab that do not want to protect and preserve their own life? Let Karma deal with them. It is not the job of others to save the lives of people that reject ‘Think Safe, Think Survive’ common-sense.

A lot of the young ones are rejecting the painless jab. Those that die because of their stupidity will reduce earth’s population numbers… less to feed. Callous? No because they chose to risk their life… just like some people risk their lives doing dangerous sports. And others choose to swim with Sharks that are overprotected. Where is the ‘Health Card’ for sharks? Ridiculous? Yes, society does not need a ‘Health Card’.

So, we get back to the original question does vaccination protect us? Or have governments being lying to us. I will take my chances and trust the vaccination; we have less to lose than the stupid who reject vaccination. ‘Health Card’? Not needed, those that die because they rejected the jab will not need a ‘Health Card’. And we do not need to track them because they will be gone.

“Stupid is… as Stupid does…” an adage that always stands true.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

We have a Right to Reject the Need for ‘Health Cards’.

We want ‘Freedom of Choice’

We have the right to decide whether we want Vaccination or Not.

We have the Right to Risk our Life

Are you next going to ban Dangerous Sports?

Will the Government next sell everyone a mandatory Cotton Wool Cocoon?

If we Ban Risk then we Must Ban all Sharks.

We accept that Vaccination will Protect Us.

Now it is our ‘Freedom of Choice’.

That Decision is our Right.

We Reject the Bully Dictatorship of Marxist Socialist Communism.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

1968 We could have drowned but we did not.

1968 Allan Ivarsson learning to Water Ski

We live with Risk it is our ‘Freedom of Choice’.

Some have died Water Skiing, Surfing, Boxing, Racing, Mountain Climbing, Athletics, Fishing and not one person needed a ‘Health Card’ to prove they were not harming themselves or anyone else.

I did Boxing I survived.

The injuries I experienced playing ‘Grade Hockey’ bashed by ‘Sticks’ was worse than being punched in the head in Boxing. Life is a risk, live and enjoy the challenge. We do not need a ‘Health Card’.

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