If we disobey common-sense ‘Cosmic Law’ we impose Karma/Result/Consequence upon ourselves which is misery and suffering. Think smart… respect the common-sense and wisdom of ‘Cosmic Law’ which rejects all ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’.

‘Cosmic Law’ is recorded in the Intangible Communication Universe. You will know it is true valid law guidance, by its Philosophical common-sense non-religious, non-political presentation. Beware of ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies’ that may deceitfully try to call their tyrannical laws as being ‘Cosmic Law’ during generations to come.

Allan Ivarsson 1994

Cosmic Law on Quarantine states…

1. “Thou shalt not leave ‘Quarantine’ when suffering from any form of disease until cured and approved by the Medical Profession that it is now safe to enter into social activity once again.”

2. “Thou shalt always remember Decency founded upon caring consideration of others demands obedience to ‘Cosmic Law’. To do less is an act of dishonour.”

3. “Thou shalt always strive to do the right thing.”

4. “Thou shalt not enforce Curfews.”

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Cosmic Law on Lockdowns


Cosmic Law on disease, virus, plague Lockdowns

In the event of new disease and plagues, Lockdown maybe temporarily necessary to protect the population invaded by disease/virus/plague, until a medical cure has been established.

Before the creation of a cure…

1. Thou shall not ever enforce Curfews.

2. Thou shall not ever enforce ‘Martial Law’.

3. Thou may by societal choice create ‘Lockdowns’ to protect the people in a region under attack by disease, virus, plague life forms.

4. Thou may by commonsense have to wear protective clothing or masks or other when required. Society must make that decision for the greater good.

5. Thou shalt not panic.

6. Thou shalt calmly in a spirit of inner peace seek to solve difficult problems.

7. Thou shalt strive to always do the right thing.

8. Thou shalt not demonstrate or protest against societal decisions.

9. Thou shalt calmly work towards corrective action of errors made by society.

10. Thou shalt use the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ to table concerns and proposed solutions for societal discussion.

After the creation of a cure process…

For a population under attack by a disease, virus, bacteria, fungus, mutant forms, abiotic or biotic stress, living factor life form or non-living, whether it is self-creating or not, the following process shall be enforced by those who care about each other, to protect and preserve a safe community.

When a cure exists in society, a ‘Lockdown’ must never be enforced. Just like the Flu, we must all live with risk. It is a ‘Criminal Offence’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’ and Country to enforce Lockdown when a preventive Cure Exists.

11. Thou shall distribute voluntary cures to the people in a society.

12. Thou shalt not make using the cure vaccination or consumption or ointment a mandatory process.

13. Thou shall respect the right of every person to choose their own destiny and risk factors.

14. Thou shall immediately end Lockdown.

15. Thou shall not ever enforce Curfews.

16. Thou shall not ever enforce ‘Martial Law’.

17. Thou shalt have the wisdom and courage to use medical cures that have a proven path protection process, prescribed by competent skilled Doctors, which may include vaccination, or anti-biotic consumption process or specific natural vitamins capable of aiding cure process.

18. Thou shalt not Lockdown working Industry when cures exist.

19. Thou may choose to make a cure mandatory for any person working in an industry. [However, such a cure shall not be mandatory when a person suffers from allergic risk.]

20. Thou shalt recognize that living with disease, virus, bacteria, fungus stress and allergies is part of natural life.

21. Thou shalt not be afraid to live life with risk, using commonsense.

22. Thou shalt ‘Think Safety, Think Survive’.

A good society has no choice but to live with risk and strive to always upgrade and improve the ‘Quality of Life’ opportunities for every person in that society to the best of their ability.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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