Our Freedom and Prosperity Thrives on Individuality and Creative Initiative

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Marxist Socialist Communism is too focused on Oppression of People.

“Please Protect My Eternal Right to Live Free.”

Our Freedom and Prosperity Thrives on Individuality and Creative Initiative

Allan Ivarsson comments… One of the serious mistakes of Politicians is striving to create an economic model; in a world of ‘True Freedom’ Values an economic model cannot successfully exist. Individuality and Creative Initiative, creates evolution of good economy. The only thing that Governments must do is enforce ‘Safety Standards’ and ‘Integrity Standards’ and ‘Health Standards’ void of deceit and treachery, where justice for all thrives. ‘Freedom Societies’ and ‘Communist Societies’ cannot survive in a wholesome way following fixed dogma ‘Economic Models’.

Rules for Monopolies may be necessary to stop ‘Totalitarian’ style dictatorships striving to take control of a society from within. And one of the keystone control points is economic wage/salary rights of employees and safety health protection rights.

Self-Sufficiency of a Country may need ‘Tariff Protection’ and ‘Foreign Investment Protection’ but those decisions are not about creation of an economic model they are about ‘Survival Common-Sense Safety’ and ‘Security Self-Defence Protection’.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/xi-jinping-s-drive-for-economic-equality-comes-at-a-delicate-moment-for-china/ar-AAO0Bog?

Our Freedom and Prosperity Thrives on Individuality and Creative Initiative something which ‘Communists’ do not comprehend.

Economics is not something many of us are interested in studying in depth. But common-sense economics overview understanding is something we all need to learn and appreciate.

Phillip Inman, dated September 2nd, 2021, posted a subject titled, ‘Xi Jinping’s drive for economic equality comes at a delicate moment for China.’

“For decades the aim in China has been the pursuit of growth, building the world’s second-largest economy from a relative backwater on the international stage. Now, the promise from Beijing is to enlarge the economic pie and divide it well.” (i)

“President Xi Jinping announced plans this month to spread “common prosperity” in what is one of the world’s most unequal major economies, signalling a shift from his predecessors’ pursuit of growth and heralding a tough crackdown on wealthy elites including China’s burgeoning group of technology billionaires.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This Xi Jinping plan is a strategic error true to the misguided thinking of Marxism. The Inman’s report tables interesting economic trends, speculation and impacts, but I am not going to engage with those economic concerns for investors. My focus is to deal with economic political thinking and behaviour which threatens to destroy the individual rights of people to live free, in speech, choice and equality.

The harassment of the ‘Corona Virus’ invasion against Industry Performance has damaged the economic prosperity of Industries around the world in every Nation including ‘Communist China’. Raw Material shortages, stock manufacturing shortages, caused by labour shortages, caused by Industrial Lockdowns and COVID illness has made it economically difficult for industries to prosper well. Improved performance is necessary around the world in every country to help improve the quality of life for everyone.

It has been suggested that the economies of Japan, South Korea and Singapore have managed the threatening spread of the ‘Corona Virus’ better than other Nations, hence theoretically their economies are more prosperous at present, but time will reveal how true that is compared to other Nations when ‘Industry Performance’ picks up escaping the bully threat of persistent ‘Lockdowns’ and Virus threats. The expansion of ‘Vaccination’ seems to be the only solution to everyone’s salvation for the next five years.

I would not worry about the panic of investors; they are often behaving like ‘Drama Queens’ because of their lust for ‘Greed’ and their fear of loss. People that suffer from uncontrolled fear often panic, because they failed to learn the art of being ‘The Eye of Calm in a Storm’.

Diana Choyleva, an economist and a China observer… said correctly… which is more than being an economic observation, it is also a common-sense philosophical observation that… “Xi Jinping’s determination to reduce China’s growing wealth gap was a dangerous move in the midst of a resurgent disease.” (i)

Diana Choyleva is founder of Enodo Economics in 2016.

“To understand the Chinese economy, you have to understand the communist mind, and I have the unlikely advantage of having grown up in Bulgaria before the Berlin Wall came down. But, having been trained by some of the greatest Western economists, I also understand how the market economy works. I am one of the few economists who really knows capitalism, communism and how the two have come together in China.” #

# Diana Choyleva 2016

Diana is a specialist in Economics, whereas I am a dynamic specialist in ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ using the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ a name I coined in 2007 to identify a dynamic ‘Belief System’ more advanced in ‘Communication Open Mind Understanding’ than any other ‘Belief System’ on Earth and in our known Universe.

It is not clear in my mind of what Diana knows about Communism outside of an economic point of view. I have not read her opinion or observation about Karl Marx and his ‘Communist Manifesto’ which I read in 1984 and have been a strong critic against Communism ever since.

I have not read any opinion by Diana Choyleva about the great courageous work of Deng Xiaoping, who through ups and downs in conflict with Mao and others, opened the gate for Capitalism in opposition to Marx thinking, to evolve in China inside the wall of oppressive Communism. I have not read any opinion, if she ever wrote one, of what she thinks of ‘Marxist, Socialist, Communist’ anti-freedom ideology. I sense she has avoided tabling her thoughts on the ‘Communist Belief System’ and focused simply on the Economics part of the Capitalist and Communism interface.

Hence, I believe her economic knowledge focus restricts her ability to make accurate opinions about the reality of why there is no place for the anti-freedom ideology of ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ in a good wholesome ‘Free Society’ World. If she thinks there is an appropriate place for Communism in a global economy she will be in error. For there is no place for Communism in a good wholesome ‘Free Society’. If she Philosophically opposes the existence of Communism and supports the elimination of Communism, then she will be correct in that objective. However, for me and others, whatever she believes, the answer is currently ‘Blowing in the Wind’.

Previously… “Diana Choyleva, an economist and a China observer… said correctly… which is more than being an economic observation, it is also a common-sense philosophical observation that… “Xi Jinping’s determination to reduce China’s growing wealth gap was a dangerous move in the midst of a resurgent disease.” (i)

However, the focus of wealth distribution is misguided if it rips off profit performance by free handouts to the people. Instability in profit performance can destroy the wholesome wellbeing of a society and its people. To improve wealth, it is wiser to review wage/salary minimum standards and upgrade when payment for work is too low and unjust in standards. This simply needs Government Legislation founded upon fair-play justice for both parties. The workers to encourage incentive, should received bonuses, when their industry makes better profit performance.

It is foolish to rip off the incentive of investors and Senior Workers. Hence, common-sense encourages better salary conditions and bonus incentives from Top to Bottom Employment Level, to improve the prosperity of a Company and Nation. More income per person, more spending per person, more Industry Jobs are created by Individuality and Initiative.

Diana Choyleva says… “Xi Jinping has embarked on an ambitious but uncharted path as he aims to make good on the party’s promise of a socialist system that does not put the needs of the few over the needs of the many,” (i)

“But he is taking the risk that his comprehensive income and wealth distribution agenda will undermine [what has] powered China’s strong catch-up growth over the past 40 years.” (i)

Xi Jinping like all ‘Marxist Socialist Communists’ have failed to understand that Karl Marx philosophy does not work. Marx incompetently rejected the existence of ‘Capitalism’ and he failed to comprehend that Socialism does not work. Plato and Thomas More also failed to understand that reality.

Only a ‘Free World’ backed by ‘Capitalism’ works as a Republic for ‘Liberty Values’, Democracy is important within a Republic, but an appointment of a ‘President’ (not a Prime Minister) must be for a seat term of ‘Ten Years’ not four or six years. No person or group can deliver upgraded performance in just four years, which even when good, can be torn down before it becomes firmly established in performance.

As for ‘Street Demonstrations’ they are frequently an abuse of ‘Freedom Privilege’ they too often abuse and harass others and become ‘Totalitarian’ in nature and character and consequently betray the values of ‘Liberty’. Demonstrations that include vandalism of statues and property is a criminal action and should be enforced by a minimum of ten years imprisonment when proven guilty beyond all doubt. The coward weakness of the current West is it fails to arrest all abusive violent demonstrators who are abusing and misusing ‘Freedom Privilege’.

Applications for Annual ‘Peaceful Freedom of Speech Fun Parades’ must be applied for and approved by Federal Governments. This includes Convoy Parades of Trucks, Boats, Cars and Bikes etc.

All other ‘Freedom of Speech’ rights and concerns must be delivered through ‘Freedom of the Press’ and ‘Internet Social Media’ and Website ‘Freedom of Speech’ and through Seminars and Letter Presentations to Politicians and Government and Opposition Parliament.

All forms of ‘Freedom of Speech’ must be legislated law void of ‘Threats’, Coarse Language, Pornographic Indecency, and Mockery, including Image Mockery’. If people refuse to use ‘Freedom of Speech’ rights responsibly, they must be denied the right to speak freely.

Families that want to avoid being dysfunctional should also understand that freedom of speech at homes must also use Manners in much the same way as in society. It is called respect and consideration for others, including natural kindness towards all harmless life. A society of ahimsa values is essential to the wholesome well being of a ‘Free Society’ generation after generation. When society ceases to respect others then that society will disintegrate and perish.

“According to World Bank data, China has one of the highest measures of inequality after the US. It comes after the pursuit of economic prowess, decades in the making since President Deng Xiaoping [1904-1997 – 92 years] first moved to open up the country to global trade in 1978, with the acknowledgment that to do so would have to “let some people get rich first” to help poorer areas in the long run.” (i)

A.I. comments… to his credit and wisdom Deng Xiaoping from 1978 until his death in 1997, “Abandoned many orthodox communist doctrines and attempted to incorporate elements of the free-enterprise system and other reforms into the Chinese economy.” (ii)

(ii) https://www.britannica.com/biography/Deng-Xiaoping

From the mid-1950s forward Deng “came into increasing conflict with Mao, who stressed egalitarian policies and revolutionary enthusiasm as the key to economic growth, in opposition to Deng’s emphasis on individual self-interest.” (ii)

Marxism talks about egalitarian policies, as did Mao, but it is a mythical claim because Marxism first supports the use of oppression and violence against Capitalists, Middle Class and even Poor Class People that want to live free. The anti-freedom ideology of Communism has never supported egalitarian societal policies in which all people are treated as equals. Communist Leaders have never lived equal to the poorest people in a Socialist Communist Society. Such is the hypocrisy of ‘Communist Doctrine’.

“Deng was attacked during the ‘Cultural Revolution (1966-76), by radical supporters of Mao.” (ii)

During his political career Deng suffered ups and downs forced to vanish for a time before being able to reappear. He never gave up on his vision to free the Chinese people by encouraging the reestablishment of ‘Capitalism’ in China. Unfortunately, he had to over the years fight a lot of ‘Marxist Socialist Communist’ creeps focused on oppressing the people true to the evil dictatorship ideas of coward German Karl Marx, who taught the use of violent oppression of others. Deng regained leadership after Mao’s death but in the years ahead he suffered volumes of conflicts caused by fanatics of ‘Communist Doctrine’ true to the evil ideology mentality of Marx and Mao.

Deng was amazing but sadly he failed in stopping the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989 but by then he was 85 years old and not strong enough any more in power position to stop such evil violent insanity by other violent thinking Communists.

I believe if it was not because of so many twisted Communist Minds fighting Deng Xiaoping, over the years, since the 1950’s including Mao that Deng would have kept working to free the Chinese people from the oppression of Communism.

To learn more detail of his great courage read Britannica.

Sadly, after Deng Xiaoping’s death, ‘Communism’ seized control of the people, enforcing more oppression but chose to cling to keeping ‘Controlled Capitalism’, so that Communists could enjoy power over the people and more greed for increased prosperity. Sadly, Xi Jinping shall never be as great as Deng Xiaoping, who truly cared about the right of the Chinese people to live free.

“Under the shift orchestrated by Xi, focus will be on the quality of economic growth, with potential implications for other countries around the world.” (i)

Billionaires in general, and the mega-wealthy beneficiaries of the tech industry in particular, have scrambled to appease the party with charitable donations and messages of support.” (i)

A.I. comments… Whilst it is understandable that Billionaires are becoming desperate to appease the Communist Parties drive to reduce the power of the Business Corporations and spread more welfare wealth to the people, it seems amazing that the Billionaires have not tabled a smarter plan for presentation to Xi Jinping, in much the same way I tabled above.

Instead of donating money into agricultural development they should be investing in Agriculture focused on increased ‘Self-Sufficiency’ even if profit levels must be lower than other alternative Industries which should serve for them as Tax Advantage. The creation of jobs is more important than philanthropy handouts to people who genuinely have the ability to work.

Only the truly genuine handicapped should receive welfare. And every person from the age of 65 years should receive a satisfactory ‘Pension’. And a ‘Health Service’ should exist as I wrote in 2003.

It should be noted that Welfare for workers is a temporary Band-Aid in the ‘Free World’ and in the ‘Socialist World’ and in the ‘Communist World’. Welfare handouts for workers is only an altruistic gesture to help people recover from disaster and economic trouble positions. The only solution is ‘Job Creation’ and the increasing building of Industries to keep people active and employed with good wage standards.

If Xi Jinping slides backward to reducing the strength of Capitalism in China then the ‘Financial Strength’ of the Chinese Government will weaken and decrease the rapid aggressive strength of the Chinese Liberation Army, Navy, Airforce Military Forces and will weaken the success of China’s bid to become a Superpower controller of the World and Space. For us that values ‘Freedom’ that will be good news. Sadly, for the Chinese People that will be bad news because welfare cannot ever last. The people of Venezuela went from Prosperity to Misery and Suffering in just one decade, because they voted for ‘Socialist Marxist’ leaders.

Never use economic models, instead use ‘Freedom Values’ and ‘Freedom of Enterprise’ backed by common-sense regulations as I have tabled above. Manage Budgets and economic performance at every level in Government, Business and Home by the pragmatic rules of common-sense and self-discipline backed by ‘Five Year Plans’ that are realistic and not just a Dreamy Wishlist.

Tech Giants that are becoming uncaring and ‘Totalitarian’ in their Policies and Decisions need to be controlled by Government Laws to stop them being oppressive of the rights of the people and to ensure they always deliver good, considerate, kind, quality customer service. Anything less is not acceptable standards of behaviour. It is imperative that they pay their Taxes like everyone else.

This important pragmatic principle is essential in any Nation on this planet.

The problem is finding ‘Intelligent Wise Politicians’ that understand the values of always striving to do the right thing.

Xi Jinping’s bid to win a third term in the power seat by populist support may be a good thing for China because an alternative Communist Leader may be more violently reckless than Xi Jinping, who despite his aggressive tactics has so far wisely used a sense of caution. Of course, nothing is a sure thing.

Striving to close the wealth gap is riddled with strategic error and never works in a wholesome free society and will destroy the prosperity growth of ‘Communist China’ which one day will have to phase in freedom for each Providence one step at a time reporting to a Federal Beijing Government.

The smartest thing Xi Jinping could do is learn and implement the most advanced intelligence in the world, that which is ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ designed and developed by me Allan Ivarsson.

To gain more support Xi Jinping would be smarter if he supported good film stars and cheered them and if he focused not on bringing down High Tech billionaires but instead of ensuring they do the right thing by others as I wrote about above.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

“Stand for What is Right & True with Courage in Your Heart.”

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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