Excellent Speech by Australian Tony Abbott in Taiwan

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Feature Image: Tony Abbot beginning his speech.

Tony Abbott near conclusion of his great speech.

Excellent Speech by Australian Tony Abbott in Taiwan

Tony Abbott looking at his audience during his speech

Tony Abbot former Prime Minister of Australia (2013 to 2015) Delivered an excellent speech to an International Forum in Taiwan, encouraged to speak by Taiwan’s appeal for Australian support against the aggressive behaviour of Communist Beijing’s military threats ordered by Xi Jinping demanding that Taiwan surrender its democratic freedom to Beijing and accept anti-freedom Communist rule.

As an Independent Speaker not representing Australian Government but speaking as an Australian supporter of Taiwan’s right to live free of the tyranny of Communism, Abbott sincerely spoke well defending Taiwan’s right to live free.

My readers would have noted that I Allan Ivarsson as an Independent Australian have been writing website posts since March 20th, 2021, in support of Taiwan

Unfortunately, our Australian Government has so far failed to give direct allegiance to Taiwan as an ally. The presentation speech delivered by Tony Abbott should have been delivered by our Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison who currently has failed to support the defence of Taiwan’s right to live free of the Authoritarianism of ‘Communist Beijing’.

I shall be looking more at the Australian Government’s failure to support Taiwan, which can be traced back to 1972.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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