Liberty – Australians are No Longer Free… What was Freedom?

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LibertyAustralians are No Longer Free… What was Freedom?

I remember ‘Freedom’ during my youth in the 1950’s & 1960’s & 1970’s gradually I witnessed change and then came anti-freedom of speech laws in 1975. Now in old age I saw an increase in loss of freedom caused by some incompetent politicians that chose the path of Gangsterism when dealing with the invasion of COVID from ‘Communist China’. And chose to still do trade business with anti-freedom ideology authoritarian ‘Communist Beijing’ who ruthlessly oppresses their own people, Tibet and Hong Kong and now threatens Taiwan, Australia, The Philippines and Japan.

I shall continue to explore historical freedom over the months ahead which our ancestors fought for… before enemy creeps started thinking and behaving like gangsters gradually eroding our right to live free.

As I have revealed previously in my collective records, the danger of anti-freedom ‘Transhumanism’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is increasing.

One of the worst anti-freedom actions is ‘Apathy’ – a situation where people want to live free but refuse to upgrade their education and learn how to persistently and calmly fight for their right to live free. And then we have the panic ‘Street Demonstrators’ that march armed with ignorant banners and do not comprehend the common-sense methods of defending the right to live free void of ‘Demonstrations on the Streets’ which are actually an abuse of ‘Freedom Privilege’ which deny others the right to freely walk down streets void of harassment.

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After an 18-month COVID Battle… still not yet over… Australians lost more Freedom.

The NSW Government Declared ‘Freedom Day’ on 11th October 2021. They Lied. Rules of Control still exist and the people of NSW are still not living free. Worse all Australians in other States have not been awarded partial freedom which was given to the people of NSW who have been double vaccinated.

If you are afraid of vaccination for whatever reason, don’t expect Psychologists to help you, they are too expensive and besides shrinks cannot change dictatorship law.

If you suffer from allergies and cannot safely have the vaccination don’t expect Australian Dictatorship Laws to give you ‘Freedom Privileges’ you are now the oppressed, like the Chinese People in Mainland China ruled by ‘Communists.

If you cannot afford a ‘Smart Phone’ to prove you have been double vaccinated on an electronic passport, don’t expect that you will not be bully harassed because you cannot prove you have been double vaccinated.

Don’t expect that there will not next be a mandatory third vaccination because there will be one down-the-track.

We the people have become even more powerless as ‘Gangster Politicians’ now rule us. During the years ahead dictatorship will increase not decrease.

Remember ‘The 1975 Australian Racial Discrimination Act which includes anti-freedom of speech clause 18C & 18B & 18D. We lost ‘Freedom of Speech’ and still have not recovered our right to live free in speech.

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This paper towel is just a tracking trail looking at things now happening and with more permanent threats against freedom expected.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Listen While Exploring…

11th October 2021

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Note the date on the digital certificate… 1975… the year ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech’ laws were introduced in Australia and it was the year I was given three hours to live and I rejected and defeated that ‘Death Threat’.

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We in every Nation are facing an increase in loss of ‘freedom’ and we can correctly blame the coward creep Karl Marx for the mess the world is now experiencing. And we can also blame all his followers who are all enemies of ‘Freedom Values’ and are ‘Traitors’ guilty of ‘High Treason’ against all Human Beings that value their right to live free.

We have many Marxist Communist Enemies around the world but the most dangerous number one enemies are the ninety-five million Chinese Communist members loyal to ‘Communist Beijing’ who are threatening all of the ‘Free World’ but are also oppressing millions of Chinese people that also want to live free in a ‘Democratic Republic like Taiwan.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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Our Fight for Freedom to be continued…

Pink Panther Moral of the Story… “That is what happens when you submit to dictatorship. More hoodlums invade when we become too nice to takers and dictators.” Said, ‘Allan Ivarsson 2021.

When the West “Lived Free.”

1954 Jerry Lewis Jitterbug in film ‘Living It Up”

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