Scott Morrison Lost My Vote

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“Hi, I am the gentle kind, I like Popularity. My ‘Spin’ is to coast and feed upon opportunity.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is ‘Scott’.”

“Here is a photo of me when I was born. I changed colour over the years.”

“To Be Or Not To Be… Prime Minister… that is the Question”.

Scott Morrison Lost My Vote

One of my Engineering Friends Agrees – we are not Labor Voters… We now reject Morrison.

Why? Because of his incompetent decisions for Australia. He has failed to focus on protecting and upgrading the Security and Prosperity of Australia. And that failure is not acceptable to all Australians that want to live free, with a quality-of-life existence not founded upon greed and corruption but founded upon honest opportunity and wholesome growth for every person and every family.

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Sky News reported… 19th, October 2021.

“Former Labor senator Stephen Conroy says he believes Scott Morrison will get a majority of the Coalition on board with a net zero target.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Scott Morrison is not only wrong in making commitment to this ‘Net Zero Target’, but he also has by the idiotic decision betrayed Australia and is now deemed by me, as being guilty of ‘High Treason’.

Scott Morrison just lost my vote

And I trust the majority of Australians will be Smart enough to sack him at the next election. His decision will destroy the economic growth of Australia, and will leave us in deep debt right into the 2080’s.

Morrison’s decision has weakened and destroyed our opportunity to build a stronger ‘Self-Sufficient’ Nation in Manufacturing to create more jobs and he has deliberately slowed down the investment growth of our ‘Military Defence’ to protect us from invasion attack by ‘Communist Beijing’ by 2040 to 2050.

It is clear Morrison is a ‘Spin Doctor’ chasing ‘Populism’ rather than striving to do the right thing by the people of Australia. He is a weak character and that is easy to prove.

There is enough evidence now including scientific to prove that all of the ‘Climate Change’ activists in coward ‘Panic Mode’ are wrong in their obsession to fight ‘Climate Change’ …more about that again down the track.

“This is a pantomime. [An exaggerated absurd piece of thinking and behaviour.] We already know the prime minister has told anybody and everybody now he’s taking a commitment to net 2050,” Mr. Conroy told Sky News Australia.” (i)

A.I. comments… anyone who supports Morrison objective to create a ‘Net Zero Target’ who is not ‘Rich’ will enjoy a poorer future. Morrison’s decision will be the cause of your economic suffering.

“Everything else is a bit of theatre. What we know is Barnaby Joyce is not going to give up the deputy prime ministership of Australia.” (i)

A.I. comments… more investigation of Joyce is needed. There is a big question mark about his competence and credibility. This includes his decision interface about Telstra.

“He will bring a majority, not all, of National Party members into a position to support.” (i)

I am focused head-on on protecting Australian Freedom, Security and Prosperity for all new generations of Australians. Thanks to my ancestors, I enjoyed a life of freedom, now as an elderly mentor it is my duty to pass my wisdom and experience forward to the next three generations.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The Wind Energy Series Morrison does not have the skills to understand.

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‘Communist Beijing Lied. Their Military Parades and Battle-Ready Demonstrations are designed to frighten the world. And Scott Morrison is frightened, which is why he changed direction to hide behind the wrong objective of ‘Net Zero Target’.

The Age of Surfing when my generation of ‘Baby Boomers’ lived free of ‘Trade with ‘Communist China’ & free of ‘Islamic Invasion’ void of ‘No Go Zones’ and void of ‘Sharia Law’ demands. The Age when enemy of environment ‘Wind Farms’ owned by ‘Communist Beijing’ did not exist.

The Age when we owned Energy and Communication and enjoyed ‘Self-Sufficiency’ in Manufacturing and Primary Industry, including Manufacturing of own ‘Clothing’. When I left school in end of 1965, my first job was working at a clothing manufacturing location in Sydney, ‘Bonds’. I left later and worked for an Australian Petroleum Company ‘Ampol’.

I miss the freedom we once enjoyed until treasonous politicians betrayed our country wallowing in greed and philosophical ignorance, and now our descendants will pay the price because of such cowardice submitting to the dictatorship of Marxist and Islamic Global Demand, refusing to say No to ‘Political Correctness’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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A.I. comments…

‘Cold Ahimsa War’ to increase… watch my website.

Morrison is going to support and spend taxpayer’s money linked to Glasgow meeting to set Australia to ‘Net Zero Target’.

Meanwhile ‘Communist China’ is going to build more ‘Coal Powered Plants’ to escape its power crisis. This opposes ‘Zero Target’. This means more ‘Wind Farms’ for Australia, which I have previously proven are destructive of environment.

Most of the ‘Wind Farms’ in Australia, are owned by ‘Communist Beijing’. Our Energy costs will increase. We are already one of the most expensive energy suppliers in the world.

Our country is in significant debt caused by COVID Lockdown and now more debt to achieve ‘Net Zero Target’. We have a lot of people that refuse to work and are on permanent welfare.

‘Communist Beijing’ after they invade Taiwan are planning to invade Australia. They have been threatening us for over 18 months. We have no real defence. Morrison would rather spend billions on ‘Net Zero Target’ than on upgrading our Military Defence.

His ‘Spin’ dishonesty must be fought and defeated. He has lost my vote support.

Meanwhile there is no plan to rebuild our ‘Manufacturing Self-Sufficiency’ to help us survive during war and to create more jobs for our workers.

I am getting old, but unto death, I am declaring an ahimsa cold war against every Politician in Australia who fails to fight for upgrade of Australia Security & Prosperity and Defence against ‘Communist Beijing’.

The project of ‘Net Zero Target’ has been outlawed by every person that has ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. My focus is the use of CO2 as a clean energy fuel to power all Motor Vehicles, Equipment, Boats & Planes. We now have the technology to achieve this… all we have to do is invest in it, instead of Glasgow nonsense.

We must get rid of all ‘Wind Farms’ and focus on development of Nuclear Energy, and we need more Dams for Australia a neglected objective for over fifty years.

Morrison, you and I are sons of coppers. My family the Ivarsson’s has a history of being tougher than your family. Time for us to fight.

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