Australia: Democracy in Danger… Daniel Andrews tactics is the behaviour of a Marxist Gangster.

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Daniel Andrews weaves webs of dictatorship to oppress people’s lives in Victoria Australia.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says nothing about Andrews mission to increase his oppressive power over the people.

Encouraging ‘Dark Hours’ ahead, Daniel Andrews behaves like a Zombie seeking to deny people ‘Freedom’ whenever it suits his vindictive purpose by pushing through increased powers legislation using the excuse idea of Mandatory ‘Health and Protection’ of the people during any invented crisis.

Daniel Andrews prefers using ‘Tricks’ to control people.

Australia: Democracy in Danger… Daniel Andrews tactics is the behaviour of a Marxist Gangster


Allan Ivarsson comments… Peta Credlin Sky News said it right about enemy of freedom Daniel Andrews. Read below her important warning remarks tabled on Sky News…

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Victorians should be filled with “dread” by new laws Premier Daniel Andrews wants to bring in to make himself “even more untouchable”. (i)

The proposed legislation would replace the current health state of emergency which expires on December 15. (i)

Daniel Andrews thinking swells up like a bad pumpkin, grinning with desire to control others.

According to Ms. Credlin, the Andrews government is seeking “greater and more sweeping powers” to “control Victorians in times of crisis”. (i)

A.I. comments… Journalists cannot make some of the harsh remarks about Daniel Andrews that I can because ‘Freedom of the Press’ is by character limited in the choice of words it can table. Being an Australian Citizen, not a Journalist, I can and shall write harsher words about Daniel Andrews, who behaves like a Pirate. He takes money from Taxpayers and misuses his Salary paid by Taxpayers to oppress them further. Daniel Andrews tactics is the behaviour of a Marxist Gangster.

“And they’re intending to ram this legislation through the parliament with the help of a handful of crossbenchers who are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing,” she said. (i)

Victoria’s opposition leader has labelled the proposed laws as “the most dangerous legislation to come before an Australian parliament”. (i)

Ms. Credlin said the legislation would grant Daniel Andrews, not the chief health officer, the power to “decree new health orders based on an individual’s age, gender, sexual orientation, and political belief or activity”. (i)

“It makes a mockery of representative democracy and the parliament,” she said. (i)

“Even our federal laws against suspected terrorists have checks and balances designed to protect the liberty and human rights of Australians, and appropriate oversight by independent authorities. (i)

“Not so here – oversight is quashed, equal opportunity and human rights protections bypassed, and enormous power handed to the one man in the state that we know, that we have seen, will use it to quash dissent from ordinary Victorians that he is supposed to lead, but dominates.” (i)

This is a Petition I signed…

A.I. comments… This petition is a good activist attempt to take down Daniel Andrews, but it is not enough. Standing alone the petition will stir the pot but will fail to gain change action.

Victorians need to study their ‘Legislated Laws’ since 1975 and early foundation history laws, including ‘Constitution’. An investigation is needed to determine what tampering of legislated law has happened in the past to reduce ‘Freedom Values’ in Victoria. Also, the powers given to the Victorian Premier and the Victorian Governor needs investigation by the people to determine what changes in legislation has been happening, which the public common people has not witnessed. It is imperative that this investigation process is managed in a professional calm manner. There are other ‘Freedom Resistance’ activities in Victoria that need careful research and study to sort out truth from false knowledge.

I noticed typo in ‘Petition’. It should read…

“The reason for this is the Victorian Labor Government is undemocratic.”

This claim is the truth.

However, in much the same way that I discovered NSW Parliament had previously given the Premier of NSW excessive powers in legislation in 2010 which gave the Premier power to lockdown freedom privileges and enforce ‘Curfew’… it may prove to be true that Victorian Parliament has also made the same past Legislation decision, which gave Premier Andrews excessive authoritarian power.

I doubt that the people who launched the above ‘Petition’ did their homework before launching the petition to find out how much power was given to the Premier by Parliament.

This is what I researched and learned about my State NSW… Victorians need to do the same homework. And so should Queenslanders. Our three states have all experienced societal collisions because of the invasion of COVID.

Click Here to Read.

Click Here to Read.

Click Here to Read.

Why Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, needs to be sacked by the People of Victoria at the next election for his Irresponsible ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ Deal with China. Read disturbing observations…

Allan Ivarsson May 24, 2020

It never happened… 98% of Politicians in Australia are wimps, intellectual weaklings… that is why Xi Jinping is laughing at us. After he conquers Taiwan, Xi Jinping will invade Australia. What is to stop him? Greedy incompetent politicians not worrying about doing the right thing by Australians. I have no time for greedy yellow-bellies.

I have been writing in detail for over 18 months against Xi Jinping, Communist Beijing and defending Australian needs… but not one Politician in Australia has bothered to read my work and think seriously about Australia’s survival issues.

One thing you should all know… Communist Beijing Intelligence reads all of my work. Xi Jinping knows my thinking… and I am at the top of his ‘Hit List’ when he invades… he knows I am fighting against his anti-freedom ideology to the death.

I have written against ‘Wind Turbines’ and idiot inferior thinking fools want to build more.

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria since December 4th, 2014, at a reported salary of AU $422, 562 paid by taxpayers has proven by this irresponsible ‘Belt and Roads Initiative’ agreement that he is out-of-step with all Aussies that reject all the import and export trade we are doing with anti-freedom values Communist China.

Allan Ivarsson May 24, 2020

In 2021 Andrews salary is now $452,000.

Click Here to Read.

We cannot trust the Victorian Labor Government under the leadership of Daniel Andrews, to stand united with all Australians that oppose Communist China’s mission to oppress us into submission of bully Xi Jinping’s demands.

Allan Ivarsson May 24, 2020


A.I. comments… Andrews is a friend of ‘Communist China’ and is enthusiastic to submit to Xi Jinping and report to him giving loyalty to ‘Communist Beijing’ when China invades Australia.

Daniel Andrews will sell out all Aussies for a ‘Dollar’.

“Despite the fact Premier Daniel Andrews is “giving himself unlimited power” for more lockdowns the polls suggest he is set to win the next state election, according to Sky News host Paul Murray.” (ii)

“The Victorian Labor Party is leading the polls at 38 per cent compared to the Liberals at 34 per cent and Mr. Andrews remains preferred premier with 45 per cent of the vote.” (ii)

The world’s longest lockdown, promise of no more lockdown and giving himself unlimited power for more lockdowns,” Mr. Murray said. (ii)

“Why would you vote for this bloke – ever?” (ii)

Good question Mr. Murray I would never vote for an incompetent politician and I refuse to ever vote for ‘Authoritarian’ Politicians. Sadly, people blinded in their thinking by misguided ‘Populism’, often foolishly vote for anti-freedom ideology politicians and consequently encourage the destruction of their right to live free. I cannot comprehend the apathetic stupidity of people’s decisions caused simply by their refusal to read widely and upgrade their education and understanding.

I suspect Daniel Andrews bid for increased power is motivated by his observation of Vladimir Putin’s successful grab for increased authoritarian power in Russia true to his political friendship with Xi Jinping Communist Beijing.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Lockdown! When people lose their right to live free because they foolishly voted for the wrong politician. ‘Populism’ is not always right. Even the meaning of the word ‘Populism’ has a sense of political wandering between ‘Freedom Values’ versus ‘Anti-Freedom Ideology’. Be careful about your ideas and how you let others influence your thinking.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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