Taiwan correctly Rejects Paul Keating’s Wrong statement about Taiwan.

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Taiwan Land of Freedom & Peace

Taiwan an Island Xi Jinping Communist Beijing wants to Oppress.

Every person around the world with any strength of character will oppose ‘Communist Beijing’s planned objective to invade Taiwan. Not so enemy of freedom Australian Paul Keating, sees nothing wrong with allowing Taiwan to be conquered by Xi Jinping Beijing and his Communist Comrades. ‘True Blue’ Aussie Allan Ivarsson rejects Keating’s wrong thinking attitude with the contempt he deserves.

Freedom of Choice in Music is only allowed in Free Nations like Taiwan, USA & Australia etc.

Communist Beijing dictates what music and entertainment is allowed in Mainland China.

Only fools support Anti-Freedom Ideologies like Marxist Socialism and Communism.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/taiwan-hits-back-after-paul-keating-says-its-status-not-a-vital-australian-interest/ar-AAQynQH?

Taiwan correctly Rejects Paul Keating’s Wrong statement about Taiwan

Helen Davidson in Taipei and Daniel Hurst in Canberra posted this news on November 11th, 2021, titled… ‘Taiwan hits back after Paul Keating says its status ‘not a vital Australian interest’.

Allan Ivarsson comments… I have already published my response to the disgraceful statement that Keating delivered.

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Hence, my focus in this treatise is to continue in dedicated spirit, my support of Taiwan’s right to eternally live free of the tyranny of anti-freedom ideologies like ‘Communist Beijing’.

Taiwan has hit back at the former Australian prime minister Paul Keating after he said Taiwan was “not a vital Australian interest” and labelled it a “civil matter” for China.” (i)

“In an appearance at the National Press Club on Wednesday, Keating dismissed global concerns about China’s aggression towards Taiwan and criticised Australia’s growing bipartisan pushback.(i)

A.I. comments… In other words, Keating does not like the Labor Party and the Liberal Party being in agreement with their issues of concern about Xi Jinping, ‘Communist Beijing’ threatening aggressive tactics towards Australia.

“He [Keating] urged Australia not to be drawn into a military engagement over Taiwan, “US-sponsored or otherwise”, and said Taiwan was “fundamentally a civil matter” for China. He also referred to Taiwan as China’s “front doorstep”. (i)

A.I. comments… Taiwan (1912-2021) is ‘True China’ (1912-1949) front door to ‘Freedom and Democracy. Taiwan is not the front doorstep of ‘Communist China’. Taiwan a free Nation is independent of ‘Communist’ anti-freedom ideology.

As for Australian military engagement over Taiwan we are duty bound as friends of USA to support USA in military battles against anti-freedom ideology countries. Keating prefers to run and hide. ‘True Blue’ Aussies will not run and hide. They will stand up and be counted.

“In response, a spokesperson [Joanne Ou] for Taiwan’s ministry of foreign affairs told Guardian Australia that Taiwan and Australia were important partners, sharing universal values and common strategic interests and that China’s aggression had far-reaching implications.” (i)

A.I. comments… Taiwan was right and Keating was wrong. Always remember this… if we allow ‘Communist Beijing’ to gore Taiwan, next the ‘Communists’ will come further south to gore us. The proof lies in the increasing aggressiveness of ‘Communist Beijing’ military build-up. They are not doing it for self-defence. ‘Communist Beijing’ is doing it so that they as oppressive aggressors can rule the South Pacific and Southern Asia as their first big step to become a dominant Superpower to rule Earth and Space. Proof also exists in their aggressive Space Program. Beijing Communists are not ambitious in an altruistic way to help people; their objective is to rule the world by force. How do I know this is true? They are ‘Marxist Communists’. Read the evil ‘Communist Manifesto’ by German Karl Marx (1818-1883).

The crisis in the Taiwan Strait is by no means a domestic matter between Chinese, and the security of the Taiwan Strait involves the stability and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region, but also the global peace, stability and development,” Joanne Ou said.” (i)

A.I. comments… The problem is that ‘Communist Beijing’ has demonstrated by thinking and behaviour that they not only want to conquer Taiwan, but they also want to conquer Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines and Japan. ‘Communist Beijing wants ownership control of the entire South Pacific and Southern Asia region.

Australian Politicians like Paul Keating are not very bright if they think they can buy peace and freedom with Xi Jinping Beijing. When Xi Jinping is ready… like a ‘Panther’ he will pounce hard. And all that ignorant Australian Politicians will do is wimp out and cry out, “Why now? Why me?” And thus, the pattern of moaning politicians will emerge as helplessness reveals itself.

Ou said the Australian government had demonstrated the importance it attached to the issue in regional dialogues and other multilateral partnerships.” (i)

A.I. comments… Joanne Ou, spokeswoman for Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is being too diplomatic nice about the Australian Governments poor display of friendship with Taiwan. The Australian Government is often too nice with government leaders that have not done the right thing by Australia. Classic Examples are PNG and Indonesia.

Tony Abbott is the only Australian ex-Prime Minister [Liberal] that has supported Taiwan. Whilst Paul Keating ex-Prime Minister [Labor] has chosen to sacrifice pro-freedom Taiwan and be friends with anti-freedom ‘Communist Beijing’ instead. Keating refuses to spiritually by ‘Moral Law’ defend Taiwan’s right to live free of the planned tyranny invasion by Xi Jinping Beijing and his Communist Comrades.

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Meanwhile, our current Prime Minister Scott Morrison is more concerned with supporting misguided panicking ‘Climate Change’ Activists than being concerned about Taiwan and the weakness of Australia in ‘Self-Sufficiency’ and Military Strength.

Morrison is a ‘Spin Doctor Mouthpiece’ good at delivering words that get lost in crowds and then vanishes and nothing good happens. His ‘Spin Dialogue’ continues and failure to deliver good performance repeats itself going round and round, like being in a repeat performance in a circus.

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Ou said, “A peaceful and stable India-Pacific region is in the interest of Australia, Taiwan and other countries.” (i)

A.I. comments… These are truthful words spoken by Joanne Ou, but Xi Jinping Beijing and his Communist Comrades are not interested in preserving peace in the region until they own and control the entire region by oppression and denial of the people’s right to live free.

Xi Jinping and his Communist Mates are so wrapped up in their own vanity and greed, they cannot comprehend the wrong in their anti-freedom ideology.

As revealed previously in many other reports…

“There is growing international concern about Beijing’s military capability and potential plans for Taiwan, which it claims as a province of China that must be retaken. Under the rule of the Chinese Communist party leader Xi Jinping, Beijing rejects criticism as interference in its “internal affairs”. (i)

A.I. comments… The hypocrisy of Xi Jinping is that he has no hesitation to interfere in the affairs of other countries by threatening and harassing them. Xi Jinping suffers from a vanity problem, that is, being afraid to lose face and admit that there are times, too frequently, when he is wrong. He uses his intelligence propaganda communication system to lie to the ‘Mainland Chinese people and focus on keeping their individuality ideas oppressed if it does not serve the oppressive rules of ‘Chinese Communism’.

“It [Beijing] has increased acts of aggression and rhetoric towards Taiwan, including near-daily sorties of warplanes into Taiwan’s are defence identification zone, peaking with 149 over four days last month.” (i)

A.I. comments… These harassment military airspace threats by Xi Jinping towards Taiwan has been happening for months and not only has Scott Morrison been silent about it, he has also not been motived to aggressively upgrade Australian ‘Self-Sufficiency’ and ‘Military Strength’ instead he would rather waste billions of taxpayers’ dollars on playing games for ‘Climate Change’ activists net zero targets, an objective which Xi Jinping rejected.

“In his appearance, Keating rejected the labelling of the Chinese flights as “incursions’ and said: “The only time the Chinese will attack or be involved in Taiwan is if the Americans and the Taiwanese try and declare a change in the status of Taiwan.” (i)

A.I. comments… Is Paul Keating being paid by Xi Jinping to make these false knowledge statements or is Keating just plain stupid?

Xi Jinping is planning to invade and oppress Taiwan and the only reason for Xi Jinping’s hesitancy is because USA is committed so far to protect the right of Taiwan to live free.

Taiwan has been free, democratic and independent since 1949, when evil Mao Zedong failed to conquer the Taiwanese.

Taiwan does not need to change its status it is a sovereign nation since 1949 and is an independent nation. Thus…

“Taiwan’s government has repeatedly said it seeks to maintain the status quo and has no intention to be “adventurous”. President Tsai Ing-wen says the island is already a sovereign nation with no need to declare independence.” (i)

A.I. comments… Why should Taiwan declare independence when that status has existed since 1949 and since 1912 with once free Mainland China until 1949? We have some dopey politicians in Australia if they refuse to recognize Taiwan as an independent free country since 1949. Paul Keating is one of our dopey Australians.

It is obvious that Xi Jinping will not cease in its aggressive military threats which idiot Keating says is not “incursions”.

Ou said, “The Taiwanese government and people are defending not only the way of life of Taiwan’s 23.5 million people, but also the values of democratic freedom that global democracies jointly defend.” (i)

“Keating said the “general point” of Xi and previous leaders was that they would “harmoniously lead the Chinese people into coming to terms with one another”. But successive polling shows a growing majority of Taiwanese people do not wish to be ruled by China and, while Xi has stated he hopes “reunification” will occur peacefully, he has not ruled out annexing Taiwan by force.(i)

A.I. comments… Keating has sawdust in his brain. Xi Jinping does not lead the Chinese into harmonious free spirit lifestyle. When he closed down ‘Freedom of the Press’ in Hong Kong and jailed journalists, editors and owns of Newspapers for life because they criticised the ‘Communist Beijing’ Government and its policies and attitudes, there was nothing harmonious about that. Clearly, Paul Keating believes Xi Jinping has the right to forcefully oppress people and deny them the right to live free in speech, choice and equality. Keating in my opinion has declined to the status of being in thinking an incompetent person and not worth a damn to Australia and has thus betrayed his own self.

Why would a person want to give up their right to live free? Would you prefer to be forcibly oppressed by ‘Communism’ or would you fight to live free? Yes, I will always fight for the right to live free and so too will the Taiwanese fight to preserve their freedom.

“Keating also incorrectly stated that Australia has “always seen [Taiwan] as a part of China”. (i)

“The whole world has regarded China and Taiwan as one country, the Taiwanese have regarded it as one country, the Chinese, one country.” He [Keating] said. (i)

A.I. comments… Keating ruled (1991-1996) before the Internet and the people only had news media in papers, magazines and on television to advise them, thus too often people never saw the truth about political thinking and behaviour, which fortunately is now more open because of the Internet.

Xi Jinping is afraid of ‘Freedom of the Press’ which is why the Chinese people are not allowed Internet access with the outside ‘Free Word’ and are not allowed even social media freedom of speech with their family and friends.

Even all of the Chinese support leaders in the Hierarchy of Government reporting up the levels of the pyramid to Xi Jinping are afraid to speak freely lest they be arrested and imprisoned for life for daring to criticize Xi Jinping decisions and actions.

No one underneath the President of Communist China is free, all serve as puppets of the President. They say and support what the President dictates. The people of ‘Communist China’ are ruled by fear and Paul Keating thinks that is okay. How do I know this is true? Because Keating approves of the oppression of the Taiwanese people and sweeps the oppressive history of the ‘Mainland Chinese’ people under the table refusing to publicly reject the anti-freedom ideology of the Communist Chinese 95 million members that thrive on ruling the rest of the 1.4 billion Chinese by forceful threats and dictatorship. The systematic murder of 80 million Chinese including one million in Tibet is fine with Keating. How do I know this is true in his attitude? “Silence is Approval”.

Taiwan is a free sovereign nation since 1949 when Communism using violent force oppressed ‘Mainland China’ and Tibet and that is the truth even when fools deny that truth.

Taiwan is important to Australia whether interface import/export trade exists or not, because Taiwan stands for ‘Freedom Values’. If Australian’s reject Taiwan’s right to live free they are shooting themselves in the foot encouraging ‘Communist Beijing’ to invade Australia next.

It is common-sense for Australia to not engage in a war for Taiwan against ‘Communist China’ because Australian Prime Ministers since 1975 including Keating have been negligent on strengthening Australian Military defence and have been negligent for three decades in allowing the gradual self-destruction of our ‘Self-Sufficiency’ motivated by greed for money, regardless of whether it is the right thing to do for the Australian Nation or not.

Volumes of records could be overwhelming published about all of the corruption and greed which has in the last thirty years destroyed our Australian self-sufficiency.

Because of persistent negligence by one Prime Minister after another since the Whitlam Government, Australia cannot defend itself let alone come to the aid of Taiwan. If the USA is not committed to protection of the entire South Region, then ‘Communist Beijing’ will rule and all of us will lose our freedom.

Thus, I say to all that refuse to trust American Military, you have a choice support USA as an ally or submit to the oppressive dictatorship of ‘Communist Beijing’ there is no alternative choice.

Oppression or Freedom?

I choose freedom and stand strong in support of USA and Taiwan’s right to live free.

Ask yourself where do you stand when Communism increases its threat towards Taiwan and Australia?

Only Ostriches think they can run and hide by burying their head in the ground.

Australians and Taiwanese cannot run and hide, we all must have the courage to fight for our right to live free. And without the friendship alliance of USA both of our Nations are doomed to lose our right to free.

Do not underestimate the danger of ‘Communist Beijing’ and do not be hesitant in criticizing Scott Morrison and previous Prime Ministers for failing to strengthen Australian Military and Australian Self-Sufficiency.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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Allan Ivarsson says…

November 13, 2021

“I have the highest respect for the American Marines and all American Military personnel in every service standing strong for freedom.”

Source: https://barenakedislam.com/2021/11/10/happy-246th-birthday-united-states-marine-corps/

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