Communist Beijing is collecting over 1,000 Missile Warheads to rule the South Pacific

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How the dangerous idea began Centuries Ago… invented by the Chinese.

Drone Missiles – People are Expendable by the Rules of Communist Ideology.

Is this how Australians will have to fight underground against Communist Invaders, because our Politicians refused to be prepared with ‘Military Strength’?


Which year will be the last year of celebration before combat invasion?

“Scout Motto… “Be Prepared.”

Communist Beijing is collecting over 1,000 Missile Warheads to rule the South Pacific

Plus, six Aircraft Carriers and the Military list climbs to rule the World on Earth and in Space.

To Become the Number One Anti-Freedom Superpower.

To Replace ‘Freedom Values’ by ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’.

Stop worrying about ‘Climate Change’ and focus on how to protect our right to live ‘Free’ and avoid a ‘Nuclear Winter’ caused by a ‘Nuclear War’.

We should be able to live our lives ‘Free’ in Peace, but anti-freedom ideologies like ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Marxist Socialist Communists’, will not let us… these insidious creeps must be stopped!

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Ps. All the Communist/Socialist Nations are now United against the ‘Free World’ to Oppress us. They are lead by Communist Xi Jinping Beijing China and by Communist Vladimir Putin Russia.


Allan Ivarsson comments… Now above I tabled the worst scenario in the incident of invasion by Xi Jinping Communist Beijing, who keeps bullying us and threatening us to submit to the dictatorship of Communist Beijing.

If we are invaded our country will fall apart at the seams, pockets of freedom fighter resistance will rise out of the ashes of conflict with ‘Gangster Communist Beijing’.

Our Military reduced in strength by our Politicians Incompetence over Forty Years, will lose control and it will be the people in pocket groups that will be forced to struggle and fight to survive.

Look at photographs of what happened in World War II in Europe. Thousands of building’s, including homes were destroyed. Food and Water supplies vanished as families struggled to survive on the streets. This tragedy is what happens when evil anti-freedom ideology enemies invade a Nation.

We must strive to avoid conflict as much as we can. But avoiding conflict is not about submitting like a coward to the threatening tactics of Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades.

We must not ever desert our ally USA, nor all of our other allies by past committed agreements. Failure to support our allies is an act of cowardice. And remember this truthful fact without USA support regardless of whether we support Taiwan or not, Communist Beijing will invade us. Why? Because Xi Jinping Communist Beijing has made it clear by his threats that he wants ownership control of Taiwan and Australia and New Zealand and PNG.

Only Australian Cowards and Traitors would desert their allies including USA.

The majority of Aussies will stand strong with their allies, including USA.

Xi Jinping keeps demanding that we desert our alliance with USA.

Xi Jinping can go to hell, we are not submitting to his threatening crap.

Now we must read a Sky News Australia tabling a valid serious concern, 26th November 2021 post… ‘China has capability to fire missiles on ‘every major Australian city’.

“Defence Minister Peter Dutton says, “every major city in Australia” is within range for China to fire nuclear missiles on.” (i)

A.I. comments… Yes right, and how many long range missiles do we have targeting Beijing and every Military Base in China? Zero I’ll bet.

“Mr. Dutton said China currently had approximately 200 nuclear missiles but the stockpile is expected to reach “between 700 to 1,000 warheads” over the next decade.” (i)

“Mr. Dutton also said China had 2,000 ground launch cruise and ballistic missiles, with the capability to hit Australia.” (i)

A.I. comments… Peter Dutton’s statement are valid concerns. Only idiots underestimate the aggressive thinking and behaviour agenda of Xi Jinping Beijing and his anti-freedom Communist Comrades.

All of the critics against Peter Dutton cannot ever be trusted with the defence of the Australian people, true to their cowardice thinking and speaking they have demonstrated they will run the other way if Communist Beijing decides to invade Australia. To survive they would betray every Australian and submit to acceptance of Chinese Communist Dictatorship. We cannot ever trust such ignorant weak-minded politicians focused on protecting their own position of greed, failing to protect our right to live free.

Think about this… If Xi Jinping and his Communist Beijing Comrades were such nice caring altruistic people, why would they oppress their own people and deny them the democratic right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom’ of Choice’ and the right to ‘Freedom of Equality’?

If Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades were such nice people, why do they need to create a dangerous arsenal of Nuclear Weapons, which all countries in the region [except North Korea ally of Beijing] do not own, because the path of all countries in the South Pacific Region is to simply live-in peace?

Why is Xi Jinping Communist Beijing always threating us Australians, the Taiwanese and The Philippines and Japan?

Answer: Because Xi Jinping wants ownership papers of the entire South Pacific Region.

Only a fool would be naïve enough to trust that Communist Beijing will never invade any of us living free. And we do have many political cowards in Australia that are afraid to stand up strong against Communist Beijing threats and intimidation tactics.

Solution we must live by the wisdom of the Scout Motto… “Be Prepared.”

Never underestimate any person that believes in anti-freedom ideology belief systems.

“Australians expect their governments to speak frankly about the challenges our nation faces, not to ringfence them from difficult issues or insult their intelligence,” he [Dutton] said. (i)

“Mr. Dutton said the world was living in “times of high tension” but conflict in the Indo-Pacific was not a given.” (i)

“The region is not on an inevitable path to conflict but only if all countries of goodwill ensure together, we do our utmost to steer clear of the cliff face, he [Dutton] said. (i)

A.I. comments… The ‘cliff face is the hard rock anti-freedom ideology of ‘Communist Beijing’ and Despot Dictator Xi Jinping who is easily offended and throws tantrum complaints when he cannot get his own way.

“Were conflict to come about through misunderstanding, through miscalculation, or through hostility, it would be calamitous for us all.” (i)

A.I. comments… Dutton is right… but remember… there are two kinds of conflict… the ahimsa agree to disagree debate in the name of free speech… and then there is the conflict between ‘Freedom Values’ and ‘Marxist Socialist Communist’ anti-freedom ideology that is willing to use violent force to oppress others.

The danger we face is the latter when Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades decide to stop collecting Nuclear warheads and start using them on everyone in the South Pacific Region starting with Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, PNG, the Philippines and Japan.

“Australia’s position is very clear – conflict must be avoided.” (i) [Dutton said.]

A.I. comments… Yes Dutton, agreed, but I do not believe that Communist Beijing intends to avoid conflict. Why does Beijing need so many Nuclear Warhead, long range missiles, several Aircraft Carriers, Planes, Submarines, such a huge Army of both men and women, if it wants to live in peace?

Xi Jinping Communist Beijing does want conflict, he wants invasion control of every island and country in the South Pacific region and in Southern Asia. He also wants control of Afghanistan and Africa. And do not forget when Communists rules a region, ‘Freedom of Speech’, ‘Freedom of Choice’, and ‘Freedom of Religion’ is eliminated by violent force.

We must not ever tolerate weak-minded people that refuse to stand up strong against the bully dictatorship of Communist Beijing. We cannot ever trust traitors.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Will History Repeat itself?

This was Europe during 1939-1945

Australia the Next Destruction Target?

Labor and the Greens will betray us by being subservient to ‘Communist China.’

A.I. comments… Penny Wong has the right to her opinion by our justice ‘Freedom of Speech’ which Xi Jinping fears. But I will not support her or any other Politician that is submitting to acceptance of ‘Communist China’ which denies their people to live free. I do not trust submissive people to any form of anti-freedom ideology.

I would like to see Peter Dutton become our next Prime Minister.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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