Xi Jinping cyber-attacked Queensland Threatening Three Million Australian Homes

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This Boy like millions of children around the world, just wants to live free in peace.

It is a sad world evolving when society now has to worry about the persistent constant danger of cyber-attacks. The very fact that people for reasons of greed and lust for power control over others are focused on organised hacking of others proves that far too many people have no sense of honour or integrity.

There are thousands of honourable people that would never hack into other peoples communication and energy sources. Sadly, there are also thousands of dishonourable people that will hack into the privacy of people’s live in their homes and business and political arena to steal, interfere and seize control of others.

The following commonsense ‘Cosmic Laws’ represent codes of honour and decency, something which ‘Marxist Socialist Communist’ political philosophy rejects as essential values and thus betrays human beings by their selfish uncaring ruthless dictatorship tactics. Communists should be ashamed of what they are doing, but they by their thinking and behaviour have no sense of conscience. They do not believe in the wisdom teachings of ‘Walt Disney’ who taught ‘Western World Children’… “Let your conscience be your guide.”

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Cosmic Law is very important guidelines for a good decent world.

Xi Jinping Beijing Communist wants ownership control of Australia.


Xi Jinping cyber-attacked Queensland Threatening Three Million Australian Homes.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/how-china-could-ruin-australia-without-firing-a-shot/ar-AARA9XM?

Kevin Airs for Daily Mail Australia delivered a significant concern for all Aussies on the 6th of December 2021, titled, ‘How China could ruin Australia without firing a shot’. (i)

“Chinese government hackers could turn out the lights across Australia at any moment if they decide to launch a massive cyber war, experts have warned.” (i)

“Power stations, hospitals, banks and logistics firms – among many others – could be vulnerable to an all-out attack which would bring the nation to a grinding halt.”

“The country is said to be living on a knife edge after years of under-investment in hacking defences, leaving the government and private corporations almost defenceless.(i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… We need to get this understanding straight upfront. It is not the governments job to protect Corporations from hackers overseas or local. It is the responsibility of every CEO and Board of Directors to ensure they have invested in their own self-defence strategy against cyber war hackers.

The Government is responsible for protecting all Government Operations Military and non-Military from Cyber attacks including protection of all Medical Services and Rescue and Citizen Protection Services.

The Government is Responsible for Failing to enforce protection of all Communication and Energy Services in Australia.

The Government is Responsible for negligence by allowing Communication and Energy Services for Australia to operate off-shore in overseas territories. This failure to protect Australian Communication and Energy Services is an Act of High Treason.

The Government is Responsible for allowing Water Rights in Australia to be secured by overseas Corporations and associated Governments like ‘Communist Beijing’.

The Government is Responsible for allowing overseas ‘Totalitarian Nations’ to Lease or Buy Australian Territorial Property.

The Government is Responsible for allowing ‘Greedy Landowners’ to sell their Properties to anti-freedom ideology ‘Communist Nations’.

It is an act of ‘High Treason’ to allow Anti-Freedom Ideology Nations to gain ownership control of Australian Property and control of Communication and Energy Services.

“The warning comes after Queensland power firm CS Energy was targeted by a ransomware attack which almost shut down power to three million homes.” (i)

“Chinese hackers launched a sustained hack on CS Energy’s two thermal coal plants in Queensland on November 27, denying workers access to critical data and email.” (i)

“The attack came within minutes of bypassing CS Energy’s internal corporate systems to access the generators that circulate 3,500MW of electricity into the grid.” (i)

“If successful, it would have knocked out power to between 1.4 and 3 million homes indefinitely.” (i)

A.I. comments… This is a very serious concern. We need to study CS Energy’s strategic setup for dealing with Cyber attack and backup in event of another attack and even in the event of war. Even in day-to-day peaceful operations there should be an eternal backup strategy to cover the survival needs of the people.

A last-ditch plan to separate the control operations from the main network saved the plant – but experts warn Australia may not be so lucky next time.” (i)

A.I. comments… Are these Warnings from Experts? Or are they just common-sense opinions? Where are the security defence plans in Government and Corporations to protect the people from such a disaster? I question the use of the word ‘Expert’. If expertise really existed backup strategy would already exist. Why? Because it is Survival Common-Sense.

“Chinese hackers are very well organised, they’re technically adept and they’re sponsored by the state,’ Nigel Phair, director of UNSW Institute for cyber security, said.” (i)

This is just an overview... https://ifcyber.unsw.edu.au/about-us/our-executive

A.I. comments… This observation simply identifies beyond their high-level skills that Xi Jinping authorized these ‘Cyber Attacks’ and is guilty of ‘High Treason’ against Australia motivated by his ‘Gangster Style’ to conquer Australia without firing a shot, because at this point of time he is afraid to fight USA.

They see cyber-attacks as just another part of their ongoing push for greatness. Their capability is extremely good,’ he said. (i)

A.I. comments… The Chinese Hackers are not pushing to be great in our eyes, they are focused on becoming recognised as great in recognition by Xi Jinping, to further a successful career.

Xi Jinping is pushing to conquer us. His vanity will be elevated around the globe if he succeeds in conquering Australia.

“There is a huge danger that they could switch off Australia. You’d be naïve to think otherwise.” (i)

A.I. comments… The Threat by Xi Jinping is a valid serious concern. As I have written previously, every ‘Australian needs to Wake Up’.

“The Australian government has now begun to introduce new laws which will give them unprecedented powers in the face of a cyber-attack.” (i)

A.I. comments… These laws need to be reviewed by the people to make sure they are common-sense laws and not just another form of knee-jerk reaction, rubberstamp ‘Totalitarianism’ as were some of the COVID fight-back laws that were unjust and incorrect and unnecessarily bully dictatorship that failed to respect the rights of the people.

The Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure Bill) 2020 would allow the government to take control of private companies if their critical infrastructure came under cyber-attack.” (i)

A.I. comments… This legislation needs investigation to identify whether it is a ‘Totalitarian Doctrine’ or a common-sense control point. We also need to identify the skills level of those who would enforce this law. And of course, we need to question why the Corporation does not have the skills to deal with cyber threats which is the critical path concern.

“Company directors of affected companies will also be held personally responsible for cyber security breaches under the new laws.” (i)

A.I. comments… And who holds the Bureaucrats accountable for having the right skills to identify who is doing the right thing or not?

“On Wednesday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison insisted: ‘We are pacesetters when it comes to cybersecurity – that doesn’t mean the threats aren’t great.” (i)

“They are, they’re significant. And that’s why we’re so focused. It’s just another area where we’re working to keep Australians safe.” (i)

A.I. comments… Morrison lied. Australians are not yet ‘pacesetters’. If they were… cyber-attacks would have bounced immediately. Americans Communist Chinese and even Russian Communists are ‘pacesetters’ they are way ahead of Australians, in many directions. We are not even a ‘Self-Sufficient Nation’. Our Military Strength is weak. And the Culprits behind this decay of Australian Strength is every Politician in Federal and State Government and Opposition since 1975. Australia is now in a strategic mess and the people’s survival is now in danger because of the stream of incompetent politicians that have lead us since 1975 most focused on greed than good performance results.

Scott Morrison is a liar; his mouth is filled with ‘spin’ to save his face so he can be reelected.

Australians are not survival safe. In a war invasion by Xi Jinping, we have no self-sufficiency manufacturing, we do not have secure energy and communication supplies. We do not have adequate fuel supplies to support supplies. A large percentage of our Diesel Trucks are now off the road, unable to deliver important supply items for Christmas, because we are in short supply of Urea, because like idiots Australia gave 80% of our business to Communist Beijing who wants to invade and rule us. And then true to his stupidity, Morrison tells Aussies we Australians are pace setters.

Scott Morrison is a liar; he cannot be trusted with the responsibility of leading our country during the current crisis. We need Peter Dutton, Tony Abbot, and one other significant political performer to start a turnaround performance to ‘Make Australia Strong Again’.

Young Senator James Paterson has great potential focused on looking after Australia and protecting its right to live free. He is the youngest Liberal ever elected to the Senate. I talked to Paterson when he worked for the IPA before becoming a Senator via e-mail communication, he was courteous, considerate and informative in communication.

Paterson was the editor of the excellent very informative IPA Review publication, which I have been reading for several years. He is a very educated talented young man. He was promoted to director of communications and development, before being promoted to deputy executive director in September 2014 in the IPA. I recommend every Australian that values their right to live free to join the IPA ‘Institute of Public Affairs’ that was founded in 1943.

James Paterson began his career as a Liberal Party Senator in March 2016.

James Paterson was elected Chair of the Parliamentary joint Committee on Intelligence and Security in 2021.

At my age of 73 years with a dynamic history of skills behind me during my career, I sense that James Paterson will become a great leader for Australians that support him during the decades ahead.

And Politicians need experienced Mentors with my skills level to guide them in the ‘Art of Solutions’.

The next Phair comments disturbed me a bit

Read Link Here to what Nigel Phair says… I have extracted interfaced with comments.

“Mr. Phair insists… “sweeping new powers are a vital wake up call to private companies” [Allan says… These new powers are totalitarian tactics which is an act of treason in a free world.]

“That’s the controversy. That’s quite a stephaving government workers going into a private organisation and taking over the computer network is quite a bold thing to contemplate.” (i)

A.I. comments… no it is not a bold step… it is a ‘Marxist Socialist Communist’ step engineered by planned treasonous activity, by Phair and unscrupulous cohorts.

If the government thinks it can step in as Phair claims, they are in for a rude shock and will be charged with High Treason’.

If a business fails to invest in hacking protection that is their problem and does not give government the right to invade and overtake control of that business. We are a free country. We are not a ‘Communist Country’.

Our Power & Communication Services is the responsibility of Government only to ensure all services are controlled within our Nation. The Australian Government even now has continued to betray Australians by allowing our Communication and Energy Services to be controlled from outside our country by overseas locations.

And now our incompetent government has the Communist mentality dictatorship objective to send in incompetent government workers to interfere with the personal freedom right of companies to make their own freedom-based right, to make their own decision.

If Nigel Phair crosses this line, he will face charges of treason for using totalitarian interference of an individual’s company right to make their own security control decisions.

This objective tabled by Phair means every company in Australia can be bureaucratically controlled by government which encourages the government to slide in closer to subtly allow ‘Communist Beijing’ to gain control of our country from within.

Social Engineering pretending to be loyal to companies and governments is a common serious problem, just like corruption is a problem which thrives even in governments. Government workers sent into companies can also be traitors, focused not on helping companies but tearing them down.

Nigel Phair could be a Social Engineer Communist… how do we the people know if he can be trusted? Who is he? And we cannot trust ‘Scott Morrison’ to table the truth, he specializes in ‘Spin Lies’ all mouth, no delivery of good results.

It was Tony Abbott that stopped the boat invasion. It was Tony Abbott who did the right thing and visit Taiwan giving them due recognition.

It was Peter Dutton who fought to start the ball rolling to upgrade Australian Military Defence and stronger alliance with USA.

What has Scott Morrison achieved? He has volunteered to spend millions of Australian Taxpayers dollars on a zero net emissions target which is illogical and wastes dollars urgently needed to build Australia into a self-sufficient nation. He gave us months of phony statements about Covid control needs, meanwhile State Premiers ignored his comments and launched their own dictatorship in conflict with each other, to unjustly oppress every Australian.

These listed paragraphs of Nigel Phair statements have a ‘Totalitarian’ mentality interface… a Bureaucracy that overestimates its skills and ability to fix a problem… Australian political vanity is riding on the wind… on the tale of a dragon, overestimating their skills to solve company problems.

Government workers taking over control of companies is a ‘Totalitarian’ Action… and is not acceptable. Government workers do not have the skills to solve such problems.

Each business company must stand on its own two feet, void of totalitarian dictatorship by government control. A company rises and falls by its own skills or lack thereof. That is the significant history of ‘Free World Business’.

A Government may recommend and establish policies to ensure Australia has protection from foreign takeover, but it does not have the right to oppress a company by bureaucratic forceful invasion.

There is no place for dictatorship in Australia. Our Governments Federal and State have already overstepped the mark of freedom with the way they managed COVID Lockdowns and Vaccinations.

Phair states “Workers can also fall victim to phishing attacks where they click on fake links that can reveal passwords, logins and crucial network information.” (i)

A.I. comments… Every Australian is vulnerable to ‘phishing attacks’ non-communist scams also exist motivated by greed. Any person that leaves passwords and crucial information on a computer private or business is incompetent and should not be using a computer. E-mails and telephone calls and texts messages are also communication phishing methods.

This danger does not justify allowing Government Workers to invade and takeover control of companies.

Of course, there are creeps Communist and non-Communist seeking political power control gain, for reasons of lust for power or greed that use phishing and cyber attacks to get what they want.

But when they are caught and found guilty beyond any doubt, what punishment do they get? Too soft we can bet, displaying societal weakness.

Phair criticizes Corporations that fight to make a profit, but good businesses have a history motivated by profit to deliver constant upgraded performance. Whereas governments motivated by staying in debt, focus on not delivering good performance.

Who would I trust… Corporation Performance or Government Performance?

Certainly not Government Performance, year after year Politicians and Government Bureaucrats Performance is weak and too often incompetently totalitarian.

If Government Workers start invading businesses to takeover control of companies, the Government must be charged with ‘High Treason’ by the common people.

Phair claimed…We [Government] are going to step in…” And I warn “Step in… and you will face me!”

“While companies can beef up defences, Mr. Phair says a more effective approach would be for Australia to fight back and launch cyber-attacks of its own on China.” (i)

A.I. comments… Wrong Phair that idea is stupid. Focus on strengthening self-defence not starting a counter cyber-war that has no end. Besides of which Aussies are not as skilled in computer technology as are Americans and Communist Chinese.

Has Phair ever fought in the boxing ring week after week? I bet he has not and does not even know how to take a constant beating, where he has to get up repeatedly and fight back. So far Nigel Phair has not won my respect.

The rule of life is always be prepared. I learned that survival common-sense in the cubs and scouts between the age of 8 to 12 years. The Australian Government has been negligent since 1975 and has failed to strengthen our country and be prepared. Even now our Politicians in Federal and State Governments, Labor, Liberal and Greens are incompetent and often corrupt, which is why Australia has become such a weak Nation and lacks Self-Sufficiency and Military Strength. All of our problems are founded upon the incompetence of our politicians.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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