Cosmic Law on Segregation, Public Access, Demonstrations and Public Freedom of Speech Privileges

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Feature Image: Dolphins Peaceful Demonstration

Males and Females enjoying a day at the beach free of the ‘Tyranny of Segregation.’

Men and Women Freely Working Together void of Segregation.

Men and Women Jumping with Joy Together.

Men and Women Celebrating Together void of Segregation.

Blocking Public Access… Demonstrations which does not have Majority of the People Approval.

Violent Hoodlum Demonstrations which encourage the ‘Totalitarian Habit of War’.

Peaceful People walking through Public Access not Bullied by Segregation or Blocked by Demonstration Fanatics. Thus, they correctly enjoy ‘Freedom of Movement’.

Cosmic Law on Segregation, Public Access, Demonstrations and Public Freedom of Speech Privileges


The Commonsense Purpose of ‘Cosmic Law’ is to Guide Society to Protect and Preserve ‘Freedom Values’ in every society on Planet Gaia/Earth and throughout the Universe.

Cosmic Law teaches what not to do and what must be recognized and wisely observed in thinking and behaviour. Cosmic Law rules by Karma. Cosmic Law does not teach people what punishment laws must be enforced. That decision is the responsibility of the people in every society to decide.

Cosmic Law correctly states…

“Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

“Thou shalt not enforce the Death Penalty”.

“Thou Shalt not use Cruelty in Punishment in any form.”

Cosmic Law outlaws every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ the way of ‘Authoritarianism’ in every society. Even Demonstrations is a form of ‘Totalitarianism’ when it uses ‘Protest Tactics’ that does not have majority approval of the citizens of a society.

There is only one type of ‘Peaceful March’, which is not a Demonstration but is a rightful peoples challenge of any Government that denies the people the right to live free in love and peace, in speech, choice and equality.

Two ‘Classic Examples’ of People who Peacefully Marched is The Hong Kong Marches for ‘Freedom’ in 2019 & 2020. And the Chinese People who Peacefully Marched in Tiananmen Square in 1989 and were cruelly Murdered/Massacred by Beijing ‘Communist Military’ to oppress them.

Examples of justified Military Resistance in a Fight to live Free is the 300 Spartans in 480 B.C.E. at the Battle of Thermopylae; and the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, all of the Battles in WWII fighting for the right to live free. And the War in Korea 1950 to 1953 which successfully freed the South Koreans. And the War of Independence in America 1775 to 1783. The creation of ‘Freedom Values’ in America has served as a guiding strength to help other Nations around the world establish ‘Freedom Values’ for their society in opposition to ‘Totalitarian’ Belief Systems.

The people in every society who march against ‘Forceful Vaccination’ denying them ‘Freedom of Choice’ is the only current modern March during COVID threats that is justified and is a legitimate protest. 2020 to 2022 and beyond. The people in every society do have the right to ‘Freedom of Choice’ to decide whether they want vaccination or not.

Cosmic Law on Segregation, Public Access, Demonstrations and Public Freedom of Speech Privileges states…

1. Thou shalt not segregate sexes and races.

2. Thou shalt not allow ‘Apartheid’ to exist within any ‘Liberty based society’.

3. Thou shalt not build Eruv physical boundaries in public places.

4. Thou shalt not block off access to streets and parks in communal prayer.

5. Thou shalt not create ‘Fixed Dogma Belief System’ boundary zones.

6. Thou shalt not misuse ‘Freedom of Speech’ Privilege by use of ‘Street Demonstrations’ and ‘Parades’ and ‘Convoys’ and ‘Candlelight’ gatherings by blocking access to Roads, Streets and Parks designated for Public Use, void of Government Approval for such Demonstrations and Gatherings.

7. Thou shalt honourably recognize that the people have the right to freedom of movement in all public places void of harassment by protest demonstrators.

8. Thou shalt recognize that all Demonstrations is simply an opinion point of view and does not necessarily represent the majority agreement of the people in a society. And therefore, is not a legitimate protest when the majority of the people do not agree with such ideas demanded by protestors.

9. Thou shalt recognize that ‘Street Demonstrations’ are an abuse of ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege.

10. Thou shalt recognize that ‘Freedom of Speech’ gives ‘Freedom of the Press’ privilege in Websites, in newspapers, magazines, brochures, booklets, pamphlets and books and letters and e-mails and text messages and televised presentations. And in Social Media and in Seminars and Public Meeting Discussion and Speech Presentation building locations. And in written speeches and in video presentations for others to watch and listen to on DVD’s, CD’s, Tapes, and other Internet Video Social Media Processes and Petitions.

11. Thou shalt recognize that ‘Freedom of Speech’ does not give ‘Freedom Privilege’ to the use of Abuse and Bully Threats and ‘Death Threats’ which must always be deemed as a criminal action to protect the wholesome goodwill and decency of a society.

12. Thou shalt recognize that people do have the right to criticize ideas and others whose actions and ideas are rejected by ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege.

13. Thou shalt recognize that people do have the ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege to allege ‘Betrayal’ synonym ‘Treason’ and ‘High Treason’ against any person and such targeted people do likewise have the right to publicly respond to such allegations and defend their point of view.

14. Thou shalt recognize that no one has the right to sue any person for reasons of their ideas, criticisms and allegations.

15. Thou shalt not use ‘Street Demonstrations’ to bully harass other people to submit to protestor dictatorship demands.

16. Thou shalt recognize that beyond a shadow of a doubt, all ‘Street Protest Demonstrations’ are an abuse of ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege and for that reason must always be deemed as a crime against the people of every society that wants to live free in peace void of abuse and harassment.

17. Thou shalt recognize that only ‘Marches for Protection and Preservation of ‘Freedom Values’ is a legitimate protest demand against any government that denies people the eternal human right to live free in speech, choice and equality.

18. Thou shalt recognize that destruction of Monuments, Memorials and Historical Statues void of Public Approval by Plebiscite/Referendum is a criminal ‘Totalitarian Act’ against the right of the people to decide by majority vote what they want to keep and not keep in public locations.

19. Thou shall respect the right of the majority of the people to make decisions for a society as approved by Plebiscite/Referendum societal decisions.

20. Thou shalt understand that the punishment decision of what punishment is enforced by society is not a ‘Cosmic Law’ directive, it is a societal decision by the people, for the people, of the people.

21. Thou shalt understand that Peaceful Marches by the People for the right to live ‘Free in Speech, Choice and Equality’ is not a demonstration per se but is a justified march right to demand the right to live free. Such Marches are not about bullying others to submit to their demands, they are about the universal right of people for all eternity to live free in speech, choice and equality, free from every form of oppression.

22. Thou shalt learn to know the difference between ‘Totalitarian’ Bully Demonstration Protests and valid ‘Freedom Values Marches’.

All ‘Cosmic Laws’ are written and authorized by Allan Peter Ivarsson founder of the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Allan Ivarsson a Highly Skilled Mentor is a ‘Cosmic Messenger of Time’ and writes as guided by ‘God of Creation’ using Channelling Automatic Writing. He has been in training since 3pm March 3rd, 1961. For more insight read my Profile VIII.

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