Celebrating Australia Day is not Offensive – Australian Actor Chris Hemsworth Lied

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Location of Sydney Harbour iconic Opera House Bennelong Point, NSW.

Bennelong Point named after a great Aborigine a good friend of Arthur Phillip.

Bennelong Point is known to the local indigenous Gadigal people of the Eora Culture as Tubowgule located in NSW Australia. It was originally a small island made up of rocks and a small beach.

Bennelong Point in Sydney was once the site of the hut of Bennelong an aboriginal leader that became good friends with Arthur Phillip. As a young teenager in the 1960’s I saw the building of the Opera House and as a photographer of night and day photographs, I did a photographic submission of the ‘Opera House’ Festivities in 1973 and won a free 10-day trip, plus accommodation and meals for two to Hayman Island north in the Barrier Reef group of Islands.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Celebrating Australia Day is not Offensive – Australian Actor Chris Hemsworth Lied

Those immature thinking people that claim celebrating Australia Day is offensive are liars.


Chris Hemsworth on Instagram claims… #

“There shouldn’t be an explanation on why celebrating ‘Australia Day’ is offensive.” #

Allan Ivarsson comments… in other words… Hemsworth alleges that every Australian that Celebrates ‘Australia Day’ is offensive. And every ANZAC that fought for Australia including those who died, are offensive for celebrating ‘Australia Day’.

By Chris Hemsworth lack of logic, my parents, grandparents and many of the great grandparents who lived before and during 1935 is guilty of being offensive because they backed by dignity and pride in past decades celebrated ‘Australia Day’.

Yes, that sums up his allegation that every Australian Patriot that celebrates ‘Australia Day’ is deemed by Chris Hemsworth as being offensive.

Chris Hemsworth on Instagram claims… #

“The date does not celebrate Australia as a nation – because everyone is not included!” #

A.I. comments… That statement by Hemsworth is a lie. Every Australian true to the spirit of ‘Freedom of Choice’ has the right to celebrate ‘Australia Day’. If they refuse to celebrate Australia Day that is their freedom of choice right. They do not have the right to deny others the right to proudly celebrate ‘Australia Day’.

Only bully dictators, taking no concern for other people’s wishes or opinions, will fight to deny Australians the right to proudly celebrate ‘Australia Day’. There is no place for domineering autocratic mentality. Instead of demonstration harassment by all those who oppose ‘Australia Day’ name and date celebration, they should have had the decency not to block Australian Streets with demonstrations and should have had the courage to simply ask the Government for a Plebiscite vote at Federal Level by the people to decide, what the democratic majority want. Majority rules in any free society.

Chris Hemsworth on Instagram claims… #

“Celebrating only disregards the First Nations people’s trauma and Australia’s dark history.” #

A.I. comments… Chris Hemsworth’s claim is wrong thinking. If we change the date of the celebration of ‘Australia Day’ we still will not be thinking about Australia’s dark history. That is not the purpose of Australia Day celebration.

The purpose of ‘Australia Day’ celebration is significant in appreciation for being able to live free in a ‘Great Nation’ with outstanding wholesome achievement, which has included additional benefits for the Aboriginal people, denied to the Australian non-Aboriginal population. Those benefits are also being given to aboriginal descendants with white blood, many of whom are more white cast than black. [Thus, an unjust lack of equality exists, where non-Aborigines are denied equal benefits.]

Australia’s dark history moments is for history study not for mourning but for learning the wrong events of history and striving to avoid history repeating itself.

The 70,000 years history of the Aborigine was not a ‘First Nation’ they were not united as ‘One Nation’ lead by an Aboriginal leader for all the people in Australia, including Tasmania and all other State territory locations. The Aborigines were by native character a ‘First Nation’ in spirit throughout Australia.

Thousands of tribes lived their lives throughout Australia wandering around in their selected geographical location and lived their lives not knowing every other Aborigine outside their societal circle. The Tasmanian Aborigines were so distant from mainland Aborigines they never learned about the invention of the Boomerang on the mainland island.

The real boomerang was only used in the Eastern and Southern Australian territory. It was unknown to Aboriginal people in Tasmania, and in the Northern Territory and half of South Australia and in the northern parts of Queensland and Western Australia. The Aboriginal people who used both returning boomerangs and non-returning hunting sticks were skilled hunters.

To the best of my understanding so farthe Aboriginal inventor of the returning boomerang probably was trained using non-returning hunting sticks and worked out in his mind an answer to a question, “How can I make our hunting sticks return to us?” And thus, the returning boomerang evolved in certain Aboriginal Culture regions.

It is speculated that 60% of Aboriginal people used Boomerangs. But this idea suggests that the more populated regions of Aborigines lived in the Eastern and Southern Australia Territory.

As I said previously, the Aborigine people were not one nation of people. The Aborigines were by native character a ‘First Nation’ in spirit throughout Australia.

The dark history of Australia includes whites in Tasmania cruelly killing Aborigines. As I have said previously in my records… Admiral Arthur Phillip (1738-1814) (founding Governor of the Colony of New South Wales) opposed hurting Aborigines and made it clear on his shift, he would hang any white that killed an Aborigine during his 26th January 1788 to 10th of December 1792 territory rule which he controlled firmly.

Invasion Day of ‘First Fleet’ never, they arrived under the leadership of Arthur Phillip and became an ally, a friend of the Aborigine. The growth of the colony in tough bushland evolved. What happened in the years ahead in some of Australia’s dark history was launched by others who had no respect for the philosophy of Arthur Phillips caring concern for the Aborigines.

In the years to follow… Explorers searched across and around the island of Australia, some lost their lives striving to understand the geography of the mainland island. The amazing Aborigines lived in a harsh tough environment throughout Australia and Tasmania. The white men and women and children pioneers had to learn how to live in tough harsh conditions on the land to tame it and change it to a more hospitable place. The Aborigines did often share their survival skills with the white pioneers and together they improved the survival existence for both black and white people and opened the gate for immigrants to arrive and help the vision of a one nation Australia to grow stronger and better in quality of existence for all.

It has been a tough over two hundred years growth of prosperity and improvement of quality of life for all. There has been wrong and tragedy over the decades since the arrival of the ‘First Fleet’ in 1788. Each generation throughout history must always learn from previous history errors. That is the way we grow stronger and wiser by learning from our errors today and in the past.

There was not central leadership control of a Nation. Every individual Aborigine belonged to their often birth group and never met all the other Aborigines that existed during their time of life around the Island.

The Tasmanian Aborigines were cut off from mainland Australia when a rise in sea level flooded the Bass Strait about 10,000 years ago. No one can control ‘Climate Change’ it has been constantly changing from warm to cold to warm around the planet for over three billion years.

‘Gaia Management’ is now urgently required not ‘Climate Change Management’.

The science of Anthropology helps knowledge growth by the study of Migration around the planet, including the study of human societies and cultures and their development. If you want to know more… study Anthropology & Archaeology. The latter studies human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains including shattered and broken items. Paleontologists also specializes in the branch of science concerned with the exploration and study of animals and plants fossil on land and sea.

There are many other important sciences to learn Prehistory, Astronomy, Cosmology and other studies. If you want to learn the nature and character of existence on earth and throughout the Universe in overview, study all the sciences to gain an overview understanding of the ‘Big Picture’ the truth, light and dark, about the nature and character of existence.

Do not waste your time getting involved with idiotic demonstrators whose thinking and lives are loaded with incompetent ignorance in thinking.

Every country for the last 100,000 years on every continent has a dark history. And Australia also has a good history far better than the moments of darkness that existed. Invasion immigration battles has been constant around the globe and is still happening.

The first rule of knowledge is to as adults to learn good and bad, right and wrong, true and false, just and unjust. We then strive to improve quality of life for ourselves and others void of panic, void of depression, void of oppression, and void of the fear to face truth and consequently strive to improve on past performance and the mistakes of history.

Anyone with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is never offended by bad history and is simply focused on solving problems and towards creating a better quality of existence for all people in a society, where equality thrives.

Chris Hemsworth in his belief system philosophy is still very immature in his ideas and has volumes more to learn. Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ he will never succeed in becoming a great advanced thinking philosopher and thus his lack of common-sense wisdom will always leave his thinking handicapped and misguided in his ideas. He has a long way to go before he learns how to get his philosophy right.

The Purpose of ‘Australia Day’ Celebration.

As I said previously, The purpose of ‘Australia Day’ celebration is significant in appreciation for being able to live free in a ‘Great Nation’ with outstanding wholesome achievement, [and I add], in upgrade of ‘Quality of Life’ for all, far better than in many other Countries around the globe.

In 1935 before World War II, all States adopted a common date and name for Australia to get its National Holiday held on January 26th.

It wasn’t until 1984, the year I started the evolution design of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, that the National Australia Day Committee was federally funded.

‘Australia Day’ recognises the day a ‘Great Nation’ began to evolve for all people including the ‘True Blood Aboriginal People’. On the 26th, January in 1788 the ‘First Fleet’ landed in Sydney Cove and Arthur Phillip raised the Union Flag.

Phillip was kind to the Aborigines and gave them respect and made friends with one great Aborigine named Bennelong.

Read more overview history about Bennelong and the First Fleet in subject of Australian Flag Burning.

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10445865/Chris-Hemsworth-speaks-against-Australia-Day-global-audience.html?

The following newsflash by Mary Mrad dated 27th, January 2022, had a drama subject title, “Non-Australians are horrified to learn the history of Australia Day after Chris Hemsworth revealed why he refuses to celebrate the date his country was ‘invaded’ by the British.” (i)

“The Australia Day debate opened to an international audience on Wednesday when Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth shared his reasons for not celebrating his country’s national holiday.” (i)

“The 38-year-old actor… shared a series of posts on Instagram explaining the history of the Australia Day controversy and why the date is offensive to Aboriginal people.” (i)

“January 26, which marks the raising of the British flag on Australian soil in 1788 after the ‘First Fleet’ arrived in Sydney Harbour, is considered a day of mourning for many First Nations people, who instead prefer to call it Invasion Day or Survival Day.” (i)

A.I. comments… Hemsworth overreacted in his statements, delivering a false knowledge exaggeration to his ignorant overseas fans. He does not have a true education about Australian History.

As I indicated above in my introduction Chris Hemsworth statements indicate he is clueless about Australian History and is like so many fanatics overreacting about ‘Australia Day’ celebrations and why proud Aussies celebrate Australia Day.

As Hemsworth said, “is considered a day of mourning for many” [not all Aborigines mourn.]

We Australians have an ANZAC memorial day for all the ANZACS that died in past wars fighting for protection and preservation of the right of people to live free.

ANZAC Memorial Martin Place Sydney

Where are all of the annual Memorial Services of Mourning for all the Aborigines that died in battle fighting for their right to live free?

Where is the list of proven path history of all of the fallen Aboriginals in conflict with early Australian Colonials?

That’s right only politically power-hungry Part Aborigines and ignorant Australians are fighting to bully Australians to submit to their dictatorship that we must cease forthwith to celebrate ‘Australia Day’.

If we take a look at one of our allies history namely USA, they have a huge list history of ‘Native Wars’ with immigrants which Hemsworth calls invaders. The courage of American Natives was a lot tougher and more aggressive than Australian Aborigines, most of whom had a nicer nature than some of the current half cast white blood aborigines.

As I said earlier if we look at the last 100,000 years of human history around the globe, there has been constant invasions in every continent.

I am always disappointed by ignorant clever actors, male and female, who open their mouth tabling their belief system philosophical ideas which reveals how ignorant in opinions and ideas they are, proving they may be clever actors but in the field of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ they are not very smart at all. And sadly, I must identify Chris Hemsworth as being one of the clever but not smart actors.

I am not interested in watching misguided thinking actors films that made the serious mistake of overestimating their knowledge and philosophical skills.

Hemsworth, I leave you with your ignorant fans that follow your drama queen incorrect statements.

“Many of Hemsworth’s fans from overseas were surprised to learn Australia’s national day is so closely tied to its colonial history.” (i)

A.I. comments… Only ignorant people are surprised and fail to do more homework on a quest for truth to understand reality. Hemsworth is ignorant even on Australian History and is inventing emotional reaction, copying protestors that for their own insidious motives want to bully force all Australians to obey their dictatorship demands about the celebration of ‘Australia Day’.

As I have indicated in my past posts, I have the highest respect for true Aboriginals but I am not always trusting towards Aborigines with White Blood who are focused on gaining power to rule others. “Trust is earned not given.”

“Hemsworth, who lives in Byron Bay, NSW, has previously called for the date to be changed out of respect for Indigenous Australians.” (i)

“He isn’t the only Aussie speaking out against Australia Day.” (i)

A.I. comments… True other Aussies are speaking against ‘Australia Day’, but despite a few thousand ignorant troublemaking Aussies opposing ‘Australia Day Celebration’ the majority of ‘Patriotic Australians’ refuse to stop celebrating ‘Australia Day’.

The fastest way to stop this year after year bully harassment conflict is to as I said above…

A Plebiscite vote by majority is the best way to solve difference of opinion. The alternative is ‘Civil War’. The latter is not a wise idea.

But if we must have a ‘Civil War’ battle over this bully demand to oppress Australians right to ‘Celebrate Australia Day’ on the 26th of January each year, even though it is not a wise solution lets have the one-day civil war with guns to stop this abusive dictatorship nonsense forever.

Women have chosen the path of ‘COMBAT’ so they too must fight for their ideas to the death.

Mary Mrad, claimed “a growing number of Aussies are feeling uneasy about the national day celebration.” (i)

A.I. comments… Only weak-minded cowards are afraid to stand up strong against the bully protestors demanding the change of celebration date, which is a stupid idea, and against those who want to change the name of ‘Australia Day’ to an idiotic name change called ‘Invasion Day’ or ‘Survival Day’.

Australian Patriots true to the spirit of our ANZACS courage will not ever agree to a date change or name change of ‘Australia Day’.

Only weakling Australians will dump respect for Australia Day Celebrations on the 26th day of January each year.

To the bully street demonstration mob, I say this if you want a ‘Civil War’ say so and we the Australian Patriots true to the spirit of the ANZACS will accept your war challenge… and when the battle date is selected… I say, “Let’s do it, to save the Patriotic Great History of True Australians, both all immigrants and True Aborigines that just want to be Australians First, and not like the ignorant traitors that want to change the name and date of Australia Day Celebrations.

If we must die to protect and preserve the ‘Freedom Values’ and the Patriotism of the True Spirit of the Australian ANZACS so, be it.

‘Lest We Forget’… the wiser decision is… vote by Plebiscite.

Become a decent caring person and stop misusing ‘Freedom of Speech’ by using Demonstrations to oppress and bully others.

Allan Ivarsson comments… Sadly there are people who laughed at the good support comments of this excellent Patriotic Aborigine and the people who supported his excellent truthful wise vision.

This great Aborigine said, “We should acknowledge our past history but we celebrate our future.”

If you read my past collected records you will notice that I am using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and do speak well of the good aboriginal people and only criticize and chastise wrong ideas in any subject of concern.

Chris Hemsworth thinking is wrong and way off track. He needs to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to rise above the level of just being ‘clever’. His thinking needs to become smart. He has a long way to go before he becomes smart. He is still living on a steep learning curve. He needs the courage first to admit his current thinking is wrong by supporting ‘Australia Day’ Celebration on the 26th of January of each year.

Transcript of above slide for readers to copy

I do not agree with Chris Hemsworth. To make Australia Day a day of mourning is an idiotic idea. We cannot change history. Wake Up- Get over the not nice incidents in history and be grateful for the gains and right to live free. If certain Aussies do not like the celebration of Australia Day, they should leave the country and give their presence and property ownership back to the ‘True Aborigines, not to the part white, part Aborigine Descendants.

It is an act of Authoritarianism to bully demand that Australians must cease celebrating Australia Day.

A Plebiscite vote by majority is the best way to solve difference of opinion. The alternative is ‘Civil War’. The latter is not a wise idea.

Blocking public access of streets by demonstration is an abuse of ‘Freedom Privilege’ and is a bully act of ‘Totalitarianism’. People should have the right to walk freely in public places and they cannot, when they are bully stopped by self-centred demonstrators that think they can dictate to others what they are allowed to do, by use of force.

If the Aborigines want to walk away from Australian culture and the benefits of Technology and Medical Support, let them go ‘Walk About’ hunting only with spears and boomerangs the way they once did on allocated ‘Native Land’.

But once they choose that path, they must be denied the benefits and pleasures of Australian Material Culture. I can safely bet the majority of Aborigines will not give up the benefits of Australian Material Culture that they inherited after the ‘First Fleet’ landing.

If Australia becomes 100% Islam or 100% Communism ruled by China, not one Aborigine will have any rights. Their Culture will be wiped out and they as descendants will like all other freedom-loving persons become slaves of that anti-freedom totalitarian culture. Both Islam and Communism are oppressive anti-freedom ideologies. And that is a fact, beyond a shadow of a doubt, which can be proven.

The human history of the entire globe over the last 100,000 years is riddled with injustice. If we cannot rise above past wrong and just move on towards creating a better wholesome society, then we are not worth much as a human being.

Mourning does not solve anything. Get on with your life and strive by living example to be a better decent person, void of violent abusive character and live with good manners respect for others, simply by striving to do the right thing.

Chris Hemsworth is clever and talented but his philosophy reveals that he is not yet smart.

As I have recorded in the past… There is a difference between being ‘Clever & Smart’.

Battle to Protect the Aussie Right to Celebrate ‘Australia Day’

To be continued…

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