Three Government Countries that do not have the Political Courage to ban Face Coverings Niqab/Burqa

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Many ‘Jihad Muslims’ say…

2022… Allan Ivarsson says…

“We Pray to God of Creation Commander-In-Chief of the Universe, that more countries will have the courage and wisdom to ban the wearing of the Burqa and Niqab for Societal Security Reasons.”

The COVID Mask is not a full face covering. The Mask is not a ‘Mailbox’ image. Male or Female Sexual Identification is still discernible and the only exception to that is the wandering Transvestite type of sexual orientation. But their image is still discernable to a question mark view. To Be or Not to Be Male or Female?

We thank those Islamic countries that have the wisdom to ban ‘Face Coverings’.

It seems the foolish Nations that celebrate Halloween Face Covering are the ones that are not wise for allowing the wearing of the security risk, Niqab/Burqa.

Unfortunately, the Politicians in those countries, like Australia, America and Britain do not have the courage to ban the Niqab/Burqa. And do not care that if women attempt to swim in the water in those face covering garments that they are at high risk of drowning.

COVID changed things when wearing a Mask was essential and for that reason banning other Face Coverings is now an obstacle against banning Niqab/Burqa’s in many naïve political thinking governments that lack the courage to understand the difference.

It is a lie to suggest ‘Freedom Values’ gives people the right to cover their face. Bandits are not allowed to walk the streets with face coverings. Bandits are not legally allowed to walk into Banks, Police Stations, Government Buildings, Stores or Corporations with ‘Face Coverings’. Why? Because it is survival common-sense. Even Bike Riders have never been allowed to wear their helmets when they get off their bike to walk the streets and into public buildings.

Only people who have limited thinking skills cannot understand the difference.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Male or Female?

Looks like Female but we cannot be sure in a LGBTQ society.

Three Government Countries that do not have the Political Courage to ban Face Coverings Niqab/Burqa



United States of America

There are many other Nations afraid to ban the high security risk of Face Coverings Niqab/Burqa but first we must hold these three governments accountable for their political incompetence and irresponsible stupidity.

It must be noted that such bans in legislation must deny Supreme Courts the right to overturn such legislated bans. It seems there is a weakling flaw in Canadian Legislation when they tabled legislated ban of Niqab/Burqa in 2011. Refer below note comments.

Countries that banned Face Coverings Niqab/Burqa

1975 Italy Banned all types of Face Covering.

2010 Israel Banned wearing of Niqab.

2011 France Banned Complete Face Covering.

2011 Canada Bans wearing Niqab. But the ban is unstable. Refer # below…

2012 Netherlands Banned the Face Veil.

2012 Sweden Banned the Face Covering.

2015 Congo Republic of Congo Bans Burka

2015 Chad First Muslim Majority to ban Face Covering.

2015 Gabon After Suicide Bombings Banned Niqab

2015 Cameroon Banned Burqa after a Suicide Attack.

2016 Bulgaria Banned Face Covering.

2016 Latvia Banned Face Covering.

2016 Germany Banned Niqabs in the country.

2016 Norway Banned Niqab Face Covering in public.

2017 Belgium European Court of European Rights Banned Niqabs

2017 Austria Banned Face Covering.

2017 Morocco Banned Niqab and made sale of it illegal.

2018 Denmark Banned Burka.

2019 Sri Lanka After Suicide Bombing Banned Niqab.

2021 Switzerland Banned Burka in public.

# Note:

2011 Canada Bans wearing Niqab. But the ban is unstable because a Canadian Court had more power than the government to overrule legislated laws.

January 24, 2019

A Canadian court has reversed the ban on niqabs or face veils worn by women taking Canadian citizenship oaths. The ban on the niqab was introduced in 2011 and had attracted much controversy with critics calling it “unlawful” as it restricted one’s freedom of religion and was against Canadian values. #

The Canadian government is appealing the ruling. #

# Source:

2013 Spain only bans Face Coverings in Demonstrations.

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