Jan Happy 77 Years Birthday 2023 Love Allan forever…

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February 16, 2023

We married on the 3rd of March 1990. From the time we met on 15th August 1987, we decided after Three Days to stay together for life. Hence, your Engagement Ring with ‘Three Diamonds’ called ‘Three Days’. Through ups and downs like on a River of Life No Return, we stood united, sharing hardships and joys with no regrets over 36 years. It all began when we kissed each other in our near 40’s. We clicked in every-which-way. It was magic as we looked in the same direction together. Working in Sydney our Independent careers in Manufacturing, different companies grew in harmony and success together. We melded our four sons Matthew, Daniel, Peter and Erik from previous marriages as one united family, from primary school age, and thus they stood united as hard-working brothers for life as one.

We travelled North to Clarence Valley, Northern Rivers from Sydney South in the West and back and forth over 25 years, an average of six times per year 700 k’s each way night or day, and created for ourselves an amazing life, which our children will always remember after they became adults and look back in memories. Retiring in the Clarence Valley, Northern Rivers. We grew old gracefully enduring the hardships all elderly people experience. We can always look back into our life of memories and count our blessings that we enjoyed the privilege of meeting each other in 1987.

Jan, Love Always Allan.

One of our many favourite films…

Days of our Lives since 1987


16th February 2022

Jan Happy 76 Years Birthday Love Allan forever…

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