Ukraine’s right to live Free in a Democracy versus oppressive ‘Communist Putin Russia’

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Ukraine’s right to live Free in a Democracy versus oppressive ‘Communist Putin Russia

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8th March 2022

The invasion of Ukraine & Taiwan is an act of ‘High Treason’ against God, Decency, Children, Humanity and the ‘Free World’.

The penalty for disobeying ‘Cosmic Law’ by denying people the right to live free is loss of ‘Eternal life’.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Vladimir Putin your coward invasion of Ukraine is an Evil Act.

Retreat and respect Ukraine’s right to live ‘Free’.

Xi Jinping warning… Respect Taiwan’s right to live ‘Free’.


AFP posted a review of the belief titled, ‘Ukraine war tests China’s ‘no limits’ bond with Russia.’ (i)

“Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin toasted a friendship with “no limits” at a warm meeting in February, [2022] but just one month later that bond is being tested by the war in Ukraine.” (i)

“With international outrage and sanctions mounting against Russia, Beijing is scrambling to avoid being tainted by association with Moscow while also maintaining their increasingly close ties.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… I doubt when they [Putin & Jinping] toasted a friendship that it meant “no limits”. Political Friendship cannot ever be a “No Limits Friendship”. In Politics it is the duty of every person to their own ‘Belief System’ convictions to follow their objective/agenda path whether others agree with it or not.

I do not believe that Beijing is scrambling to avoid being tainted by association with Moscow. Xi Jinping Beijing is simply quiet, to watch and observe the behaviour of the world, and the outcome results of the invasion of Ukraine by Putin. This observation study will be used by Xi Jinping to decide what he will do when he attacks Taiwan.

The ideology of anti-freedom thinking and behaviour is ethically and morally wrong. Sadly, Communists cannot recognize why they are wrong in their thinking and behaviour.

Even though Communists enforce dictatorship behaviour, all Communists have different ways of enforcing their rules of behaviour. Jinping will not walk away from political friendship with other Communists because in unity all Communists hate the ideology of ‘Liberty Values’. Why? Because Communists are greedy for love of power and money.

Despots do not do what they do because they care about the people. They do what they do for selfish reasons to strengthen their own lust for power and income.

The only thing Xi Jinping Communist Beijing will do is change his strategy methods, which needs watching. His objective is to invade Taiwan and gain control of the entire South Pacific including Australia. Jinping does not care about people’s eternal right to live free. Oppression is his God.

I do not believe that Jinping fears being tainted by association with Moscow. Both Beijing and Moscow want to overthrow the ‘Free World’ including USA.

The entire ‘Free World’ must unite hard and firm against the ideology of Marxist Communism forever. The world is now divided in two… ‘Freedom’ versus ‘Communism’.

Communists refuse to tolerate the existence of ‘Pro-Democracy, Pro-Freedom values in their country. Likewise, ‘Freedom Nations’ must ban the existence of Marxist Communism in their Nations. ‘Freedom’ must always enforce one rule in law and education that Marxist Communism anti-freedom ideology must not ever be tolerated; and those who choose to be Marxists must be permanently expelled from the ‘Free Society’ Country to keep a free society safe from the dangers of Marxist Dictatorship threats.

In the ‘Free World’ it is essentially an act of ‘High Treason’ to support anti-freedom ideologies.

We cannot and must not ever tolerate any anti-freedom ideology that strives to deny peoples right to live free.

For a full view of understanding other opinions, ideas and speculated views about Beijing’s thinking, read the above link report.

I shall simply table my opinion about the thinking and behaviour of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.

I do not believe Beijing has been caught flat-footed by Russia’s military offensive.

Xi Jinping no doubt underestimated the fierce Ukrainian resistance, just like he underestimates the fierce Taiwanese resistance if he makes the mistake Putin made of invading a ‘Free Country.’

Xi Jinping underestimated the global criticism and rejection of the evil Ukrainian invasion by Putin.

I do not believe as was suggested in this link report that Jinping is afraid of upsetting Russia. Xi Jinping will do what fits his mission for China to become number one Superpower to rule Earth and Space.

Beijing is not truthful in respect for territorial integrity in border disputes often overstepping its claim for territory it has no right to claim.

“While maintaining lip service to national sovereignty, China has insisted that Moscow’s security concerns regarding Ukraine and the broader expansion of the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) are valid.” (i)

A.I. comments… Putin is afraid of Ukraine becoming friends with the West, hence true to his cowardly fear he attacked Ukraine to oppress by destructive force the Ukrainians. NATO is not a threat to peace-loving citizens. Only tyrants fear NATO. Clearly Xi Jinping fears NATO. Why? Because Jinping claims Moscow’s security concerns are valid. Thus, Xi Jinping Communist tyranny is afraid of ‘Freedom Resistance’.

Xi Jinping will not condemn Putin because he has done to Ukraine what Jinping wants to do to Taiwan. Jinping refuses to call such wars an invasion.

Xi Jinping is like all Communists afraid of ‘Free Speech’ which is why Censorship tightly controls Chinese internet and the people are not allowed to know the truth about what is happening inside their country and in the outside world; including Ukraine. Censorship is also tight in Russia and many Russians do not know about Putin’s invasion attack of Ukraine.

“The situation has effectively paralyzed China, according to Richard Ghiasy, and expert # at the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies.” (i)

A.I. comments… Has China been paralyzed by Putin’s attack on Ukraine? I do not underestimate Xi Jinping. It would be foolish to believe that Xi Jinping has established a political prison for himself by supporting Putin’s war on Ukraine.

# I was called a ‘Guru’ by a Managing Director of a Company back in the late 1990’s at a business meeting. But when you study my ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ you will learn that I teach there is no such thing as guru’s, prophets or manifestation of gods. And there is no such thing as an expert.

# The only thing that exists is peoples levels of skills and experience and consequently knowledge and understanding. People can be highly skilled in a subject of knowledge or not. That is life and where energy is used to help someone gain significant skills and experience which increases their strength of awareness and vision and gives them the ability to pass forward to others what they have learned.

# Source…

Security interests virtually always trump economic interests” in China’s calculus, and it will not fundamentally shift toward a more pro-Ukraine stance, he [Ghiasy] told AFP. (i)

A.I. comments… Richard Ghiasy is not the expert that he believes he is. Xi Jinping is completely focused on economic interests as priority one. Xi Jinping knows that to grow stronger to become a number one superpower that he must use Capitalism even if it is somewhat controlled to expand his security interests agenda to rule the World and Space including all of the world’s communication satellites.

Xi Jinping has already indicated that he supports Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine by refusing to call it an invasion and by supporting Putin’s objection to opposing the Ukraine to join NATO and become closer in alliance to the ‘Free World’ West.

For a so-called expert at the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, Richard Ghiasy is not that good. I would not trust his thinking and judgment he does not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and does not know human nature and does not understand the aggressive character of Communism.

Russia is “a giant, nuclear-armed and resource-rich neighbour” that China won’t risk agitating, Ghiasy said. (i)

A.I. comments… Once again Ghiasy logic is off-course. Ghiasy strategic skills? Where?

If that was true that China is afraid of Russia because of its ‘nuclear-armed and resource-rich neighbour, then China would be even more afraid of USA a Nation which is stronger nuclear-armed than Russia. But Jinping is so military ambitious he is not afraid of anyone, he is overconfident and like Putin underestimates the ‘Free West’ determination to live free unto death.

Jinping needs Putin as an ally to divide the ‘Free World’ fight into two divisions North and South. Jinping wants immediate control of the South Pacific and South Asia, followed by his focused economic ambition to gain control of Africa and South America. His military ambitions in those regions will follow his successful economic take over, using ‘Belt and Road’ Initiatives of large regions of those latter countries.

Xi Jinping knows that when he achieves becoming Number One Superpower merging takeover of Russia will not be a problem.

To succeed Jinping needs to defeat USA… ‘Constituted Liberty America’ is his only roadblock to become number one superpower. Putin is no match to Jinping strategy. They are friends by mutual admiration strategy for takeover of the globe. But the truth is Putin admires Jinping more than Jinping admires Putin. Vladimir Putin is being used by Xi Jinping to help him achieve his agenda to become the number one Superpower in the world. The majority of Chinese people in China [1.4 Billion] just want to live free, only 95 million Chinese Communists want to rule the world.

Vladimir Putin backed by his ‘Blackbelt’ skills is tougher than Jinping in physical fighting but Xi Jinping is far more clever than Putin in economic and military strategy. Neither of them are smart because they do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. P.I. can defeat anyone that does not have P.I. To become highly skilled in P.I. besides using P.I. Belief System Logic one must also have very advanced calm communication skills. Jinping and Putin do not have the ability to beat A.I. in communications skills. The communication door is open for them to try. They are wisely afraid of me, not me per se but afraid of what I teach. I can in communication smash their credibility.

As for Ghiasy, I threw his so-called strategic skills into the garbage bin, where they belong.

“More than a dozen governments urged their citizens to leave Ukraine by mid-February, but China refrained from doing the same. [With its 6,000 citizens.]” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping Beijing controls the decision and wants his citizens to stay in Ukraine as ‘plants’ to serve as ‘insiders’ supporting Xi Jinping’s ambition to rule the world. Jinping knows that some may be killed by Putin’s invasion but he is okay for that, if 1,000 plants survive, Jinping has his insiders working for him.

Jinping will sacrifice any of his citizens to achieve his ambitions, but like all despots he will never sacrifice his own life for the ‘Communist Cause’.

Jinping urged its Chinese Citizens in Ukraine to “remain calm” and stay at home even as Russian troops moved onto Ukrainian soil. They face the danger Jinping does not.

Xi urged Putin in a call last week to resolve the crisis by forming a “sustainable European security mechanism through negotiations”, and China’s foreign minister told his Ukrainian counterpart that Beijing “regrets” the conflict and hopes the two sides can find a diplomatic solution.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi’s stunt call to Putin is a ‘con’ to trick naïve people in the ‘Free West’ to foolishly believe Xi wants to be a mediator for peace as a shining example of how good Communist China is in its belief system ideas.

The so-called recommendation through negotiations is not to respect Ukraine’s right to live a ‘Free Democracy’ in harmony with the West and to allow them to join NATO. The focus of the negotiations to a ‘Cease Fire’ by Putin is that Ukraine must submit to the oppressive demands of Vladimir Putin. And Xi Jinping the ‘Great Pretender’ is fine with this. Why? Because Jinping wants to invade Taiwan and destroy their right to live free of Communist Dictatorship.

Jinping’s phone call to Putin was a deceitful coverup pretending to be an enthusiastic peace-maker when truthfully, he just wanted to see ‘Putin Russia’ succeed to force Ukraine to submit to the bully dictatorship of Putin. Why? Because Jinping wants to invade Taiwan. And oppression of Ukraine by Putin is an important victory gain for Jinping as well. Why? Because as I wrote earlier. Jinping wants to invade Taiwan. But he will not call it an invasion, he will deceitfully call it a claimed right.

Allan Ivarsson 2022

My mandatory fight against Vladimir Putin & Xi Jinping to be continued…

2 Mar 2022

The door is open for Putin & Jinping to talk to me

Transcript of Slide comments by Allan Ivarsson

It would be advantageous if Xi Jinping loses credibility because of his friendship with Vladimir Putin.

One of the most idiotic thinking ideas in the heads of Putin & Jinping is that they are afraid of the ‘Free West’.

The ‘Free World’ will never attack Russia or China except in self-defence if these two countries choose to attack free countries.

The people in Ukraine and Taiwan both want to live free of ‘Marxist Communist’ oppression and no one not even Putin or Jinping has the right to deny these countries to live free in peace.

The invasion of Ukraine & Taiwan is an act of ‘High Treason’ against God, Decency, Children, Humanity and the ‘Free World’.

The penalty for disobeying ‘Cosmic Law’ by denying people the right to live free is loss of ‘Eternal life’.

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