The Aggressive Communist Russian ‘Z’ symbol for War

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Feature Image: Communist Russian Military Promoting ‘Z’ invasion of Ukraine


The Aggressive Communist Russian ‘Z’ symbol for War

“Military experts interpreted the ‘Z’ as “Za pobedy”, Russian for “for victory”, or as “Zapad”, for “West”. (i)

“Some dubbed vehicles painted with the symbol the “Zorro Squad”, while others suggested the “Z” might stand for the Kremlin’s self-styled “target number one”, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Why ‘Z’? answer in the West not accurately known. Probably many civilian Russians not all, using the ‘Z’ are blindly wearing ‘Z’ not knowing what it means. The Communist Russian Military knows what it means. And Civilian Russians are wearing ‘Z’ like a Dictatorship ‘Swastika’.

I discovered that no one on the Internet in the ‘West’ understood the accurate reason for Russians wearing ‘Z’ and why it was on Military vehicles heading towards the Ukraine.

This is my opinion conclusion by process use of logic…

It reminds me of half of the Nazi ‘Z’ Symbol, used as a Swastika [a Sanskrit word], the hooked cross, the latter word ‘Swastika’ has its origin from India. Also, the last letter in the English alphabet [26th letter].

The letter ‘Z’ in Russian means ‘Za’ which means ‘for’ when combined with the image of children ‘Z’ means ‘for the children’

The ‘Z’ letter is now being used on Russian Military Vehicles departing for Ukraine which suggests they are targeting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

‘Z’ also stands for ‘Zapad’ which means ‘West’.

The ‘Z’ letter does not exist in the Cyrillic Russian alphabet.

‘Z’ on Military vehicles heading towards Ukraine is now a ‘Putin Directive’.

Thus, Russia’s Strategic Command’s-Staff Exercise to the West invasion against Ukraine and President Zelenskyy.

It has been written that ‘Zapad’ takes place every four years in Russia. Each military exercise focuses on strategic directions by the Joint Strategic Command. The strategic exercises are focused on military training for regional or large-scale war. The training focus reviews demonstrations of capability.

At the height of the Cold War arms race in 1981, Soviet exercises simulated an invasion of Germany and nuclear strikes against the West. Fortunately, Mikhail Gorbachev dismantled the Soviet Union much to the chagrin of Vladimir Putin who has been obsessed to build a new Geographical claim of territory that once were the enclosed borders of the now defunct Soviet Union.

Two years ago, I called the new changing Russia ‘Putin Russia’ because I realised, he wanted absolute dictatorship control to reclaim the original, territorial borders once enforced by anti-freedom ideology Marxist Communism. Hence Vladimir Putin’s aggressive push to gain Crimea by annexation in 2014 and currently Ukraine by invasion in 2022.

Putin’s military exercises were focused on Putin’s preoccupations with foreign policy objectives.

‘Putin’s Russia Zapad war games, strategic exercises became larger in 2017, called Zapad-2017. This aggressive increase in size of war games should have alerted the danger of Vladimir Putin but it did not, the West chose to sleep. When Putin became ‘shake-hands’ friend ally of Xi Jinping Beijing it should have woken the West up, but again it did not, the Politicians in the West went back to sleep.

NATO eastern members became alarmed by Putin’s 2017 aggressive war games which followed conflict in Georgia 2008, Crimea 2014 and Ukraine 2022. But then NATO went back to sleep. All quiet was on the Western Front until the invasion of Ukraine which finally woke up the West.

Down South Xi Jinping waited patiently watching the Ukraine invasion to discern what he must do and not do to achieve his open ambitious plan of invading Taiwan. Previously, Jinping deliberately, politically and economically, attacked Australia 2020 through oppressive trade sanctions to see if he can easily conquer Australia without firing a shot. He quickly learned that by the people’s response that Australian’s were not so easy to conquer. But again, it was not until Putin’s invasion of Ukraine that the Australian Politicians started to experience an awakening but it may be too late and that depends on whether Jinping decides to jointly attack Taiwan and Australia in one instant of time.

Australia is now in constant danger of becoming a victim of invasion like Ukraine only this time the aggressor would be Communist Xi Jinping Beijing.

Communist Russian use of the pro- ‘Z’ symbol has incited a misguided ‘Russian Patriotism’ supporting Vladimir Putin’s unjust evil cruel invasion of Ukraine. We in the ‘Free World’ know that Putin has become a ‘War Criminal’ for what he has done. And those ignorant naïve Russians that support him are by their stupidity accessories to his crime.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. Kamil Galeev on March 7th, 2022, on Twitter tabled a series of slides identifying the crazy Communist Russian obsession with supporting the use of the ‘Z’ swastika marketing, like the Nazis did, the authorization of violence against peaceful freedom loving people.

Go to Kamil Galeev (ii) on Twitter to see his presentations… his images also posted below…


Vladimir Putin and the Russian ‘Z’ movement supporting Putin, reject the wisdom of ‘Desiderata’… the evil Russians instead support the genocide cruel murder of Ukrainians, men, women, children and babies, such is the uncaring evil of these ‘Z’ Russians cheering ‘War Criminal’ Vladimir Putin.

A.I. 2022