Hi Readers for the next Forty Days there will be a Political Mud-Slinging battle between Australian Liberal Federal Prime Minister Scott Morrison striving to become PM again versus Opposition Labour Leader Anthony Albanese striving to win the election to become the New Prime Minister. It will be a close election. The real danger if Labor wins, they will bend to the demands of the Marxist Socialist anti-freedom pro-environment destruction ‘Greens Party’. In Australia the word ‘Liberal’ has an opposite meaning to the word ‘Liberal’ in USA. Meanwhile, while this boring often dishonest battle continues for Forty Days, hopefully not backed by the Biblical ‘Rain Bombs’ causing excessive Floods; I shall watch to see if these two clowns truthfully table important objectives. Australia needs to deal with upgrade of ‘Self-Sufficiency’ and ‘Military Strength’ and the courage void of ‘Greed’ to abolish all trade with ‘Communist China’. Meanwhile, I shall report on other dangers threatening our right to live free around the globe. Best Wishes, from Allan Ivarsson and his wife Jan, unto all who care about the right of every person to live free in peace on Planet Gaia/Earth.

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