Cosmic Law on Freedom, Punishment & Sex Education

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Jail where loss of freedom is punishment.

Cosmic Law on Freedom,

Punishment & Sex Education

As revealed in ‘What is Cosmic Law?’ Cosmic Law is founded upon common-sense law. When we disobey ‘Cosmic Law’, we do invite misery and suffering into our life. Thus Karma Result/Consequence automatically delivers penalties and personal punishments caused by our refusal to use wisdom and common-sense.

Equally important are codes of decency which are in harmony with ‘Cosmic Law’.

It should always be remembered that the ancient ‘Ten Commandments’ are essential common-sense laws to protect the wholesome wellbeing of society. Those persons that disobey several of the ‘Ten Commandments’ are subject to laws of imprisonment in different cultures.

The terms of loss of freedom punishment for wrong behaviour or fines or community service work, must be decided by society and not by ‘Cosmic Law’.

Justice, Truth and the Right Way must prevail in every Free Society.

 Allan Ivarsson Founder, Director, Chairman of Things to Come called ‘Cosmicism’ (1984-2024) the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ founded upon ‘Cosmic Law’ and the use of the most advanced intelligence in the Universe, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.


There is no copyright on ‘Cosmic Law’, it is free to use and share as your eternal guide.

Allan Ivarsson Author of all ‘Cosmic Laws’ gives his Cosmic Law Posts work free… it is immediately Public Domain, subject to acknowledgement of author. Only his book publications and other website posts are subject to copyright law. In short, Allan Peter Ivarsson has waived his rights to encourage people to use the wisdom of ‘Cosmic Law’ throughout their life.

Since 1984 Allan Ivarsson has been guided by the inspiration of his spiritual guide, ‘God of Creation’. He uses channelling – automatic writing as his communication link to ‘Cosmic Consciousness’. He learned channelling when he was given three hours to live in 1975 after a bad accident. His unusual life story reveals how he became enlightened towards ascension.

Ascension is the eternal rising of wisdom and knowledge that knows no final limits. It is not a religious process; it is a cosmic philosophical experience.

It is incorrect to describe any human work as the word of God. Only proven path wisdom recorded in any literature is inspired by God. The discovery of proven path science and the truthful recording of history to the best of one’s ability, are all records created and written by homo sapiens. There is no such thing as only one book which is the word of God. God’s Spiritual Inspiration flows through the altruistic hearts of all good men and women

True religion, a pursuit of interest followed by lifetime commitment, is a dynamic forever learning ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ that rejects all fixed dogma, be it Philosophical, Political, Psychological or Religious. And rejects the act of worship and reverence for a deity or animal human or non-human.

Respect for the living and the dead is not reverence it is simply high regard for someone.

Allan Ivarsson calls all his work… ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ that which evolved through him since 1970.

Cosmic Law on Freedom of Existence for all Animals… human and non-human

‘Cosmic Law’ states…

1. Thou shalt enforce that every society in the Universe lives 100% Free in Speech, Choice and Equality, provided such freedom does not deny any other animal human or non-human the same right to live free.

2. Thou shalt use survival common-sense and not allow dangerous creatures to wander free amongst peaceful society.

3. Thou shalt protect the freedom of dangerous creatures by ensuring that wildlife reserves exist within which such creatures may live free.

4. Thou shalt not cage animals in confined areas, denying them freedom of movement. There is no place in the Universe for cruelty denying animals human and non-human the right to live free.

Refer 54 Cosmic Laws on ‘Protection and Preservation of Liberty’ aka ‘Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice’.

‘Cosmic Law’ on Punishment

Cosmic Law states…

  1. Thou shalt not enforce the death penalty.

2. Thou shalt not enforce cruelty and torture in punishment.

3. Thou shalt not enforce physical punishment injury to any animal human and non-human. There is no place for cruelty in a decent caring existence. Without altruism society is worthless.

4. Thou shalt remember these rules are founded upon the Sixth Commandment, “Thou Shalt not kill” except in sadly needed, self-defence.

5. Thou shalt remember, these ‘Cosmic Laws’ overrule the cruelty laws ‘Satanic Verses’ recorded in the Qur’an and the Old Testament Bible and the Torah (synonym Tanakh) which are not the word of God.

6. Thou shalt not release a proven beyond all doubt murderer back into free society.

Cosmic Law on Sex Education

Cosmic Law states…


  1. Thou shalt not restrict the number of children, couples may choose to create.

2. Thou shalt encourage heterosexual parents unable to create children to adopt parentless children in need of support.

3. Thou shalt not allow children to enter into the state of marriage before the age of eighteen years, the time they become young adults.

4. Thou shalt recognise that a teenager under the age of eighteen years is a child; and that marriage under the age of eighteen years is a ‘Child Marriage.’

5. Thou shalt not allow ‘Child Marriages.’

6. Thou shalt not authorise the right of children to engage in sexual intercourse before the age of eighteen years.

7. Thou shalt not participate in sexual intercourse before the age of eighteen years.

8. Thou shalt not teach sex education in Primary and High Schools, without the right of parent approval of the course of instruction.

9. Thou shalt respect the right of parents to teach their children Sex Education.


10. Thou shalt not circumcise a baby male that has not been deemed by professional medical authorities as being safe and essential for health reasons. The parents must approve male circumcision. Religious beliefs about circumcision must not be a motivation reason for circumcision. Male circumcision does have easier hygiene benefits for men, including washing. The risk of Penis Cancer and UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is lower by circumcision. Male Circumcision does often improve sex for women by considerate caring men.

11. Men shalt not resent their parents decision to have their son circumcised for health reasons. Be aware that there are many older boys, teenagers and adult males that seek painless circumcision operation which was not given to them as babies.

12. Thou shalt not circumcise a woman unless deemed by professional medical authorities as being essential for survival and health.

13. Thou shalt not allow the painful barbaric process of ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ to be practiced. Such a religious practice must be outlawed. It does not improve hygiene and does deny women the human right to enjoy sensual satisfying sex. FGM increases the risk of health problems and leaves women with unjust traumatic scars in memory. Women are not the property of men, in much the same way as men are not the property of women.

14. Thou shalt remember that the natural body is born without the need for circumcision of either sex.

15. Thou shalt remember that both man and woman have the natural right to enjoy full sensual sex.


16. Thou shalt not force a person into a marriage, they do not want. Every person has the right to choose their own partner.

17. Thou shalt respect a person’s right, be they male or female, to choose not to marry now, or at any time ahead.

18. Thou shalt not harass a person because they choose not to marry.

19. Thou shalt respect the right of male or female, to choose to live together without the official process of marriage.

20. Thou shalt respect the right of same sex persons to live together without the official process of marriage.

21. Thou shalt not harass or abuse unmarried mothers. Thou shalt give them respect and consideration.

22. Thou shalt not mistreat children born out of wedlock and shall give them respect and consideration. There is no such thing as bastard children as falsely stated in holy books.

23. Thou shalt remember that Marriage is the state of relationship, a legal union, a faithful contract made by a heterosexual man and woman or by same-sex couple’s gay or lesbian given with joint enthusiasm as a lifetime commitment together unto death do they part.


24. Thou shalt not be ashamed of nudity, and shall respect its natural reality, in appropriate time and place.

25. Thou shalt when necessary, essentially wear brief coverings over sexual organs for reasons of cleanliness and protection from dangerous elements.

26. Thou shalt not be offended by topless women, in dress style. Remember there are many native cultures where women have been topless for thousands of years to present times, without shame.

27. Thou shalt respect societies dress standards in public places and conventions and shall respect uniform standards as set by any formal social, business, club, organisation or military force.

28. Thou shalt respect a social culture which lives by codes of etiquette.

29. Thou shalt enjoy swimming naked only in safe clean waters free from creature dangers.

30. Thou shalt respect societies rules as to where a person can swim naked.

31. Thou shalt not swim in waters with heavy loose fit garments.

32. Thou shalt remember the way of the fish and dolphin and ensure protective swim clothing is brief and slim, fit in safe comfort.

33. Thou shalt respect the natural beauty of the human body.

34. Thou may explore the natural body in shared sexual encounter enjoying any ahimsa practice that is harmless and natural over the age of 18 years.


35. Thou shalt retain thy virginity, male and female, until at least thy 18th year of life.

36. Thou male or female may if needed from the age of puberty practice masturbation to control frustration and to learn about thy own body.

37. Thou shalt at all times practice safe-sex in accordance with the protection standards available in thy society.

38. Thou shalt respect the rights of all persons to decide when and with whom they choose to enter into a sexual relationship after the age of 18 years.

39. Thou shalt not force any person into a sexual experience of any kind.

40. Thou shalt not expect a partner to participate in oral sex, if they feel uncomfortable with such experience.

41. Thou shalt not use IVF [In vitro fertilisation] during a relationship status of being single.


42. Thou shalt not clone another human being.

43. Thou shalt not clone creatures.


44. Thou shalt not practice anal sex.

45. Thou shalt not participate in sexual relations with animals, that which is bestiality.

46. Thou shalt not participate in unnatural sexual behaviour of any kind.

47. Thou shalt not participate in unnatural sexual behaviour with artificial intelligence.

48. Thou shalt not violently abuse the natural body.

49. Thou shalt not practice ‘Bondage and Discipline;’ all forms of body abuse are deemed as being sodomy.

50. Thou shalt recognise that the word Sodomy has been extended from Ancient Times, in meaning by ‘Cosmic Law’ to include more than just the practice of anal sex. Oral Sex is not Sodomy.

51. Thou shalt strive to understand… “In past decades and ancient times, 16 years was the age of marriage and sexual consensus, but people were not living as long, as they now do in the 20th/21st Century and young people lost their childhood earlier in life and were forced to work earlier and grow up faster. Sexual activity before the age of 18 years in modern society threatens to destroy the career opportunities of young people. In fact it is wiser, if young people avoid sexual intercourse before the age of 21 years. Common sense by ‘Cosmic Law’ teaches that 18 years is the now correct minimum age for sexual experience.”

Sexual Orientation…

52. Thou shalt continue to physically define every child from birth as being a ‘Boy or Girl’.

53. Thou shalt not describe any child as being anything else other than a ‘Boy or Girl’.

54. Thou shalt not ‘Sexually Harass’ a ‘Boy or Girl’ during their childhood years by asking them their sexual orientation.

55. Thou shalt not question a ‘Child’s Sexual Inclination’ during their first complete seventeen years of childhood. A child’s wrong behaviour is the only concern for society.

56. Thou shalt remember that a child does not become an adult until their eighteenth year.

57. Thou shalt not teach children their right to choose their sexual orientation in any sex education approved by parents during school education years.

58. Thou shalt remember that it is a criminal offence by ‘Cosmic Law’ to sexually harass a child in anyway, including demanding children to answer a ‘Questionnaire’ about their sexual orientation.

59. Thou shalt remember that this ‘Cosmic Law’ also applies to answering questions on a child’s sexual orientation in a ‘Children’s Court.

60. Thou shalt remember that Orientation in this perspective means an adult’s basic attitude, beliefs, or feelings about this subject.

It must be noted for history records…

Sexual Orientation Tests

Society has gone mad in the early 21st Century, stressing over a person’s sexual orientation, encouraged by the backward inferior thinking of Psychology.

Key in the heading words ‘Sexual Orientation Tests’ and search engines on the Internet will display a range of crazy testing which naïve adults do to convince themselves of their sexual orientation that they are not boy or girl. This self-research testing does more harm than good. Many children at school feel embarrassed to answer such personal questions. The ‘Sexual Orientation Tests’ convinces people that they are not naturally a boy or a girl and thus for life makes many of them unhappy about themselves.

The rule of life is ‘Know thy own self’, by using common-sense thinking, void of worrying about what thou sexual orientation is. Such tests are not needed. Living life true to your own ahimsa feelings, is what is needed. And a calm ahimsa ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ void of ‘Optimism’ and ‘Hope’ is the key to a happy successful life.

Disobedience of all ‘Cosmic Laws’ shall automatically invoke the consequence of ‘Karma’. [Karma is the synonym of Result/Consequence.]

These ‘Cosmic Laws’ are recorded in the ‘Cosmic Reservoir of Knowledge’.

To understand how ‘Cosmic Law’ interfaces with ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ and the use of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ thou needs to develop open mind free of fixed dogma and read the complete collected works of the writings of Allan Ivarsson as inspired and encouraged by ‘God of Creation’, a spiritual power that has no physical power and acts only as a spiritual guide for those who seek higher understanding and the value of wisdom.

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