NSW Government Persecutes ‘Elderly and Handicapped People’.

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Feature Image: Seats for People closed down. This denies ‘Elderly People’ the right to rest in-between their walking and standing struggles to complete their essential survival shopping.

Location of these ‘Bandaged Seats’ is in Grafton Coles Shopping Mall.

NSW Government Persecutes ‘Elderly and Handicapped People’.

Hairdresser Forcibly Closed. NSW Government bully demands people wear long hair.

This irresponsible government fixation of shutting down courtesy seats for ‘Elderly People’ and ‘Handicapped People’ who desperately need availability of locations to rest near stores proves that our Governments are insensitive uncaring politicians.

‘Vegetable Shopping’ for the Young and Healthy is okay. Not good for the Elderly with nowhere to sit and rest.

Elderly people that cannot walk and stand long, cannot sit down to rest. Only those with a ‘Walker’ can sit down. When seats were removed from shopping malls, the government failed to spend millions of dollars giving every elderly person the gift of a ‘Walker’ so they can do some regular shopping for their urgent needs. Ridiculous idea? Yes, it would be cheaper to allow ‘Shopping Centres’ to keep their Bench Seats.

Many Elderly people may be strong enough to push a Shopping Trolley but they still need a point of rest before returning to their motor vehicle. Not everyone has a friend or child to help them.

People pushing a ‘Walker’ are limited to how much they can carry pushing a ‘Walker’ with difficulty. Too many repeat shopping trips increases the risk of the Elderly to COVID. A person with a ‘Walker’ cannot push a ‘Shopping Trolly’. It would have been smarter to allow seats with 1.5 metre markings to continue, as once existed before inferior thinker incompetent Premier Gladys Berejiklian instructed the removal of all seats in shopping malls.

Now that Seats are Banned in Lockdown, we will not see many ‘Elderly People’ shopping they will be at home living in often poor conditions short of urgent supplies. There is not enough ‘Aged Care’ Social Workers to help all the Elderly, hence many Elderly Suffer because of the Overzealous irresponsible decision making of NSW Politicians. Gladys Berejiklian must be sacked. But who will have the power and the guts to remove her from office?

The location of these ‘Bandaged Seats’ is in Coles Shopping Mall Grafton, a safe zone since the invasion of COVID into Australia early 2020.

Photographs taken by Allan Ivarsson 2pm 30th August 2021 from his ‘Walker’.

All seats in Shopping Centres originally had a 1.5 metre seating distance, in much the same ways as all seats in Medical Centres and Hospitals are arranged. The ‘Medical Centres’ do not ban patients from sitting down. There was nothing wrong with retaining 1.5 metre seating arrangements in shopping malls, but uncaring inferior thinking politicians banned people from sitting down to rest in between shopping.

This failure to provide seating arrangements for the ‘Elderly People’ and the ‘Handicapped’ proves that our inferior thinking Politicians are intellectually lazy and incompetent.

Meanwhile, we revisit my previous treatise of the Grafton Woolworths Shopping Mall at 3pm on the 30th, August 2021 after the above visit to Coles Shopping Mall.

Remember this? Life Activity… “To Be or Not to Be?” … that is the Question.

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My wife Jan at the Woolworths Checkout I photographed her from my ‘Walker’.

I am now being forced to use a ‘Walker’ since February 2021; hence I can sit down when I need to. And I can stand for short periods hanging onto a shopping trolley so that my wife can rest on the ‘Walker’.

Previously, I had to use Forearm Crutches – Canadian Anatomical with Ergonomic grips, since December 2010 at the age of 62 years. Except for a declining bad left leg, I was able to walk a distance of one hour before being forced to sit down. But as I got older the time of standing and walking got shorter. By my 69th year I struggled to do shopping and had to sit down frequently after 15 minutes. Thus, when seats were removed for a few weeks in April 2020 I was banned from shopping centres, because I could not walk the distance to the shops and do shopping, there was nowhere to sit down. It was at this point of time, I suddenly realised that a large percentage of ‘Elderly People’ and ‘Handicapped People’ suffered the same fate, just because ‘Political Reactionaries’ denied people the right to sit down in-between shopping needs. Fortunately, my wife was then still able to wearily walk and do small shopping trips, whilst I was in and out of hospital, fighting cancer and other operations for two years.

It is an act of ‘High Treason’ by Irresponsible Uncaring Negligence to deny ‘Elderly People’ places to sit and rest in ‘Shopping Centres’.

NSW Government Persecutes ‘Elderly and Handicapped People’.

Government High Treason by Negligence against Elderly People.

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Book Exchange’ Dumping Ground for all the Removed Bench Chairs from Grafton Woolworths Shopping Mall. Removed because not even ‘Giant Monopolies’ like Coles, Woolworths and Big W have the power to fight NSW Premier Dictator Gladys Berejiklian.

Photographs taken by my son Daniel Houston at my request.

People who are not financially wealthy and like to read are now denied the pleasure of self-education because Gladys Berejiklian locked down rejecting reading as an essential activity.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Appropriate Music to reflect the mood of the people facing oppression by out-of-control lockdown…