The ‘Western Free World’ inspired the creation of the Communist Chinese Military Force

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Feature Image: President Xi Jinping inspecting his Navy Military Force 2022

Source of Image… Australian Sky News

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“They [Communist China] are not roaming the region to feed the poor… they are there to establish access to resources, extend their influence, and have strategic military outposts, if required in the event of war.”

Chris Smith May 2022

A.I. comments… Leaders of these South Pacific Islands that do deals with Communist Beijing are gullible and very foolish. They would be wiser to negotiate with Democratic Free Australia and New Zealand and reject working with anti-freedom ideology Communist Beijing.

Location Communist Beijing.

The ‘Western Free World’ inspired the creation of the Communist Chinese Military Force


Sky News host Chris Smith says the Chinese Communist Party are a “pack of liars”. (i)

“Let’s call out China’s grossest lie,” Mr Smith said. (i)

Mr Smith said the CCP will have likely signed up 8 Indo-Pacific nations to “lucrative contracts” by the end of this month. (i)

“Which will have them in debt to the Chinese, both financially and militarily,” he said. (i)

“They are not roaming the region to feed the poor… they are there to establish access to resources, extend their influence, and have strategic military outposts, if required in the event of war.” (i)

Agree to Disagree about Ideas in Peace.

The Philosophy of ‘Freedom Values’ needs the Companionship of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’

Allan Ivarsson comments… When we observe the discipline and behaviour of the Military Forces in Communist Beijing, it becomes clear that the entire Standards of Discipline, Training and Organizational Structure evolved, inspired by the Military examples of the Western World. By influence the Western Free World inspired the creation of the Chinese Military Force. The West inadvertently encouraged the evolution of anti-freedom ideology Marxist Socialist Communism, by lack of Zero Tolerance. That Dark Thinking’ influence came from the history of the ‘Soviet Union’ which in turn was inspired in 1917 by the evil teachings of German Karl Marx Philosophy in his Doctrine the ‘Communist Manifesto’. We can say truthfully that the ideas taught by Karl Marx (1818-1883) is responsible for the cruel death of millions of people, North and South since 1917.

If Hell exists Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, V.I. Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong plus everyone that enforced the tyranny of ‘Marxist Communism’ are now existing in hell. But unfortunately, I know Hell does not exist and that all evil spirits that cruelly torture people and kill them have been cast into the eternal ‘Black Stream’ and their spirits have been consumed gradually into a ‘Black Hole’ which I know does exist.

We as decent human beings are duty bound by eternal spiritual code of honour to free every human being from the tyranny of Marxist Socialist Communist anti-freedom ideology. We cannot and must not tolerate the practice of ‘Marxist Communism’ being enforced upon any society on our planet or in the Universe anywhere.

We must close down Communism ideology in China and Free the Chinese people and give them the right to live free in a democratic process in much the same way the Taiwanese people enjoy.

To achieve this objective without war, means we must shutdown all trade with Communist Beijing China, Import and Export and we must oppose all Beijing deals with other Nations including small islands in the South Pacific and other regions. We must dump diplomacy and say it the way it is as ‘Hardcase’ to protect and preserve ‘Freedom Values’. Zero tolerance towards Anti-Freedom Ideologies is essential for all good wholesome societies.

We must make it persistently clear by ‘United Global Orders’ from every Free Nation that ‘Communist Beijing’ must ‘Free all of the People of China’ from the tyranny of Communism.

We do have the right to challenge Countries that deny their people the right to live free. It is our Duty to fight for the right of all humans to live free.

Using ‘Ahimsa Methods’, we must not be submissive to bully tyranny. We have the natural right of self-defence when attacked that is all.

The Sixth Commandment ‘Cosmic Law’ clearly states… “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. It does not state ‘Thou Shalt not Murder.” The words are correctly stated… “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. That commandment was tabled with the natural instinct common-sense survival understanding that we have the right to defend ourselves and kill those, human and non-human creatures, who are trying to kill us.

The criminal corruption behaviour inside free societies is an anti-freedom abuse of freedom privilege and must be dealt with using ‘Law and Order Justice Process Disciplines.

Violent Demonstrations is a criminal abuse of freedom privilege and likewise ‘Death Threats’ are an abuse of freedom privilege.

Ahimsa Hate Speech and Ahimsa Dislike Speech are natural human rights of ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege.

There is no place in a ‘Free Speech’ Society for the anti-freedom ideology of Political Correctness/Woke Mentality Bully Dictatorship.

It is cowardly to refuse to fight to protect and preserve the eternal human right of people to peacefully live free.

I published a ‘Cosmic Law’ instruction to Xi Jinping, knowing full well that he would disobey my instructions. But I am not finished with dealing with him yet. I report to ‘God of Creation’ and serve the ‘Eternal Spirit of Cosmic Consciousness’ as I was instructed in 1961. I have done the job, I was ordered to do and that is to establish ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ as a ‘Societal Guide’ focused on fighting for the eternal protection and preservation of Freedom Values, in Speech, Choice and Equality for every generation to come. No person has the right to deny people to live free when such people have not denied anyone else the right to live free. That reality is ‘Eternal Cosmic Law.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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