I noticed over the last three years the intelligence of Australians is sliding backwards and the intelligence of Americans is rising higher is that because the Australian ‘Millennium Generation’ is not as sharp as we ‘Baby Boomer Generation’ were? Or more to the point because Australian Education is not as good as American Education.

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American Education promotes good Communication Skills and Patriotism. But Australian Education is now weaker on those important concerns taught to us when we the ‘Baby Boomers’ were taught at school, Australian values.

Every country in the world lacks advanced ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ skills but that problem is another story.

Two Green Politicians Adam Bandt & Lidia Thorpe have refused to recognize our Australian Flag. That tells me the danger of the rise of lack of commonsense intelligence is expanding in Australia. The population did not even say “Boo” to their anti-patriotism enemy thinking mentality.

Is it because the Millennium generation (aged 25 to 39 in 2022) is more wrapped up in greed and having fun good-times void of caring about upgrading their education and country?

Where are the concerns of the younger generation in sense of responsibility and patriotism?

I am still looking for it.

As the last of the ‘Baby Boomers’ I am sadly watching the final death of our ‘Lucky Country’ as due to expanding internal weakness our country is in decline opening the gate inviting ‘Communist Beijing China’ to easily invade us.

Allan Ivarsson 1st July 2022