Solar Panel Fire Danger

Lithium Battery Enemy of Safety.

Incompetent Electricians Enemy of Safety.

Fire is a Risk when we put Solar Panels on our Roof to Soak up the Sun.

Solar Power & Nuclear Power are Natural Dangerous Forces in the Universe.

We need to know and understand more before we jump in to use such power.

Ignorance is our Enemy.

Many have said the risk of using ‘Solar Panels’ catching fire is low, perhaps one in a thousand or one in ten thousand.

But the issue is this… even if the risk is one in a million, no working battler can afford to lose their home and contents and yes even the lives of family, friends & pets. We need to rethink the entire ‘Renewable Energy Strategy’ of using Solar Panels that can trigger a fire.

Imagine if the building house or industry with Solar Panels is located near Bushland and catches fire. The entire bushland, forest region could become a deadly wall of fire that kills others.

I have always been against Renewable Energy Wind Farms on Land and Sea because they destroy environment and life.

I oppose Solar Farms because they like Wind Farms on Land and Sea do destroy environment.

I have supported Solar Panels on Rooftops because I believed they are safe. It seemed like a reasonably good technical idea. But now it has become evident which is not in the news much that Solar Panels on Rooftops can be dangerous at random for many reasons, maybe faulty DC Isolators, maybe birds and animals on rooftops like possums and dirt damage can trigger faulty panel performance. Maybe interfaced Lithium Battery support which tends too often to be flammable and dangerous in performance.

Whatever the reason, one thing is true no person who is not wealthy can afford fire loss of their home and contents and no business can afford loss of employees trapped in burning buildings. And what about all the Solar Panels on tall buildings. Is there a risk of a ‘Towering Inferno’ where lives are lost caused by faulty solar panels or by dangerous connection to Lithium Batteries.

One risk and loss of life and property destroyed by ‘Solar Panel Renewable Energy’ is one loss too many.

I have considered using Solar Panels on top of our home, but I refused until I learn more. I do not trust all Solar Panel Personnel that claim to know what they are doing.

My rules of life are… “Trust is Earned not Given.” & “Think Safety, Think Survive.” & “Fools Rush In.” Like the misguided adage… “He who hesitates is Loss” when the truth is… “Look before you Leap.”

The Entire Solar Panel Renewable Energy system needs more thorough investigation. We cannot trust ‘Climate Change’ Activists because they are panic reactive. Panic destroys. Calm thinking solves.

We cannot trust Political Thinking because too often they are ‘shoot from the hip’ reactive and are not proactive in logic and common-sense. So, we the individual must stand alone and make decisions founded upon common-sense logic which is right for us after we have done our homework.

This treatise is in the beginning… more work is needed.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Australia Solar Fire Incidents

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The Future is in the use of Safer Gelion Zinc-Bromide Batteries not Flammable Lithium Batteries.


9 News Staff Report dated Dec 4, 2020, titled, ‘Spike in solar panel-related fires sparks industry crackdown.’ (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This might by date of incident be old news, but the danger of Solar Panel Fires for variable reasons still exist. More fires have been occurring in Australia and USA and no doubt in other countries. We are not out of the woods yet. Renewable Energy Solar Panel Power is not as safe as ignorant Greens ‘Climate Change’ Activists claim.

“There has been a spike in solar panel-related house fires in NSW, sparking a crackdown on unlicensed installers.” (i)

“In the past three months, Fire and Rescue have extinguished 30 blazes believed to be sparked by panels, a 20 per cent increase on last year.” (i)

“Fire and Rescue NSW said most of the time fires “remain within the switch”. (i)

“But we have had instances where they spread to the house.” (i)

“In recent months Fair Trading NSW has spot-checked 100 businesses and fined 20 solar panel operators for failing to meet industry standards.” (i)

A.I. comments… Using the 80/20 rule, 20% of solar panel operators were fined for failing to meet industry standards. I am a lot tougher, I would not only fine them, I would sack them by denying them the right to operate in the Solar Panel industry. There is no excuse for failing to deliver 100% Performance in Industry Standards. No Excuse, no exceptions. 20% not doing the right thing that is disgraceful.

A few months ago, in early 2022 my wife Jan asked me, “Why aren’t we taking advantage of the special price saving deals which the government offered for a temporary period for installation of Solar Panels.”

I answered, “Because I don’t trust all the Solar Businesses and Operators. Advertising claims they are all great but that is not true. Homework needs to be thoroughly done. Which is the right operator business choice for installation of Solar Panels?” We are pensioners not rich; we own a modest comfortable home which took 20 years of long hours of hard work by both of us to achieve ownership. Like so many Aussie battlers we lived hard in effort to be able to grow old in basic comfort not rich comfort.

Now the problem is that so far, it is my understanding that the life of Solar Panels is only 15 years to 25 years depending on the product manufacture and they are expensive to replace without government funding.

How can Pensioners and Aussie Battlers afford Solar Panels replacement? Answer, they cannot.

So, despite being a potential ‘Fire Hazard’… Renewable Energy Solar Panels is not that cheap. Electricity is still cheaper. And when there is no sun, there is no solar power, for homes and essential appliances and for toilets and showers when no water is available for those that live on Tank Water backed by electrical pumps. And the use of storing power in Lithium Batteries is a dangerous fire hazard. Gel Batteries, Zinc-Bromide is the safer future for storing power. But the evolution of that better safer choice is still evolving.

Climate Change Activists are an inferior thinking illogical lack of common-sense people.

Many Solar Energy Businesses like the one above will sell the idea that Solar Energy can be stored in batteries. Notice this advert suggests use of ‘Lithium-ion batteries’ which I have identified previously in my collected written posts are dangerous and do cause fires. Many business organisations keep marketing the use of Lithium Batteries which are often flammable. We need batteries but we must use battery systems that are safe.

Remember my adage, which I taught my family, “Think Safety, Think Survive.”

“Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson warned people to do their research before getting the panels installed.” (i)

“There are some unscrupulous tradespeople out there who are selling less than the best quality products… not installing them properly and causing fires,” he told 9 News.” (i)

A.I. comments… Yes, I agree, people need to do their research, but the problem is that many people do not have those skills capability and can be easily duped by unscrupulous sellers. How can these people be protected from becoming victims of scam operators? That is a significant problem for society and the development of its wholesome wellbeing. Not everyone has someone nice to help them. Consequently, many people are vulnerable.

“A major review is underway, and people are being urged to check the Fair Trading website to see if their installer is licenced.” (i)

A.I. comments… Being licenced does not mean the installer is good and accurate in quality performance.

“One of the fires was at the home of Ajay Thanki, in Glenwood in Sydney’s western suburbs.” (i)

“He was unaware there was a fire on his roof until one of his neighbours spotted it.” (i)

“We were lucky because the neighbours saw it… otherwise the house could have burned down,” he said. (i)

A.I. comments… We have a long road to travel in technology before Solar Panels and Battery support for energy storage becomes 100% Safe. So far Electricity is still safer.

Solar PV System means ‘Photovoltaic System’.

Watch videos below “How to Store Solar Panel Power” to learn more about PV.

America Solar Fire Incidents

Fire Aug 21, 2019 shortly after 10:30 am Wednesday

San Francisco

Genstar Road in Hayward USA

One anonymous comment caught my attention after he saw the video fire…

“This is one of the downsides of solar panels. They can and do catch fire, occasionally. Other than that, if there’s no sun to shine, what good are panels then?” [The answer to that latter part of his question is in the ‘Off Grid Solar Power System Video.]

“Walmart says at least seven of its stores that used Tesla’s solar panels caught fire. The retail giant says Tesla committed “gross negligence”.

How to Store Solar Panel Power

Allan Ivarsson comments… Underneath each video I have made brief comments about the video.

This video promotes use of Lithium Batteries which I boycott and refuse to use as I deem them to be a dangerous potential fire hazard.

This video mentions the use of Tesla Solar Panels who are being sued by Walmart for starting rooftop fires.

This video gives us a good overview of evolutionary thinking still exploring looking for better methods.

This video tables the negative use of Lithium Batteries. We must explore better battery products void of the use of Lithium. This presentation covers an exploring research and development path of alternative choices and methods, still evolving in society to upgrade the best technological goals. Methods are in competition with each other. The best is still being explored.

This video is an informative ‘How To’ Off Grid Solar Power Battery Bank System. Regardless of whether you want to use such technology ideas or not, it is worth watching to increase your knowledge and technology understanding.

Thank you for reading and watching Allan Ivarsson’s passed forward research activity.

Solar Panel investigation to be continued…

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Allan Ivarsson comments… Since my age of 15 years in 1963, I have always been interested in the exploration of Space via Astronomy and later Cosmology in my adult years. For most of my life until the invention of DVD’s and Website, I just read Books on this exciting subject. From a philosophical point of view, I have touched on the subject of Space in my writing but I leave the science to professionals, scientists who all specialize in different concerns and interests about the exploration of space.

My mission in overview in my study of Space is just to pass forward by enthusiasm the study of Cosmology, I recommend the fun exploration of learning about Space if not as a professional career than as a hobby. Enjoy, Best Wishes Allan.

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