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Wrong use CO2… Carbon Dioxide is a friend of the earth.


Wrong Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a Poisonous Gas and is an enemy of Earth.

CO is a dangerous form of pollution… all cars need to be replaced by Electric Cars. Seems reasonable but is it? What about Trucks and Tractors and other Heavy Machinery? They are not electric. Or perhaps better is the evolution development of a new fuel that uses CO2 for all vehicles and machinery and aeroplanes/airplanes.

Charging Station for Electric Cars.



Recycle Energy using CO2 to Create Fuel… See Video

Instead of spending millions of wasteful dollars on ‘Carbon Trading’ striving to reduce CO2 emissions, which is a friend of earth life, just like Oxygen, why not become smarter and rethink the way we do things and become wiser. No one doubts our sincerity of striving to do the right thing. But remember, we are still in our infancy and we have a lot to learn about how to recycle wisely. We are getting better, but we still are not good enough.

Carbon Trading is not working and never will. It is time to separate the objectives of reducing Poisonous Gasses Pollution from the task of reusing CO2 to our advantage. And we must always remember the essential CO2 needs of plants. Without vegetation we will not receive Oxygen, which is our essential survival need.


This must be emphasised again and again unto each new generation… we cannot protect diversity of wildlife, strengthen growth of more trees and gardens and increase food supplies without the use of CO2 and Oxygen. We need both to survive.

There is no room for Political Panic, we must reject the bully methods of anti-freedom Socialists like the Greens and ‘Doomsday Climate Change Activists’ and stay focused on a persistent commitment to using Science and better technology to find ways of becoming smarter, past just being clever.

It isn’t just in Philosophy and Religion that we must change, we must also constantly change in the upgrade of our technology and science.

Carbon Trading (which specifically targets carbon dioxide CO2 not poisonous gases) is not working because for every country that achieves a reduction in emissions, other countries are not able to achieve such dreamy objectives and are buying points to get them off the hook. Buying emission credit points makes some countries poorer whilst other countries become richer. That is not a justice system. And in reality the global problem of needing a reduction of emissions is not changing, because we are tackling the problem the wrong way. We should be using ‘Gaia Management’ a science cosmic philosophy companionship method.

The problem of Pollution is about Poisonous gases not about CO2. And about rubbish dumped by humans on our planet. Our environment must be protected and kept clean, just like we strive to keep our homes protected and kept clean. It is survival common-sense.

CO2 Carbon Dioxide like Oxygen is a friend of the earth when kept in balance. A Volcano erupting spews out more CO2 than the entire population carbon footprint of earth in a twenty to forty year period. And CO2 helps makes the planet Greener and helps increase food production for all life existence.

Why don’t we simply do what others have started doing… and research and develop methods of Recycling CO2 energy to help improve the atmosphere essential balance of our planet?

There are many forms of essential energy recycling that needs our attention and we are progressing making improvements but right now let’s stay focused on a new evolving idea being developed… the goal of Recycling Energy using CO2 to make a better emissions free fuel energy for vehicles, better than using electric cars.

Watch the below video… we need to change some of our past thinking.

Let us do this homework wisely and calmly to make progress, we don’t need the bully fanaticism of the Socialist Greens mentality. We can achieve higher success by using common-sense pragmatism and ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Erroneous Carbon Trading

The misguided belief that CO2 is causing Global Warming has triggered an erroneous belief around the Political and Business World that the solution to reduce CO2 must be done by Carbon Trading. Where one country reduces their emissions, whilst other countries that cannot are able buy credit points to reduce their emissions reduction target and make them look better on paper/electronic records. This dopey idea is naïve. This is claimed to be the solution to reducing CO2 on our planet. The idea is a lie.

The entire messy process of ‘Carbon Trading’ is about Industries inside a Nation where Governments allow companies to buy and sell government-granted allotments of carbon dioxide output. It is really a very incompetent inaccurate process because not one government has the ability to determine accurately what is a correct level of CO2 output. Worse… truth is CO2 is a friend not our enemy… and does not need emissions control by society. There are far more important concerns than striving to reduce CO2 emissions.

‘Carbon Taxes’ and ‘Carbon Trading Emissions’ must be abolished.

It gets worse than this by trying to control CO2 levels in earth’s atmosphere there are so-called false knowledge thinking experts that as organisations are establishing cap targets for every country. Some strive to reduce lower emissions trading caps for countries by cancelling carbon credits.

Others groups, their names are not worthy of recognition, accept donations and use them to buy and cancel ‘European Allowances’. By removing credits from the carbon market so that industries in countries cannot be allowed a higher emission of carbon, caps on emissions are lowered which reduces the number of credits available to emitters. And the countries that cannot reduce their CO2 emissions for a lot of variable reasons, one need being the requirement to use fossil fuels to create cheaper energy in order to survive… are seriously being hurt by the unjust bullying of carbon trading.

Thus a huge market has been created in the profitable trading of pollution-emission credits. The rich are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer. Poverty is increasing, taxpayers are paying out more wasteful dollars to fight a climate change process that is not being caused by human beings or any other animals non-human.

The entire ‘Carbon Trading Global Activity’ is a money-making racket founded upon a false knowledge idea that humans are causing climate change and that CO2 can be controlled by Carbon Trading. As I have posted in other Climate Change records taught by smarter Scientists the Sun is a key controlling player in the cause of ‘Global Warming and Cooling of the Planet’. There are other causes as identified by Geology, but CO2 is not the problem.

People need to wake up and stop being intellectually lazy and educate themselves with proven path facts about the history and science of climate change, instead of supporting those inferior thinking backward fool doomsday climate change activists. Who are in turn supporting the insanity of greed ‘Carbon Trading’ investors making more wealth for themselves in buying and selling carbon credits at the taxpayers’ expense, who in turn are also being forced to pay higher energy costs, such is the case of idiot Australian Politicians, who in the early 21st Century, couldn’t get it together if their life was on the line. All the politicians in Australia need to be sacked and replaced by a smarter new breed of pragmatic wiser thinkers that listen to the real scientists that understand scientific reality. And I don’t mean those corrupt thinking scientists that support climate change false knowledge so they can get government funding to support their own science projects.

All of this greed manipulation was triggered by the Kyoto Protocol (1997), which needs re-investigation jointly with the Paris Agreement (2015). The KP is an extension of the 1992 ‘United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’ (UNFCCC). This is a separate subject down-the-track for those readers welcoming detailed investigation.

All of these ‘International Treaty Conventions’ are founded upon the phoney ‘Belief System’ that there is scientific consensus that global warming is occurring as a threat to our survival and that human made CO2 emissions has caused it. And hence the objective to reduce Greenhouse Emissions with CO2 being targeted.

Problem is centuries ago many times there have been warmer periods, warmer than what we are experiencing today where societies survived well, until a cooling of the planet occurred and people perished, experiencing famine and plagues and death. Colder is far more dangerous than warmer.

There are volumes of books published on ‘Climate Change Facts’ and ‘Website Posts’ that reveal Scientists reject the false knowledge ideas that demanded the United Nations to stop CO2 emissions. The three conventions treaties are founded upon a false knowledge belief system idea and proves once again the ‘United Nations’ is an incompetent organisation and cannot be trusted with the important job of getting it right.

The Imperialist British London Financial Marketplace started this carbon finance market worth billions of dollars to investors over the decades. Big Business – Multinational Corporations around the globe protected their business reputations by submitting to the false knowledge idea that humans are causing climate change, focused on the idea that everyone must create market-based solutions. The image and sound of profit, losses and gains was on the troubled minds of directors, key investors and CEO’s… thus naturally they supported the emotive fashion statement false knowledge idea that humans were causing climate change… and these greed-based businesspersons were not going to lose profit by going against that false knowledge idea that humans caused climate change.

No need to mention all the big name businesses that joined the support of the ‘Carbon Trading Mutual Admiration Society Bandwagon’ -there was money to be made. They knew a lot of people were gullible and would support the political climate activism and thus they would be safe to trade and make more money.

British Business being ‘politically correct’ supported emissions trading to mitigate climate change. But then I am not surprised it was British mentality that started the ‘politically correct’ idea that we are not allowed to sing the Nursery Rhyme “Baa Baa Black Sheep” because it is racist and that we must sing “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep” I have dealt with this deceitful stupidity previously published in my book COMPENDIUM V

All of this ‘Carbon Trading Activism’ triggered ‘Carbon Footprint Activism’ focused on bullying individual lifestyles around the world. Rich or poor, mostly poorer people are being targeted and are still being harassed by wrong thinking ‘Carbon Footprint Activism’.

The ‘Carbon Trading’ emphasis on CO2 is ignoring the real pollution problem of poisonous gasses emissions, which does not need carbon trading to resolve. The carbon emission trading strategies were created by economists and like psychology so-called experts in economy and psychology don’t have a very good history of getting it right. More wrong thinking bloopers come out of these two limited thinking groups than any other western belief system.

It has been alleged that money laundering have been created using climate change carbon trading activism as a cover. The allegations are probably right, but I am not going to waste time on that concern, because if we stop Carbon Trading… money laundering using that cover will automatically vanish.

There are many other issues too many for the average person, hence it is wiser to simply focus on abolition of ‘Carbon Trading’ by recognition that CO2 is a friendly essential gas like Oxygen for survival of the planet and is not causing ‘Climate Change’ and that all animals human and non-human are not causing climate change.

The Facts proving that reality are out there in books verified by Scientists all we have to do is be brave enough to read them and learn. But don’t expect many politicians to read wisdom and truth books, they are too busy playing political football and shooting ideas from the hip rather than from their brain. Common-sense in politics? Sadly in short supply, political mentality is too focused on being reactive to opinions than doing their individual homework to find out the truth.

Lowering caps on CO2 emissions will increase energy costs and hurt the profit line of big business and seriously hurt the survival of small businesses and the financial position of all taxpayers, making individuals poorer and creating more poverty levels. Unemployment will rise when businesses cannot employ people, caused by high energy costs.

The subject of ‘Greenhouse Gases’ needs to be reviewed separately by each individual component. We need Greenhouse gases to keep the planet warm. Without warmth, we humans and all other animals would perish.

We don’t need ‘Carbon Trading’ to resolve any problems amongst the family of Greenhouse gases. CO2 is not a concern it helps Green the planet and feeds all life directly and indirectly.

The other Greenhouse gases need individual calm scientific review. Don’t lump them all into one basket, deal with each gas as an individual for study, management and solution process. More control exists when we deal with individual cases. Justice and Truth only serves well by individual case studies.

Greenhouse Gases in Earth’s atmosphere are water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and ozone (O3). These individual gasses all need special individual review. We have seen how CO2 is not a concern, and now we shall see how technology is working on a new use for CO2 to create fuel.

First cab off the rank down the track needs a closer look at Methane. Nitrous oxide laughing gas and its misuse is another subject.

The objective of achieving ‘Carbon Neutral’ around the world in total is not wise. The use of carbon-based fuels that when burned which do not increase the creation of carbon dioxide CO2 is a worthwhile objective, but this objective does not need ‘Carbon Trading’ to develop use of such fuels. (Such fuels do not contribute to nor reduce the amount of carbon CO2 in the atmosphere.)

The creation of CO2 Carbon-Neutral Fuel to power cars, trucks, tractors, heavy machinery, trains, and planes is an essential goal.

It must always be remembered that if the earth stops producing CO2 all life will perish. Plants need CO2 to survive and we need Oxygen from plants to survive. We are all dependent upon each other.

Allan Ivarsson 2020


Cars of the Future using CO2 Fuel?

Electric Cars not needed? Replaced by more efficient CO2 fuel-based cars?

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