Cosmic Law on Criminal Cowardice

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9. Thou shalt not use your feet in a one-on-one fight, except for reasons of ‘Martial Art’ Sports training activity learning self-defence to help people protect themselves against people trying to kill them.

3. Thou shalt in the event of personal conflict between two people of the same sex only fight with bare fists or boxing gloves in a fair fight.

Cosmic Law on Criminal Cowardice

A Society void of ‘Codes of Honour’ is a Disrespectful inferior thinking Society.

  1. Thou shalt respect and obey all decent laws as tabled by codes of behaviour recorded in the Ten Commandments.

2. Thou shalt not commit an act of cruelty cowardice against animals, human and non-human.

3. Thou shalt in the event of personal conflict between two people of the same sex only fight with bare fists or boxing gloves in a fair fight.

4. Thou shalt recognise that in the field of fighting there are only two sexes, boy, girl, man, woman.

5. Thou shalt recognise that all other sexual orientation choices shall be identified in the field of fighting as being only male or female.

6. Thou shalt not use weapons of any kind in street fighting.

7. Thou shalt not use weapons against unarmed people.

8. Thou shalt not use inhumane ‘Bola Wrap’ weapons against unarmed people.

9. Thou shalt not use your feet in a one-on-one fight, except for reasons of ‘Martial Art’ Sports training activity learning self-defence to help people protect themselves against people trying to kill them.

10. Thou shalt ensure all fights are a fair fight.

11. Thou shalt fight hoodlum bully enemies and political enemies by codes of honour using Marquis of Queensbury rules on the streets or in the boxing ring.

12. Thou shalt remember that society needs a law which makes cowardice during criminal activity a crime added to the penalty of the crime. The sentence for the crimes must be sentenced consecutively not concurrently.

13. Thou shalt remember that to reduce vicious unjust violence, society must identify cowardice during the act of a crime as an additional crime. Society must not ever tolerate cowardice during a crime.

14. Thou shalt remember that introducing weapons into a fist fight is an act of cowardice.

15. Thou shalt stand strong by enforcing the honour code that all fist fights must be fought fairly with courage, no feet allowed, only fists and no weapons allowed.

16. Thou shalt ensure that robberies using weapons against unarmed people must include the charge of ‘Criminal Cowardice’.

17. Thou shalt not tolerate Vandalism in any form, Deliberate Graffiti, Paint Spray, Arson or Destruction of Statues or any other Public or Private Property.

18. Thou shalt acknowledge that all Mob attacks creating Vandalism results shall be deemed as stealing and as acts of ‘Criminal Cowardice.

It is recommended by Allan Ivarsson that the crime of cowardice during an offence must be enforced by an additional ten-year prison sentence; a non-parole period added consecutively not concurrently to the crime committed.

Why such a tough sentence added to the original crime sentence?

Because, to reduce evil authoritarian violence in crime, society must hate criminal cowards. Society must send a message that the worse criminals are those who are guilty of cowardice during their criminal actions.

All criminal cowards must have the sentence of ‘Shame’ added to their sentence, there is not any place for cowardice during a crime.

‘Cosmic Law’ does not tell society what punishments must be enforced for crime.

‘Cosmic Law’ simply tells us what we must not do and what are essential codes of behaviour.

Allan Ivarsson wrote in 2021…

Every Politician in Australia must stand united and say openly for the entire world to hear that we support Taiwan to live free from the dictatorship rule of Beijing.

Do you know how to prove a leader is a coward? This challenge includes women. Those who chose to cross the line of decency, like did coward Julia Gillard, to support sending women into combat. I have published several reports about the wrong thinking behaviour of politicians approving sending women overseas into combat.

A simple rule of every society. Establish ‘Political Boxing Rings’ under Marquis of Queensbury Rules’. Fight in the ring with gloves. This fight is not about who wins the fight, it is about who has the courage to fight for defence of their beliefs, right or wrong, in a fair fight in the boxing ring, where bruises and blood runs down both combatants face. This fight is about defending the essential values of courage. And if a person refuses to fight to defend their ideas, send them a white feather for being a coward.

In a world that still thrives on the ‘Habit of War’ there is no place for traitors and cowards.

If people want to stop the ‘Habit of War’ then they must have the courage to oppose every form of ‘Totalitarianism’. You cannot demand the right to live free in peace if you do not have the courage to fight for that right.

In peace time conditions, Guns are for cowards, knives are for cowards, every type of physical weapon used against unarmed people is the way of the coward. To stop the ‘Habit of Cruel War’ we need to solve conflicts by boxing in the ring under Marquis of Queensbury Rules. If men and women will not fight in a fair fight in the boxing ring you immediately know you cannot trust them in a real fight for freedom battle. Anyone over the age of seventy years is exempt from fighting in the boxing ring, except political leaders who should have retired by the age of 70 years. Politics needs ‘Energy’ and is for the young under 70 years.

Now that I have upset of lot weak minded thinkers, tough, if you cannot face it, then that’s your problem. In a world still in lockdown with the threat of war with despots, we have no choice whether we like it or not but to fight to the death for our right to live free. And if we don’t have the courage to fight in a fair fight in the boxing ring, we will never have the courage to fight in an unfair war combat battle.

Our ancestors fought in WWII for our right to live free. Are we descendants going to betray their courage by refusing to stand up strong against ‘Communist China’? We need to send a message to the world; we Aussies like the Taiwanese are not afraid to say “No” to the dictatorship threats of Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades.

We keep reading reports claiming the truthful statement that Australia’s relationship has deteriorated over the past year in ‘Free Trade’ but rarely does anyone with exception of writers like myself, make it clear that Xi Jinping Beijing started this conflict deliberately to force Australia to submit to the dictatorship demands of anti-freedom ‘Marxist Communism’.

And as I have previously written Xi Jinping, supported the 2015 ‘Free Trade Deal’ so that he could manipulate us and frighten us in the years ahead, to submit to Beijing demands or be invaded by ‘hot war’. Xi Jinping knew in 2012 that he was going to play Australian Leaders in Politics and Business so that Beijing could gain ownership control of Australia.

Xi Jinping is a coward gangster and that is fact.

Source… below… ‘China and Indonesia War Games Against Australia.’

Click Here to Read.

All of this and more only happens in a ‘Free Society’ all anti-freedom Ideologies like ‘Communism’ ban freedom of speech and freedom of choice and freedom of equality. Never tolerate Marxist Communism, not now, not ever.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.