It is Illegal to Ban the Sale of New Petrol or Diesel Cars without Plebiscite Approval of the Majority of the People

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It is Illegal to Ban the Sale of New Petrol or Diesel Cars without Plebiscite Approval of the Majority of the People.

It is Illegal to Ban the use of Gas, Coal, Wood Fires, and Combustion Engine Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Lawnmowers and all other Petroleum Products Equipment without Plebiscite Approval of the Majority of the People.

Allan Ivarsson 14th September 2022

Aidan Wondracz wrote for Daily Mail Australia and Australian Associated Press on the 29th of August 2022 the following news report titled… Petrol and diesel car sales to be banned in Greater Sydney within five years.’ (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… As an Aussie Pensioner, I am duty bound to defend the right of all pensioners and Aussie Battlers Working Class who cannot afford the ‘Authoritarian’ dictatorship plans being forced upon people, denying them ‘Freedom of Choice’.

My mission is to attack, using ahimsa methods, every person and organisation and government that is striving to oppress the people using ‘Authoritarianism’ to deny people the right to live free in Speech, Choice and Equality.

Accordingly, such enemies of ‘Freedom’ will be identified, and ‘Blacklisted’, including those who are committing acts of ‘High Treason’ against all Australians that want to live free.

The ‘Greedy’ Power Hungry people focused on oppression of all Australians have no idea of how advanced my skills are in my past over fifty years of dynamic working skills and that I am the designer of the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

I Allan Ivarsson in 2013 made an ‘Oath of Allegiance’ to fight for the right of every person to live free in speech, choice and equality, free from all anti-freedom ideologies, including those forms of ‘Authoritarianism’ being imposed in ‘Freedom Nations’ that must be stopped head-on.

I work for free; I do not charge anyone for my mentor hardcase services, and I reject donations. I stand alone against all forms of corruption to the best of my ability and available time.

And now I shall proceed to review this news report by Aidan Wondracz.

“New petrol and diesel cars could be banned from sale in Sydney within the next five years if a radical plan from a think tank is given the go ahead.” (i)

The Committee for Sydney, an urban policy think tank made up of a highly influential body of business leaders and infrastructure experts, has set out a series of proposals to halve carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.” (i)

A.I. comments… These people are not experts, they are ignorant and incompetent in their thinking. They are enemies of freedom; their plans are acts of ‘Authoritarianism’ which is unacceptable thinking and behaviour and must be challenged by zero tolerance.

To reduce CO2, Governments and Society must invest in ‘Technology of CO2 Clean Energy’ for Engines, on land, on water and in the air. Electric Vehicles are a drain on ‘Electricity Grids’ and will increase the cost of living making society poorer.

I have dealt with these plans previously in other reports, but for those who have not read them I will table again what is news reported. And I shall interface the links previously posted by me. Everyone needs to cross-read and identify how dangerous these ‘Authoritarian’ Greedy Business Leaders are, focused on making money out of the EV Market, with no concern with the increase in Poverty that will occur.

Already it is forecast that Electricity Energy Bills in NSW will double in cost of living for every household. And all Industries will suffer increase in costs, which in turn will push up the cost of living to unaffordable levels for Pensioners and Aussie Battlers.

These falsely claimed experts do not care about the harm they will impose on people and Industries and cost of living. All they care about is their vanity to have the power to dictate to the people by the use of tyrannical force.

“The committee released its Decarbonizing Sydney report on Monday unveiling plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2027, and gas appliances by 2030.” (i)

A.I. comments… This Plan is an ‘Act of High Treason’ against Australians. The Plan is an evil ‘Authoritarian Plan’ focused on destruction of ‘Freedom Values’ in Choice and has disobeyed ‘Cosmic Law’.  Accordingly, every person enforcing this plan is automatically ‘Blacklisted’ as an enemy of freedom.

“NSW’s climate policies are leading the nation, but this research is a wakeup call that Sydney’s not on track for net zero – we’ve got plenty of work to do, committee spokesman Sam Kernaghan said.” (i)

A.I. comments… I have written about S.K. previously… read what I said about this enemy of freedom values in the below link.

“The Australian Government is dependent upon the essential income of Fuel Taxes. When Petrol and Diesel Sales are abolished, the Government will be forced to increase the cost of electrical charging of ‘Electronic Vehicles’ to gain the equivalent Billions of Dollars income they once received from the sale of Petroleum Vehicles Fuel.” #

“The Government cannot afford to write off that essential annual sale income, hence, every person that thinks charging costs will be cheaper than fossil fuels are naïve. Costs for Electrical Charging will rapidly increase as sale of ‘Fossil Fuels’ vanishes from the market.” #


The above report is an essential read.

“A blanket ban on the petrol guzzlers would follow in the steps of the ACT, which plans to phase out all emission-producing vehicles by 2035.” (i)

Diesel and petrol cars are the biggest driver of emissions in the area and should be replaced completely by electric vehicles, according to the report.” (i)

A.I. comments… The report is deliberately biased using ‘Authoritarianism’ as a weapon and fails to report on the existent ‘Technology of CO2 Clean Energy’ for Engines, on land, on water and in the air.

“The NSW EV Strategy aims for electric vehicles to make up half of all new car sales by 2030, leading to approx. 15 per cent of the passenger fleet being electric, the report states.” (i)

A.I. comments… Now all of you, get off your arse and think hard. What are you going to do when a heatwave hits your territory and the ‘Energy Grid’ goes into overload as happened recently in California USA and all cars were stopped from charging? Read the below report and think…

All of these people who use ‘Authoritarianism’ to force people to buy ‘Electric Vehicles’ are ‘Enemies of the State’.

Sam Kernaghan said, “Our Accelerated Net Zero Transition model shows we need a much faster ramping up: all new cars need to be electric by 2027, so EVs make up approx. 30 percent of the passenger fleet by 2030- twice as much as in the Steady Transition approach.” (i)

A.I. comments… The wimp Sam Kernaghan is being paid to push the conversion of Sydney to ‘Electric Vehicles’ by Business leaders and investors in the Billionaire EV business. Kernaghan is not doing this because he cares about Australians; he is doing it for himself so that he can make more profit income for himself.

If Sam Kernaghan truly cared about doing the right thing, he would not talk panic mode push for EV increase… he would talk common-sense to develop use of existent ‘Technology of CO2 Clean Energy’ for Engines, on land, on water and in the air… which will not drain ‘Electricity Grids’ and push use of Electrical Energy costs up higher.

Sam Kernaghan’s demand for bans and increase use of UV’s starting in Sydney is all motivated by greed. He is an enemy of the state. And he has been ‘Blacklisted’ by me.

The IPA Institute of Public Affairs founded in 1943 in Australia is an excellent organization focused on protecting Australians right to live free and the IPA published in a Member Newsletter September 2022 the following truthful statement… “Net zero emissions policy will cause economic destruction.”

The important IPA article also states… “Majority of Australians prioritise cheap and reliable energy first and foremost.”

Sam Kernaghan does not care about the damage his agenda will economically do to other Australians. The Rich can take an economic hit, but the Aussie Pensioners and Working Battlers cannot afford such increases in cost caused by reckless ‘Net Zero Emissions Policy’ and by Authoritarian banning of sale of new petrol/diesel cars.

The difference between me and all the ladies and gentlemen members of the excellent IPA, is that I divide the world into a battle between the good guys/gals and the bad guys/gals. I am very kind and considerate towards nice people who strive to do the right thing which includes the manners of respecting everyone’s right to live free in speech, choice and equality, provided they do not abuse freedom privilege, by denying others the right to live free.

However, when I have to deal with ‘Bad Guys’ who use anti-freedom ideology, i.e., ‘Authoritarianism’ I become a ‘Hardcase’ and I keep fighting such dictators again and again. My rule is simple, all anti-freedom creeps must be taken out by smashing their credibility and proving they are enemies of freedom and the state and must be defeated by zero tolerance.

“The plan to ban petrol car sales in NSW by 2027 is more ambitious than other countries with Germany and the UK waiting until 2030 and California 2035.” (i)

A.I. comments… Notice Germany, UK, California USA and Australia claim they care about reducing CO2, but they are liars. If they really cared they would stop draining the ‘Electricity Grid’ and focus on use of existent ‘Technology of CO2 Clean Energy’ for Engines, on land, on water and in the air… which will not drain ‘Electricity Grids’ and push use of Electrical Energy costs up higher.

“The committee [for Sydney] wants to increase the number of electric vehicles expected on the roads by 2030 from 470,000 to 850,000.” (i)

A.I. comments… the Ruthless aggressive mission of this evil ‘Authoritarian Sydney Committee’ is to force Petroleum Stations to close down, which in turn will deny all secondhand car owners the right to buy petrol and diesel for their cars. Such an achievement will impose economic misery upon all Pensioners and Aussie Battlers. The poor will become poorer. And the culprits behind such an achievement will be all members of the Committee who motivated by greed destroyed the economic wellbeing of the lower income people. Every member of this committee should be arrested and charged with ‘High Treason’ and sentenced to a mandatory 20 years imprisonment void of the right of parole. If this agenda is not stopped the poor people will be forced to fight ‘Civil War’.

Actually, I support ‘Capital Punishment’ for the offence of ‘High Treason’ but because I know many people are squeamish about the ‘Death Penalty’ that ‘High Treason’ should be held accountable by mandatory 20 years imprisonment void of the right of parole. Now I am Hardcase tough because it is essential to stop ‘High Treason’.

The committee “Also wants to replace all commercial and government fleets with electric vehicles by the same year.” (i)

A.I. comments… In other words, the replacement of government fleets will increase the debt status of Government denying expenditure on other important needs, like road safety, hospitals, education and essential rescue and protection services. Never mind that the correct procedure is evolution process not bully revolution tactics to boost the sales of EV’s to benefit members of the Committee. Greed in mentality is ruling this committee.

Never mind that if all commercial groups are forced to rapidly convert to use of Electric Vehicles that the cost of their services and products will increase and make people poorer.

“A key reason EV supply is limited in Australia is the lack of fuel standards, along with no future ban on new petrol/diesel vehicles,” the committee report states. (i)

A.I. comments… The fuel standards in petrol/diesel already exists. But of course, by common-sense, fuel standards in electrical charging are still evolving. The problem with this Committee objectives is that they are like all cowards in panic mode, and they are aggressive because their increased income is dependent upon increased sales of electric vehicles. The more EV’s sold the more money the Committee makes. Never Mind about the wholesome wellbeing of Australian Citizens that will become poorer because of the greed of committee members.

The committee claims… “A petrol and diesel car sales ban, announced in advance, would also send a clear signal to industry that EV charging, servicing and supply chain networks need to be in place.” (i)

A.I. comments… What this ‘Authoritarian Committee’ is really saying,We are going to force people to buy ‘Electric Vehicles’ and this will give us the power to destroy the Petrol Stations and eliminate the income of all workers in the Petrol Industry.

This ‘High Treason’ active committee are determined to support their greed for income by destroying the working lives of people, deleting their work opportunities and making Pensioners and Aussie Battlers poorer. This Dictatorship Bully Committee does not care about the economic destruction of ‘Net Zero Emissions Policy’. And they do not care about the serious harm consequences of banning the sale of new Petroleum/Diesel cars.

And for that reason, we the poorer class people may be forced to declare selective ‘Civil War’ against this Authoritarian Treasonous Committee.

Be warned Politicians if you take away people’s right to freedom of choice, freedom of equality and freedom of speech, you will face head-on a ‘Civil War’ action by the people against tyrants. This Committee like so many Greens groups is overusing dictatorship and if ‘Civil War’ is launched it will be a ‘Victory or Death’ Fight. And I know every Committee Member behind this ban demand are cowards, they will not fight to the death for their bully ideas.

‘Lest We Forget’

“Remember Eureka.”

“Remember the ‘Eureka Rebellion’ ‘Battle of Eureka Stockade’ 1854 3rd December at Ballarat: between the rebels and the dictators. This fight was the birth of Democracy and the right of Aussies to live free.

If the Government Bans the sale of new cars using Petrol and Diesel, we may be forced to fight a new rebellion and the first target must be all the treasonous committee members that triggered this dictatorship forcing us to fight to the death for our right to live free in choice void of bully dictatorship.

No one has the right to ban the sale of new cars using petrol or diesel fuel. Freedom of Choice is a human right, we have the eternal right to oppose every form of ‘Authoritarianism’ – no exceptions.

Will the next ‘Civil War Rebellion’ action be in one selected location in Sydney or ACT or in both locations? Tyrants deserve no quarter.

“The report advised the number of charging stations should be increased drastically to cut down on consumer ‘range anxiety’.” (i)

A.I. comments… That concern is common-sense we cannot deny people the right to freedom of choice to buy an EV. But likewise, we cannot deny people the right to buy a new vehicle using Petrol or Diesel or CO2 Clean Energy.

If the Government Bans the sale of new petrol/diesel cars in a bid to put Petrol Stations out of business to force EV upon the people, then we may have to fight a ‘Civil War’ in Sydney and ACT and target the bully creeps enforcing this unethical unjust authoritarian ban.

We cannot let ‘Authoritarianism’ creep into our country and take away our democratic right to ‘Freedom Values’ which includes ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Equality’. If we cannot live free, we have no choice but become ‘Civil War Warriors’.

If they care about consumer range anxiety for EV’s, then they must also care about consumer range anxiety for Petrol Stations. If they don’t care about ‘Freedom of Choice’ for drivers of Petrol/diesel vehicles, then every member on the council are hypocrites.

The Authoritarian Anti-Freedom Green Committee Demands Continues…

Only Wimps will not be angered by this increased threat to destroy our society of freedom. This Sydney Green Activist Committee has gone too far and must be charged with Plans of ‘High Treason’.

“The push adds to a proposal put forward by a Grattan Institute think tank to ban diesel trucks manufactured before 2003 in parts of Sydney and Melbourne by 2025.” (i)

A.I. comments… What these Green hoodlum activists are saying we must destroy the livelihood of every Aussie Truckdriver battling to make a living delivering items and doing pickups. They will deliberately send the truckdrivers broke and these ‘Green Activists’ do not care what happens to them. There will be no adequate compensation or guarantee of other good work opportunities, these truckies will be sacrificed to satisfy the bully vanity of ‘Greens’.

“The report claimed trucks made before 1996 emitted 60 times more pollution than vehicles sold after 2011.” (i)

“Since old trucks are so harmful, the largest capital cities should introduce low-emission zones to keep the most-polluting ones away from people,” the report stated. (i)

A.I. comments… the report is dishonest; it fails to acknowledge that over the years the number of old trucks ‘smoking’ pollution has been shrinking by old age elimination.

The report fails to recognize that for the last 60 years police have been pulling over truck drivers and car owners whose vehicles were blowing too much smoke.

The report fails to recognize that annual registration of vehicles includes repair of serious faults that make it unsafe to drive the vehicle.

The reports fails to provide proof of every vehicle, trucks and cars, that are blowing smoke and it fails to list their registration number. Truly the report is incompetent and exaggerated in today’s vehicle society and is an invention to upgrade their desire to control others. Never tolerate such bully people focused on harassing others.

“On top of introducing more electric vehicles, the Committee for Sydney wants more coal plants to be closed in order to reach the 2030 emissions target.” (i)

A.I. comments… This objective by the Committee to close down more coal plants proves they are anti-freedom Greens Activists.

“Coal part of the ‘Trade Conflict’ between Communist China and Australia. Started by Communist Beijing Xi Jinping President of Marxist China. Coal creates CO2 but the world still needs Coal to survive, which upsets inferior thinking immature ‘Climate Change Activists’. CO2 like Oxygen is an essential gas to the survival of all life on Planet Gaia, that which we call Earth.” (ii)


Not one member of the ‘Authoritarian Committee for Sydney Oppression’ has the courage to publicly fight Communist Xi Jinping Beijing and demand they close down all coal energy plants in China. Every member of the treasonous planning committee, male and female are cowards and that is easy to prove.

Extracts from opinion report (iii) by A.I. about Adam Bandt and Green Mentality…

“The dictatorship tactics of the Greens must not ever be tolerated. And only ignorant incompetent wimps will vote for the Greens.” (iii)

“If you want to reduce CO2 levels, dump ‘Electric Vehicles’ and focus on developing existing CO2 technology to convert all engines from petroleum/diesel to use of clean energy fuel called CO2 gas.” (iii)

“Not one Politician around the globe has recognised the important technology of CO2 Clean Energy. Allan Ivarsson is more alert than all of the current politicians in the world during this last two decades of the early 21st Century.” (iii)

“Do not waste trillions of dollars Taxpayers money on ‘Carbon Trading’ which is only serving to help make greedy people richer. And is not changing the CO2 environment around the globe.” (iii)

“China, India and Russia have no intension of striving to lower emissions, which proves that Australian Politicians including the Greens, are naïve fruit loops thinking that Australians will make a difference to global emissions reduction. All that the Zero Net Target is doing for Australia is helping Australians to live poorer by enduring more expensive cost of living and higher rates of unemployment.” (iii)

Bandt said… “We have differences of views about how quickly we should get out of existing coal and gas, but everyone can surely agree that we shouldn’t open up new coal and gas projects.” (iii)

“A.I. comments… No Bandt, we cannot agree whilst China, India and Russia refuse to eliminate use of fossil fuels. Our failure to use fossil fuels is counterproductive to the thinking of China, India and Russia. Using fossil fuels their economy is growing stronger whilst Australian economy is growing weaker. We would be stupid to become subservient to larger population nations. And remember Communist Beijing is focused on China becoming the number one Superpower to rule Earth and Space and refuses to eliminate use of fossil fuel.” (iii)

“Bandt, you are a mouse when it comes to dealing with Xi Jinping. Communist Chinese Beijing Intelligence has been watching me for four years and Xi Jinping is offended by my attacks against him. What have you publicly written about Xi Jinping? I would like to read it. So far, I have not read anything that you have written attacking Beijing’s insistence on continuing to use fossil fuels. Like I said Bandt… you are a mouse.” (iii)

“The ALP has promised to set targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 43 per cent by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050. However, the Greens want a 75 per cent reduction by 2030 and to hit net zero emissions by 2035.” (i) The Morrison Liberal Party set the net zero emissions target to be achieved by 2050.” (iii)

“A.I. comments… These net zero emission objectives are destroying the Australian economy and are stopping Australia from becoming a stronger self-sufficient Nation. China is beating us because Communist China is using fossil fuel to rapidly make its self-sufficient economy and military force stronger.” (iii)

“The Australian Labor Party and the Australian Coalition Liberal-Nationals and the Greens are all focused by erroneous strategy on the economic weakening of Australia and the refusal to focus on making Australia Stronger again by building Manufacturing and Food Production that is 100% Self-Sufficient.” (iii)

“In short, nearly every politician in Federal and State Governments in the current political teams are incompetent and their wrong thinking is destructive of Australia’s potential quality of life wholesome wellbeing. The Gates of Australia are currently wide-open for the invasion takeover of Communist China without firing a shot. We Australians have become stupid by our ignorance and negligence. We have failed like cowards to close down all trade import and export with Communist China.” (iii)

“The creation of Electric Cars is not going to reduce CO2; it will strengthen its existence. The future of society needs to use CO2 Clean Energy on all Engines to replace the use of petroleum and diesel but politicians including the Greens are not smart enough to make that existent technology objective priority one.” (iii)

“Anyone who thinks humans can control ‘Climate Change’ is an idiot and that is provable fact.” (iii)

“The Greens Strategy will destroy the ‘Self-Sufficiency’ of Australia and the economic strength of Australia and will give Communist Beijing the increased opportunity to invade Australia without firing a shot. And Xi Jinping would open up more coal mines and gas flow to strengthen China’s needs. End Game: Climate Action dumped by Superpower Communist China.” (iii)


The Australian people now have no say about how they want their Country to be managed. They are being forced by enemies of Australia, the Greens, including the ‘Green Mentality’ Dictatorship Committee for Sydney ban of new cars using petrol or diesel, to submit to their Authoritarian Demands. Such demands enforced by force is a ‘Gangster Action’ and must be fought head-on. If these Green Fanatics are not stopped Democracy in Australia is dead. These Energy Bans are anti-Democracy ‘Totalitarian’ tactics and that instantly makes all ‘Greens’ enemy of the state. This sad reality gives ‘True Blue’ Aussies the right to launch ‘Civil War’ against these treasonous creeps.

Like I wrote earlier…

“Remember Eureka.”

The Committee for Sydney… Demands… “No new gas connections from 2035 and no new gas appliances by 2030 are part of the proposed plan.” (i)

A.I. comments… The Committee is not asking for a Plebiscite vote by the people to democratically approve of these objectives… the Committee of Sydney is saying the people will do want we tell them to do. Democracy is dead… you the people will obey our Dictatorship… you the people have no right to say by democratic vote what you want as a majority. The Committee of Sydney is nothing more than a Gangster Organization because it will use force to achieve its policy agenda and for that reason every member of the committee is automatically guilty of ‘High Treason’ and becomes automatically an ‘Enemy of the State’.

No one has the right to destroy Democracy.

“Both come with big social, logistical and political challenges, but the reduced energy bills that come with electrifying transport and buildings will be worth it, Mr. Kernaghan said.” (i)

A.I. comments… Sam Kernaghan is a liar. Costs of Electricity Energy is increasing not going down. And it is forecast to increase more. Costs of Electricity per households and Industries are expected to double over the next few years.

Pensioners and Aussie Battlers in Working Class will become poorer as Electricity Costs increase. Food Supplies will become dearer due to increased Energy costs and cowards like Sam Kernaghan will be responsible, if they are allowed to recklessly force their oppressive demands upon the people denying them a democratic right to vote on all Energy Management Decisions, which includes the use of Gas, Coal, Wood Fires, and Combustion Engine Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Lawnmowers and all other Petroleum Products Equipment.

The People have the right as a majority vote to decide on all Energy Needs not the Greens and not the Committee of Sydney and not even Parliament. How a country is run is a Peoples by Majority Decision. Remember all Politicians are paid by Australian Taxpayers and that all Politicians report to the People, not the other way around. This Planned Dictatorship of Sydney Committee must be closed down because its ‘Authoritarian Agenda’ is an unjust anti-freedom of choice agenda and has no respect for the rights of the people to live ‘Free in Choice’. Dictatorship is the Destruction of Democracy, and such ‘Authoritarianism’ must not ever be tolerated.

The IPA Member News for September 2022 reported by Daniel Wild and Dr Kevin You, that Australia’s Net Zero Energy Crisis: An analysis of the Electricity price implications of net zero by 2050 identified that if we pursue a net zero emissions target, in particular, the closure of six coal-fired power stations by 2030, the annual electricity bill of a typical Australian family would rise to $3,250 ($810 per quarter), an increase of $1,650 from today.

I have noticed over the last three years our electricity bill is increasing per quarter. And my wife Jan and I are very strict in managing Electricity Use.

“Right now, as I am writing this overview, I am experiencing at 6:55 am freezing cold conditions. I am rugged up in warmer winter clothing with finger free hand gloves, inside our house. No heaters. I am not in snow country, even though it is freezing cold on the 10th of July 2022 Australia time in the theoretical warmer Northern Region of NSW, which is traditionally hot in Summer period.” (iv)

“I refuse to use wood stoves, because it pollutes the air with smoke, which so many people do up here, who are not tough enough to simply dress up in warmer winter clothing and endure cold conditions. My wife and I do not use Airconditioning or Electrical Heaters or Clothing Dryers we just adapt summer and winter to temperature changes. In our elderly years, hot and cold temperatures are tougher to endure than when we were young.” (iv)

“Being Pensioners, we cannot afford excessive use of energy just to enjoy extra warmth in Winter inside our home, and cooler conditions in summer. We must be tougher than others and simply endure. The temperature at the moment is 5 Degrees Centigrade. Earlier it was 2 Degrees C. during the night. The sun is now rising outside by midday it will be warmer for about four hours then it will rapidly decline to colder temperatures.” (iv)

“Nor can we afford to install ‘Solar Panels’.” (iv)


“The committee [for Sydney] “report shows… how making the switch to cleaner energy could reduce the cost-of-living pressures.” (i)

“The modelling suggests that by 2050, solar-powered households could be saving $1,000 a year on energy bills on average and running an EV could save another $1,250 per year.” (i)

“A home battery could reduce those bills by a further $850 per year and converting gas appliance to electric could save another $150 per year on average.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments These figures were pulled out of the air to encourage naïve people to blindly believe in this invented air born savings. My response to the Committee is “Liar Liar Pants on Fire”. I hate deceit.

Read my website ‘Energy Reports’ which I am persistently stop/start during the year investigating more concerns. If people choose to be ignorant and believe everything they are falsely told about ‘Climate Change’, ‘Renewable Energy’, Solar and Wind Power, ‘Batteries’ and ‘Coal Mining versus Lithium Mining’, they deserve the misery they will experience by reeling in the ‘Trojan Horse’ of deceit, being sold by ‘Green Mentality’ that does not care about our planet and is only motivated by their own Greed for Money and Authoritarian Power to satisfy their own vanity.

It should be noted that only prosperous people who own their own house can maybe one day afford ‘Solar Panels’. And Solar is not always reliable, it only works when the sun shines. What about all the people renting apartments, how are they going to save money on Solar? Landlords are not going to rush in and spend money on Solar to help their Renters. Millions of people renting will not save money from ‘Solar Energy’.

The best way to gain from Solar Panels is to connect them to Batteries for off the Grid use, including when ‘Blackouts’ occur. But even Batteries can be dangerous… ‘Lithium Batteries’ are flammable and there has been many incidents in Australia and USA, no doubt also elsewhere, where homes have caught fire and burned down because of use of Lithium Batteries. But this deceitful Sydney Green Committee does not talk about those historical dangers.

Also, there is a serious now rapidly increasing concern of Batteries Polluting our Planet. This Sydney Green Committee does not care about that serious danger.

In addition, Solar Farms and Wind Farms are destroying Earth’s Environment including Wildlife on Land and Sea. This inferior thinking Sydney Green Committee does not care about the destruction of our planet.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

Transcript of Slide comments by A.I.

Pensioners & Poorer Australians will be forced to bring charges of ‘High Treason’ against the Australian Government & State Governments for losing their right to drive banned Petrol Cars.

The crippling effect of banning Petrol Cars will encourage the creation of a ‘Civil War’ movement in Australia.

To stop this evil bullying demand to force purchase of EV’s the government is duty bound to finance the cheaper conversion of all Petrol & Diesel Vehicles to the use of CO2 Green Clean Energy, so that the people can keep their existing vehicle.

Born Free


Born free, as free as the wind blows

As free as the grass grows

Born free to follow your heart

Live free and beauty surrounds you

The world still astounds you

Each time you look at a star

Stay free, where no walls divide you

You’re free as the roaring tide

So there’s no need to hide

Born free, and life is worth living

But only worth living

‘Cause you’re born free

(Stay free, where no walls divide you)

You’re free as the roaring tide

So there’s no need to hide

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