Electric Vehicle Charging… Water, Electricity, Snow, Fire, Reduced Parking Space, Less Trees, Accident Reports Inevitable…

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Society enters into the temporary 21st Century Insanity of Electrical Charging increasing cost of living in Homes, Industry, Food Supplies, etc. etc. etc.

Anti-Freedom Ideology, Authoritarianism strives to ban the use of fossil fuel Petroleum combustion vehicles. And refuses to invest in the research development of CO2 Clean Energy Technology for all engines on Land, Water and in the Air, which is safer than use of Electricity Charging Engines.

I was taught as a child, never stand on ‘Wet Ground’ when using Electricity.

No charging here. Do I have enough electrical power to make it to the next dry charging location? Wherever that is.

Oh my God! I just exploded. What about my passengers and the children waiting in the car? Like they safely do, waiting in Petrol Stations.

Electric Vehicle Charging… Water, Electricity, Snow, Fire, Reduced Parking Space, Less Trees, Accident Reports Inevitable.

Different Corporations investing in Electrical Charging. Move over Petrol Stations, we, all different business names are going to cover the land with volumes more Electrical Charging active monuments than is needed for Petrol & Diesel supplies.

Variety of Locations.

Rain, Hail, Snow or Sunshine we will be there for your charging needs.

EV Charging Reduces Available Car Parking Space.

Around the Western World Parking Spaces for EV charging only. The question will often be said in mind, “Where oh where will I find space to park my car? I don’t need charging.”

Oh its been raining. How safe is it to charge my EV when the ground is wet? What do I do when I am charging if a light rain sun-shower comes down? Stop charging? Oh my God, it is a sudden rain bomb happening after I started charging. What do I do quit charging? It is raining in the entire region. Where do I take my car for energy charging? I am now low on energy. How long will I have to park here?

Charging at night? Alone? Stranger Danger?

How safe is it to stand on Snow, Frozen Water, whilst charging Electric Vehicle?

More Stranger Danger charging at night. If you are a shift worker or a traveller, it is safer to fill up at a Gasoline Station for Petrol or Diesel, where other people are around, than at a lonely electric charging location. Get the charge? About Safety?

Different Charging Brands are into Electrical Charging Investment. What impact does this have on the local supply Grid for Electricity to Homes and Industries? It will be interesting to watch, whether our Energy Costs for Universal Electricity needs, increases or decreases, because of EV Charging Demands.

So much cleared land. No trees, no wildlife, no wonder planet earth is beginning to suffer. We humans are not proving to be smart. There is a big difference between being clever and smart.

More plans for EV charging. Soon Planet Earth will be covered with more Energy Charging Locations, volumes more in acres, than was ever needed for Petrol/Diesel Stations. And they call this being ‘Green’.

Charging during rain. This image suggests it is safe to charge in the rain. Electricity and water working together? mmm… charging in the rain? Will someone get charged if it is not safe? There are no warning signs not to charge an EV in the rain.

New plans to increase acreage on earth filled with Electric Car Charging Monuments.

Gasoline Stations are safer and more environmentally friendly than Electric Charging Monuments.

It is a myth to claim that EV’s process does not create CO2.

EV Charging encourages increased Stranger Danger at Night. Increased Vandalism. Increased EV Speed and Explosions. No one should be sitting in an Electric Vehicle whilst it is charging, all children, babies, elderly people, pregnant women and handicapped people must get out of the vehicle whilst the depleted electric energy needs charging. EV’s can explode whilst charging. It only takes one faulty incident for a car to burst into flames and explode whilst charging. “Think Safe, Think Survive”.

Sitting in a EV whilst it is charging, is not as safe as sitting in a fossil fuel gasoline combustion vehicle, whilst it is being filled up with Petrol or Diesel.

Allan Ivarsson 5th October 2022.

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