Hi Readers, I Allan Ivarsson, am not impressed by the high level of incompetence in the so-called Western Free World over the last decade. I cannot help European Nations who refuse to post their news and problems in English that which I call ‘Gaia Language’ with good reason founded upon pragmatic vision. My focus for philosophical solutions must be for Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Britain. My Priority is Australia and USA for passing forward solutions to problems and anti-freedom dangers. Every other country can learn from my mentor free guidance by using my advanced philosophical intelligence understanding, adapting and adjusting ideas to help them survive living free. We cannot solve problems if we are denied the right to live free. ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ works best when ideas and wisdom is passed forward by people sharing ideas and solutions with each other. Word of Mouth in writing, works best for every new generation. My immediate focus is fighting to eliminate ‘Authoritarianism’ in all of its forms in the West and working to help the Chinese people that are oppressed by Marxist Socialism Communism in China. To succeed, I need the support of every person that ‘Values Freedom’ in Speech, Choice, and Equality. I do not want donations, I work for free, giving my insight to others as ‘Social Capital’. [Enjoy below Freedom, Line Dancing and Cowgirl Music and more…]

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Freedom Music

Line Dancing and Cowgirl Music and More…

Hey Xi Jinping, you and I are enemies.

I Allan Ivarsson stand for ‘Freedom’ you Jinping stands for Dictatorship Oppression; your bully coward methods shall always be rejected. Freedom is the Call, the Chant, it shall always resound again and again. And Line Dancing is one great way to dance ‘Free in Spirit’.”

The Sunny Cowgirls of Rural and Regional Australia


Thailand is a flawed Democracy in danger of becoming a Military Dictatorship since 2014. Here the young dance free in 2012. We must all strive to encourage ‘Freedom’ to continue to live ‘Free’.

Allan Ivarsson 26th October 2022

Defend the right of every person to live free in peace.

Enjoy Youth but don’t be Mesmerized by it.

Enjoy Freedom Music but remember without Wisdom and Survival Commonsense we are handicapped. Get it on by living free and defending your right to live free by opposing every form of Authoritarianism in the ‘Free World’ and in the Marxist Socialist Communist World.

Allan Ivarsson 26th October 2022

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