Santa Clause Climate Change Accident Christmas Morning

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Santa Clause Climate Change Accident Christmas Morning

Reindeers are in hospital… full recovery is expected.

Being an experienced Skydiver, Santa Clause freed himself and lowered himself to safety. He called in his Drone Ambulance Vehicle and shipped his reindeers to Mrs. Clause who is an experienced Veterinarian.

This incident occurred after he had completed all of his global deliveries.

It is the first time I have talked to Santa since I was four years old when I accidently saw him in 1952. All I could say was “Hello”. He smiled and left. It was the first time I ever saw his Santa Suit.

I saw him briefly in a dream just before dawn on 25th December 2022, he was running late returning home after being hung up by wind turbine turbulence. He said, “I am supposed to be smarter than the birds. But this time I miscalculated the speed of the wind change. I took a selfie video image, to study my error when I get back to the North Pole.” He then in instant vanished. He moves so fast, but then I guess he has to in a world now of eight billion people. With all the technology changes, I think he designed a ‘warp speed’ control to guide his reindeer movements. But then even Santa has had to change with the times. But he true to his clever skills refuses to explain how he does it. I Believe, I Believe…

Allan Ivarsson Christmas Reporter for Santa Daily.

Special Edition of ‘Miracle on 34th Street’.

Dream Dream Dream…