Prophesy: Western Warning by Allan Ivarsson Posted on Bare Naked Islam

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Feature Image: Stop Walking ‘Think Tank’.

We need to urgently strengthen our ‘Free World’ to save it from destruction.

Without ‘Good Values Freedom’ we have nothing but misery.

Prophesy can be reversed.

Prophesy: Western Warning by Allan Ivarsson Posted on Bare Naked Islam

Allan Ivarsson says on December 28, 2022.

BNI, as you know, I feel a deep frustration with the entire ‘Free World’ which is now being persistently bully threatened by Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin anti-freedom Marxist Socialist Communism.

But how can we stop these evil Communist Forces, when the internal politics of the ‘Free World’ in every country, is refusing to reject all the authoritarianism and anti-freedom behaviour in their territory?

Thousands of reports identify correctly wrong thinking and bad behaviour, week after week, year after year and nothing changes. History keeps repeating itself. There is rarely any corrective action to fix wrong.

When the Armed Forces and Police are being stripped down and denied strength of character, it tells us that society is falling apart at the seams.

Civil War won’t even fix the problems. It is the too gentle philosophy of the people that is allowing society to degenerate. We no longer have tough punishment rules because Psychology has weakened society with excuses. Far too many people are obsessed with using incompetent shrinks.

The people have lost their sense of honour and values. Soon Communist China will rule the West and all this crap will be eliminated by violent force, but so too will freedom be eliminated.

It is the people that vote in incompetent idiot politicians. It is the people by their apathy that have failed to defend codes of decency by use of force, discipline and zero tolerance.

Western Societies three hundred years ‘Freedom Experiment’ is coming to an end and once more Ancient Tyranny will rule the world, waging ‘The Habit of War’ until our Homo Sapiens Species destroys itself by extinction and the rest of the non-human animal world will cheer at our elimination caused by our stupidity.

It is time for homo sapiens to change their thinking and learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to stop all anti-freedom ideologies. Rape and Murder is also an act of Authoritarianism.

Banning the sale of new fossil fuel engines vehicles is also an act of Authoritarianism, when the persons demanding the sale ban refuse to invest in the Clean Energy Engine Technology of using CO2 gas power which is cheaper than Electric Vehicles and does not drain energy electricity grids.

Releasing Murderers from Prison when the victim is denied the right to live free is an act of Authoritarianism.

Gang Rapists and Serial Paedophiles being released from prison is an act of authoritarianism.

Anyone who denies others the right to live free in peace is guilty of authoritarianism.

Clearing thousands of acres of land destroying trees and wildlife environment to build ‘Wind Farms and Solar Farms’ is an act of Authoritarianism and is not ‘Green’.