USA Mass Shootings Thus Push for More Gun Control

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USA Mass Shootings Thus Push for More Gun Control

What’s the Solution to this seemingly out-of-control emotional problem?

No one seems to have the right answers.

We need to learn to be ‘The Eye of Calm in a Storm’.

So, you feel safe because you own a gun?

Just remember when you talk to experienced ‘Combat Veterans’ you learn quickly no one is safe with a gun. Both sides are killed. As our population increases, we need to learn to phase out the ‘Habit of War’. That means our Societal Belief System must change we must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ as a majority.

Where’s the solution when both sides are looking down the barrel of a gun?


Click on above link to listen to Sky News video whilst the comments last on the Internet.

Sample Advertisements for Sale and Ammo in America.

Why do Individual Americans need so many guns and such volumes of Ammunition? To Kill Each other? How is that protecting the right of people to live free, safe in peace? Do they need the weapons to protect themselves against the invasion of Communist China? Seems likely. But having guns and being adequately trained to use them, needs Military Training not Amateur Training.

The Chinese Military are Trained by the Military not by Amateurs. But then if a real war begins, it will be a war of Hypersonic Missiles including Nuclear Warheads. How will armed guns fight that?

Society starting with America needs to rethink its Survival Philosophy.

The Purpose of this paper is to calmly void of panic get people thinking about Gun Control needs and laws that protect and preserve people’s rights to live free and safe from crazies who misuse Gun Power to Deliberately hurt others. There is no place for ‘Criminal Cowards’ in a good decent society.

Do your exploration homework calmly leave emotion out of the discussion and passed forward information. It is time for common-sense ‘Think Tank’. There is no place for Gun Running Greed. Do the right thing. People have the eternal right to live free in peace and safety.

Allan Ivarsson 7th February 2023.

Transcript of A.I. comments on Facebook Slide on Gun Laws.

A.I. comments… Gun Laws still not resolved in USA.

If Texas is truthfully gaining better societal safety results, then every State needs to look at their laws and values and learn by them. More calm homework is needed.

In Europe where Islamic Invasion is out of control there are more knife attacks than guns because guns are not easily available. The real problem in Muslim and Non-Muslim social groups is ‘Belief Systems’ thinking in people who suffer from lack of Moral Beliefs in doing the right thing. And fail to obey the Ten Commandments, including the Sixth Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

It seems society needs to post on Billboards around the country the Ten Commandments, with the Sixth Commandment posted in large bold words.

“Sky News contributor Kristin Tate says there is the “usual push for gun control” in the US following two mass shootings in California over three days.” (i)

“But if you look at the facts regarding gun control – gun control does not seem to work in preventing gun-related deaths,” she told Sky News host Chris Kenny.” (i)

“She said “better laws” related to gun ownership appear to be more effective.” (i)

A.I. advises teach ‘Cosmic Laws’ about Decency, Moral Values and Doing the Right Thing in all High Schools in every State around the world. We need to upgrade the belief in the importance of ‘Codes of Honour’.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 6th of February 2023 (74 years of age on Boxing Day 26th Dec.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

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