AUSTRALIA: Queensland Beach Holiday Adventure

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Feature Image: Life Fun Adventure For Overseas Tourists & Aussies in Queensland.


Lucky visitors will also be able to spot whales and turtles from the walking trails during migration season from May to November.

Dubbed the ‘perfect Australian experience’, travellers will find wild kangaroos and wallabies on the beach at sunrise – and rangers are always around to make sure tourists are safe with the temperamental animals.

Smalleys Beach is close to several walking tracks around the area, and visitors are also welcome to camp on-site.

AUSTRALIA: Queensland Beach Holiday Adventure.

Transcript from Allan Ivarsson’s Facebook Post July 11th, 2023.  

Wallabies? I don’t need to go there. We have them on our property. One loves living here. And the pregnant stay around until their babies leave the pouch and are strong enough to leave the mother.

Kangaroos, we get an occasional male pest, over the years I have had to fight these pests trying to take over territory striving to drive away Wallabies. I have watched two males boxing fight to rule an area on our property.  

No guns or spears or arrows or Boomerangs are needed. Just defence by a mild stake to stop the advance of aggressive male roos. And to protect oneself against their sharp claws.  

I have seen volumes of beaches North & South of Sydney. Now on a ‘Walker’ at the age of 74 years. Looking at photographs is excitement for me.

Wallabies in Author’s Northern NSW Gardens.

2010 Whilst he was building gardens.

2014 Gardens Growing Up.

2015 Wallabies near Mango Tree & Bottlebrush.

Possum Visiting us at Night on our Verandah 12:55 am 31st January 2023

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2017.

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