As Guided by COSMIC LAW, I still Vote “NO”.

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Transcript of Facebook Slide by A.I. 9th October, 2023

Interesting disturbing read. But I will still vote “No” for good reasons. I also reject the idea of Treaties and I criticize past unjust behaviours by people towards Indigenous people. But just like Australians died for wars to protect our Nation, which was an unjust battle, so too did Indigenous people suffer by injustice. We need to collectively put all that history behind us, recognise the past historical wrongs and collectively unite as one Australian people, one race of many migrants from all races around the globe, now united as one people, all equal in rights and privileges. Our generations since the ‘Baby Boomers’ did not create all this injustice amongst the history of the Indigenous or the rest of our descendants being forced to fight and die for the right of all Australians to live free, including dying for the rights of Indigenous people to live free. We now are one people. We do not need a Voice or Treaty; we are one people and we all through ‘Freedom of Speech’ have a voice and equal rights. No one shall be superior to anyone else. As it was written by Author Allan Ivarsson of ‘Cosmic Law’ so must it be done.