Positive Mental Attitude versus Optimism

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Positive Mental Attitude versus Optimism


On the 25th July 2016, Dr. Elsa Schieder, Canada, ‘World Truth Summit’ wrote, the following ‘Optimism’ extract in an e-mail, which also talked about political concerns in today’s world…

Today, good optimism vs dangerous optimism. Then, doing what we can. Finally, a possible further step in terms of being the change I want to see in the world.” (i)

I read something that stunned me the other day – something negative about optimism. I’m used to seeing optimism as a strong positive force – optimists recover faster from all kinds of illnesses, for instance.”

“But here’s what I read. You have to face “the most brutal facts of your current reality” and at the same time “you have to retain faith that you will prevail in the end regardless of the difficulties.” This is from Admiral Stockdale, who survived 8 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.”

“Next he was asked about which kind of people didn’t make it: “Oh, that’s easy. The optimists… They were the ones who said, “We’re going to be out by Christmas”.”

“And Christmas would come… Then they’d say, “We’re going to be out by Easter”. And Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas again. And they died of a broken heart”.” (i) 

(i) http://elsasblog.com/160724-good-optimism-bad-optimism.html

“In other words, believing things will be easy is a dangerous form of optimism. But the utter conviction that we will make it, no matter what, is a powerful positive. I would define this as healthy optimism.(i)

End of Elsa’s extract statement.

A.I. comments… I posted forward to global friends on e-mail, the 26th July 2016 a brief introduction to Elsa Schieder’s interesting treatise of thoughts. Elsa replied to my e-mail and amongst her words she said… “Thank you for forwarding… “I think your ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ is my ‘Healthy Optimism’.”

There is different ways of perceiving things, but I think that Elsa’s synonymous comparison was a good way of tabling positive thinking. Though in reality, I am not so much an optimist as I am a dedicated ‘Positive Mental Thinking Person’ founded upon my constant persistent effort to use wisdom and pragmatic common sense to the best of my ability.

In the introduction of the e-mail, I made the following extracted comments…

I concur with the experiential observation that saw ‘Optimism’ in action, in Vietnam. I have never been an ‘Optimistic Person’, I have never suffered from depression or writer’s block. Automatic understanding flows in my mind, and the more I learn, the better that automation channelling process works. I don’t need ‘Optimism’, I don’t need to keep making myself smile every day as some teach. I simply live with a sense of awe at the wonder of the world and I smile at the beautiful things I see, and at the funny experiences I enjoy. I think the idea, which I have seen many times over the years since 1970 that “we must beam more love” is misleading “Optimism”. Love and caring kindness, the way of goodness is not something we must make ourselves do, it is something natural that we just automatically feel, by natural instinct. But when we are fighting for our survival in dangerous elements, the only thing that can help us survive is calm emotional intelligence backed by willpower and pragmatic common sense.

Dreaming about love and fun takes second position in survival struggles. In 1970 at the age of 21 years, I learned the power of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, which has never failed me, even during the many difficult hardships I endured, as we all do in some way or another. Knowledge is power, but that is only true if we use it wisely with open mind. When ideality and reality face each other, reality is true.

We must first recognise reality to solve problems. Dangerous hardships and bad ideas don’t fix themselves, positive corrective action must fix them, and that reality applies to stopping anti-freedom apartheid Islam and negative ‘Politically Correct’ Socialism. Ideality serves only as a vision, a guide to work on, but first reality must be dealt with.

When I was given three hours to live with a blood clot on my lungs in November 1975 at the age of 26 years at 3am in the morning… it was not ‘Optimism’ that helped me survive. If I had used ‘Optimism’, I would have died. When I overheard doctors tell my parents that I would not survive the night, I said, “Like Hell!” Using ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ I asked a nurse for paper & pen and began to write. I refused to go to sleep as tired as I felt, in deep pain, I wrote every idea in my head to keep me active and awake until I passed the danger zone 18 hours later, then I was able to go to sleep and live.

To live free, we must first live with ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, not afraid to face reality and not afraid to work persistently towards upgrading quality of life for all, using corrective action strategy and hardworking effort. There is no easy road, love is not our strength, it is our shared benefit, and optimism is not our aid; ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, not afraid to live the challenge of life is our strength. It is the challenge that creates the meaning and purpose of our life. Reality is that simple. We are what we believe, how we think, and act is a direct consequence of our ‘Belief System’ or lack thereof.

The following email posted, received on the 1st July 2016, written by my niece Karen Offord’ is an important philosophical thought process, about how we must all during our lives stop and turn the search light inwards and explore our own thoughts and beliefs.


Are you limiting yourself by an old belief?

How often do we question our beliefs?

How often do we just settle and accept ‘that’s just the way it is!’

I’m sure you know that for too many people, the answer is obvious. We don’t question them, we just accept them.

A little while back I was listening to one of Anthony Robbins videos, where he shared a great analogy and story. He talked about how he went to the circus with his family and there was a giant elephant. He described how the circus staff took the giant elephant, put a little rope around its neck and drove a stake into the ground so the elephant would stay put.

Now it was clear that the elephant could have ripped down the entire tent without too much effort at all, but it didn’t struggle, it didn’t put up a fight. Why? Because it was conditioned. From an early age (when they don’t have the power yet) they take the baby elephant, put a big rope around its neck and drive a big stake into the ground. The baby elephant fights and fights until it decides, I’m not capable of pulling this out. From there, the elephant accepts the fact that it’s not capable, and it doesn’t try anymore and just accepts that’s the way it is.

I love Anthony’s analogy and story because it rings so true for many of us. Anthony posed a question during the video asking viewers to look at an area of their life that was a limitation and to ask when did I decide to accept that limitation?

So naturally being the kind of person that can’t resist a good question and a challenge, especially one that requires some soul searching and leads to personal insight and development, I pondered the question. In quiet meditation, I asked myself and areas of my life where I had been limiting myself showed up. With that new information, I was able to look at how that came about, who did I listen to… how did I justify it and then most importantly, what could I do to change it and free myself from these limiting beliefs.

So when you get a spare moment, which often we feel is never… why not stop and ask yourself now…

“What areas in my life have limitations? When did I decide to accept that limitation and how can I free myself from it?”

A few ideas to identify and start to change your limiting beliefs…

You can start to identify limiting beliefs by looking at areas you feel stuck, wish you could do, be and feel. Then look at the thoughts that come up by way of… excuses, justifications, fears, negative thoughts, what others have told you, past failures, common phrases and quotes you regularly say, or the story you tell about your life… then question them. How did they come about? What experience did you place the meaning of (limiting belief) too? How is it justified? Then read, research, learn and brainstorm. Think about what you want to do, be and feel and then focus on how you can bring it into being. Look to those who have achieved what you desire, who live a life you desire to live.

As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Remember, like any new way of thinking and being, it requires repetition of thought and consistent actions. There are millions of magnificent true stories of people from all over the world who have turned their lives around. Some from the most traumatic and amazing experiences. So you can definitely do the same and create a life you love and a life that inspires you.


Karen Offord 2016


Professional Counsellor and Relationship Coach


(ii) http://www.karenofford.com/Blog-Are-you-limiting-yourself-by-an-old-belief.html?unique=14698849682879340

A.I. comments… Karen recorded a good very important must do message for every person throughout their life. Everyone can think of something they want to do and have failed to try and do because of whatever reasons, finance, obligations, responsibilities or simply lack of confidence or listening to too many other negative thinking people that always have excuses, reasons why not, in their thinking. Whilst it is always important to think wise, think safety and think survive, using pragmatic common sense, nevertheless these concerns are only common-sense survival issues. In real terms, opportunities are almost endless, if they fit our courage and natural talents and extended abilities, when we make the dynamic effort to reach out. For example, a person may want to change career direction, may want to learn new skills, may want to travel or live more adventurously or just settle down to their real choice of lifestyle. Whatever the choices, whatever the decisions, all of this commitment and process is founded upon common-sense confidence, courage, positive mental attitude, persistence, determination and a strong will to achieve the goal target.

Whilst these challenges these exciting new directions, new mission commitments are achievable, with strong potential of being successful using positive commitment, nevertheless, one reality exists in this ideality dream, most people despite all of their outgoing effort are still making choices/decisions inside a square.

To be truly free past ‘Healthy Optimism’ one must use both courage and ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ thinking with ‘Open Mind’ completely outside of the square of the square. This is where too many people in society fall over, including amongst Educational Leaders, Managers, Politicians, Consultants and even Psychologists.

All religions and cults and most political and philosophical belief systems, especially ‘Totalitarianism’ in all of its forms suffer from the same fixed dogma mentality, they cannot truly think with open mind outside the square and no matter how clever they are, how talented they may be, they are still trapped inside a square and only those that genuinely have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ can comprehend the values of ideality and reality in harmony with each other, forever learning, knowing no limits, recognising no final truth. To really escape self-imposed limitations one must absolutely learn the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Learn the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Cosmicism’ the way of P.I. Join the societal movement.

Source: Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ Amazon.com


‘A Happy ‘Can Do’ Boy on Water’

‘Optimism’ is a negative feeling treasured by weak thinking dreamers, that lack the willpower to make their dreams come true.

‘Positive Mental Attitude’ people, never allow depression to infiltrate their personal feelings. They are always ‘Can Do People’ that stay focused on wholesome achievable projects every day of their life. To the best of their ability, they make good things happen.

Quote Source: Paperback Amazon.com ‘The Ant & the Frog’



X Wrong….

It is okay to like yourself, with a sense of confidence, but never Love yourself. Vain people are incompetent people and inevitably deliver and live in a self-centred world of second-rate results. Good thinking is not locked into vanity.



X Wrong….

Never be Optimistic, go with confidence to a higher level and become a ‘Can Do Person’ strengthened by ‘Positive Mental Attitude’.

Optimism leans on the negative Wishlist side of thinking, whereas PMA actions positive convictions.


X Wrong….

Don’t Hope, Don’t Despair, Hope is just a form of Optimism.

Focus on Positive Mental Attitude and launch corrective action results. Pray only for guidance, never pray for hope. Make Karma results good, by living right PMA thinking and behaviour.


Yes Individuality is important, but equally as important, is doing it the right way using common sense. Negative results = Bad Karma.


The beginning of PMA rejects all feelings of ‘Depression’ and all ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ as foolish irresponsible thinking. ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, begins with rejecting love of yourself, the way of vanity, like that foolish Queen in the story of Snow White that was so obsessed with looking into a mirror that she lost sight of her negative obsession with her own vanity, and thus lead herself down an insecure path towards her own self destruction. Fragile is the world of those persons, whom are focused on love of self, they cannot ever cope with real life, when the real pressures of existence are turned on against them.

The weak thinking, seek to love themselves to find inner peace, the strong thinking, with inner peace, do the opposite…they love life…they love people…they love animals…they love their planet…they love their universe…they love working to help make their life, their planet a better-quality world to live in, which gives all existence, humans and other animals, the right to live free in accordance with the flow of natural existence.

As part of PMA process, protect and preserve your self-confidence and enthusiasm by liking yourself, but only with the support of pragmatic common-sense wisdom. A vain person in love with their own self, is doomed to live a pretend life of limited fixed dogma thinking and is not capable of coping with real life challenges, when pressure moves upon them. A person incapable of doing truthful self-evaluation, which enables them to correct their wrong thinking and behaviour, is a person doomed to never evolving forward, on a continuous path of self-improvement.

Source: Allan Ivarsson ‘Blue Light Mission Statement’


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